On Saturday I noticed that Charlie’s ear looked like it had something crusty in it. Sadly, this isn’t terribly unusual. I never fail to be amazed at the places that child can get food. Eggs in particular turn up in his ears, hair, eyebrows, etc. on a regular basis. So, I put some water on my finger, and just wiped his ear quickly to clean it up.

A few hours later my husband tells me, “there’s water coming out of Charlie’s ear!” Well,  I assumed that it was water from when I had cleaned his ear earlier, so I told him not to worry about it.

Monday, his ear is again looking crusty. I take a closer look and see that there is, in fact, fluid leaking out of his ear. After some major panicking (do NOT Google ear fluid. I’m a veteran Googler and it was still a pretty unsettling search), I called the pediatrician’s office and she called in some antibiotic ear drops.

Poor kid probably had an ear infection for three days before I realized it.

Sometime I feel like a pretty good mom–this was not one of those days.

Modeling a "beaded" necklace pre ear infection.


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  1. Aww. So cute. I could see where it would be hard to know. They deal with so much already that the ear infection probably seemed small to him. You are an amazing mom, don’t ever forget it.

  2. You are a good mom. You clean egg off your kids ear. Mine go three days without bathing.

  3. I totally know what you mean! …about the mom part. haha It takes a lot to keep on top of things with our kiddo’s. My son is non-verbal and is not physically able to point to something that is wrong so I have to be a pretty good detective every. single. day. gaaahhh! I feel absolutely horrible if I discover something that’s been going on for more than a day. The poor kid relies on me to be on top of things to make sure he’s as comfortable as possible…. ah well, we certainly do the best we can, don’t we?

  4. Don’t feel bad. Preston’s a neuro-typical kid and he never ever complained for ear infections until his eardrum would bust. That’s how I knew he had an infection, his ear would start leaking. He never complained or ran fever. I used to feel awful, but what can you do?

    • Charlie never runs a fever either, which does make it harder. I can’t believe Preston’s eardrum would burst! That sounds really painful.

      • Happened multiple times before he got his tubes. I think the only time he had an ear infection that it didn’t perforate was one time when I went for a well-baby check without a clue that anything was wrong and the dr said it was one of the worst ear infections he’d ever seen! I attributed it to him getting tough in the NICU, but I really don’t know if one week could make a difference. How could he not complain about that hurting though?

  5. Children are amazing when it comes to ear infections. They deal with it much better than we do. So don’t feel bad. Especially if he didn’t have a fever to give you a hint.
    You are a great great mom so don’t sweat it.
    Have a great weekend and hugs to all three of your cuties.

  6. Hey, been there too! Don’t beat yourself up. I have missed pesky ear infections before too. It’s so hard to know these things when the little ones cannot really tell us. That’s a hard thing for all kids at Charlie’s age–letting their parents no exactly what doesn’t feel right. Love his necklace! I am going to try to make one of those with my Emma. She love things like that.

    • He was so funny about the necklace–he wanted nothing to do with helping make it, but he gave me that huge grin when I put him on it. Silly boy.

  7. I really think ear infections must bother some kids less than others. My kids tug at their ears and whine if they have even a mild one, usually, but I know my brother in law used to get them so bad his eardrum would be BLISTERED, but he would never complain about any pain or run a fever, so no one would notice until they looked at his ears and could see they were all red and stuff.

    • This has got to be it. I mean, Charlie has a really high pain tolerance, so maybe these things just don’t bother him as much.

  8. Everyone has those moments. My daughter ate a nut and reported “my throat feels funny.” She has texture issues (and can be a diva) so my husband and I both responded with “you’re fine.” I did think about it the next day, called the doc, and a blood test later, indeed she is allergic to some tree nuts.

    • Maybe that’s it. Charlie hasn’t had a ton of ear infections, so this is all sort of new to me. The fluid freaked me out considerably, and I’m usually a pretty cool cucumber when it comes to medical issues.

  9. That’s the difficult part about young kids that can’t tell you how they’re feeling.

    Love the picture! :)