Trying Not to Worry

The twins are a little over three months old and we just now made it to their two-month well visit. I’m new to the whole well-visit thing, so I didn’t know you needed to schedule these things a month in advance.

Things are mostly good–the boys have learned how to smile and it’s incredibly fun. Louis is a flirt–anyone and everyone is subject to his big cheesy grin. August, on the other hand, is more reserved. He smiles, but unlike Louis he holds back a little. Both are sweet, sweet babies.

They both still get up in the middle of the night a lot, but they take their bottles and go right back to sleep.  I’m doing pretty well–taking a nap each day to get enough sleep, but nothing I can’t handle.

Louis has officially been diagnosed with Torticollis. If you’re unfamiliar with that term, basically, he prefers to hold his head in a particular direction. It’s probably due to restricted space in utero. It can be resolved with physical therapy, so Charlie’s PT is going to squeeze us in during some of her cancellations, so we can get started.

August is the one that has me a little worried though. He still struggles to pick up his head. I really think he’s just delayed because of his small size.  I really think he’s going to get there eventually.

But I hate worrying about it.

Early Steps (our state’s early intervention) is going to send someone out to keep an eye on him. One of Charlie’s old therapists will be back and I adore her, so that’s good.

So that’s a therapist for Louis and a therapist for August.

I’m really trying not to worry.

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  1. (((HUGS)))

    It is so hard to tell yourself not to worry. You’re a mom, that’s what we do.

  2. Certainly do not worry about the head turning thing. I told you Gavin had that same thing, right? We did therapy and of course he’s fine. By the way, I had NO idea that was the name for that! ha!

    I cannot wait to snuggle those boys. :)

    • Oh, Elaine, I think I spend too much time talking to therapists and not enough time talking to regular people.

      The boys are very snuggable–can’t wait to see you.

  3. I won’t tell you not to worry. Because then
    I’d be a hypocrite. My Charlie has 2 therapists (and he’s my typical child… Hopefully). And you have twice as many babies to worry about with twins. One benefit the second time around is being proactive. Why just wait and see if you’re concerned?

    • Well, I was pretty nutty with Charlie as well–I’m trying to balance enjoying the boys with worrying. You’re right, though–I do have access to pretty much whatever services I might need.

  4. If it makes you feel any better my son was born on time and typically developing…but he had to go to PT for torticollis and didn’t hold his head up when he was on his tummy until 4 months…and he is just fine. I’m sure you are worried, especially with your history…but LOTS of kids have issues like these and they resolve just fine. :)

    • Amber, that does make me feel better! I keep reminding myself that every child is different, but then I go all crazy again. . .

  5. Do they really admire their biggest brother that much that they wanted to have therapy too?? Goodness, goodness.

    They sure are cute!

  6. I know it’s impossible not to worry, especially after Charlie’s issues, but the stuff with the babies sounds like very normal infant stuff, very common, very easily resolved. And especially common with twins/preemies, I’m sure. In a year or two (or much sooner!) I bet they will be done with any therapists and running around driving you crazy! It’ll be great. :)

    • I am thinking that the preemie thing is part of it–it’s not like they got normal development while they were in the hospital! I just have to keep reminding myself that all kids are different.

  7. Oh, they are the sweetest! I’m on my fourth child’s worth of well-child checks, and I still can’t get them scheduled on time. I’m sure the boys will be fine. It just takes some babies longer to do certain things. As long as you keep an eye on them, and have them checked out when you’re concerned (like you’re obviously doing already), they’ll both do what they need to do. :) They’re precious.

  8. Your boys are lovely. Try not to worry, although that is easier said than done I’m sure! I spent a lot of time worrying about my “healthy” son following a special needs baby, I would stress about his head shape, and his late crawling, but it becomes quite exhausting! Kids develop and reach milestones in their own time – those milestone charts have a lot to answer for (lol).
    Relax and enjoy them, you deserve it!! : )

  9. They are so precious. Worry… It is hard to escape that feeling. Sometimes, if I’m not worrying, I start to worry that I might be missing something that needs to be worried about.
    Then I get on my knees and pray!
    Until next time…sigh!

    • Faith: I do the same thing! I worry that I’ve missed worrying about something. Crazy. Prayer is a wonderful answer to these issues.

  10. Try not to worry too much. They are so cute. I am sure they will make great progress.

  11. ((Hugs)) hey it’s part of the job description.
    Sigh… I would say though that my smaller yet older (by maybe 2 min) twin took longer to do all things than her sister except walk she did that first. I have been watching her- it’s hard not to fret when you already have a special needs child. You know when something is just not right.

    they are adorable. Louis is such a ham!

  12. I’m a worrier, so I can only imagine the stuff that’d be going through MY head if I were in your shoes! Bright side? At least it’s only one therapist each and not a whole team of doctors each, right? The great thing about physical therapy is that they can get these types of things resolved right off the bat these days instead of having them inhibit development later on. I’m sure things will be fine. :) I’m happy to hear it sounds like your managing your baby workload!!

  13. Trying not to worry – isn’t that the chant constantly running through us moms’ brains?

    I try to look at the bright side of worry – it often spurs me into DOING rather than just WORRYING. And 9 times out of 10, once I start doing something about what I’m worried about, I can quit worrying about it! Have I thoroughly confused you now?? :)

  14. Katy, they are just absolutely gorgeous. I think you’re a teriffic mum, I really do.



  15. Remember when you snickered at mommies who worried about regular kid stuff? haha

    Like I always tell Loyd “It’s my God-given JOB to worry about my kids.”

  16. OF COURSE you’re going to worry, after all that you’ve been through with Charlie. That is normal. So just figure out ways to distract yourself and take heart in knowing you have good people looking after the little dudes.

    I didn’t go through that with Sabrina so much, but I had this one serious meltdown at the hospital after she was born where I thought she wasn’t breathing OK and the nurse wasn’t really taking me seriously about calling a doctor and I finally SCREECHED (yes, SCREECHED in a hospital), “MY LAST BABY HAD A STROKE. GET THE DOCTOR HERE.”

    Ah, hormones. Oh, and yes, do not forget you still have all those crazy pregnancy hormones floating around, which surely do not help. Ditto for sleep deprivation.

    Keep taking lots and lots of those pictures! Setting up photo shoots with Max really amused me/distracted me. Sunglasses. They need sunglasses.