I’m supremely bad at mornings, so when the bus driver arrived fifteen minutes early the other day I was in no way prepared for her. I waved her on, called my MIL who was on vacation and asked her to watch the twins, and pushed Charlie down to school myself.

It was a cold morning, so I had Charlie dressed in his fleece and a hat that looks like a Tiger.

As we wheeled into the building, a mom looked right at me and said, “that’s a great hat.”

In the hallway, teachers exclaimed and complimented Charlie on his fantastic hat. A little girl walked up to Charlie and said, “he looks like a real tiger.” Then she put her hand on Charlie’s shoulder and walked like that the rest of the way to his class.

To say that my heart melted would be an understatement.

Boy sitting and looking at the camera

Speaking of melting, I love this picture and could look at it all day.

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  1. That is a great picture. :)

  2. SWEET – now I don’t have to beg for Charlie pix. And your post? Awwwww – I am melting for you guys. Friends! He has a place out in the world where he is greeted with with pleasure . . . life is good!!

    • I know–from my perspective the only downside is that they’ll want him to go somewhere else when he goes to Kindergarten. Not sure I want that. . .

  3. That picture of Charlie would absolutely melt any person’s heart……

  4. Aw, good picture! I absolutely hated when the bus came ridiculously early last year (and in the morning, even ten minutes is ridiculously early!!). It just screws up the whole day. But, it sounds like your day was most definitely not screwed up by it. :)

  5. It is an awesome picture.
    Little children can be so incredible. Glad the bus came early so you could experience Charlie being welcomed so wonderfully.

  6. Great picture! He is so precious! Amazing too, how a missed bus can lead to a “bless your socks off ” kind of moment!

  7. love it. sitting up tall, looking solid and not holding on to anything for a switch, . the right hand is open. the left, not as much!! in that picture, he could “pass!”

  8. Oh yeah, I like this photo too. He has great posture. Love the smile at the camera. Looking good. I love pictures like this. Charlie is looking so strong.

    • He’s working on the posture–he goes back and forth from nice and straight back to a curved back. Better than never having a straight back!!!

  9. LOVE the picture!! I HATE when the bus comes early, AND when it’s late, like today. It’s so wonderful that that little girl was so open and friendly with Charlie. She has obviously been taught well…

  10. That is so great. I love that photo and love when Carsyn gets compliments. :)

  11. Love this post! Sounds like an early bus, opened up the door for a wonderful blessing! And that picture of Charlie – adorable!