CELEBRATE: Back to School

A long-term goal of mine is to celebrate more–to take the time and acknowledge as many little moments are possible. I think that far too often we get caught up in the laundry and the dishes and forget to just enjoy things. I hope to have more posts like this one in the future.

crayon wreath

I made Charlie’s teacher a crayon wreath. There are tutorials all over the Internet, but basically it’s two embroidery hoops with crayons hot glued to them. I added the teacher’s name with magnetic letters and added a piece of tape measure for hanging. It’s a fun and easy project.

crayons and pencils

School supplies make fantastic decorations–bright, colorful, and cheap!

back to school place setting

I used chalkboards from the dollar store as place mats. The plates are covered in melted crayon wax–a project I read about on Real Simple’s website. My friend’s daughters helped me make a black and white runner out of felt. My mom made the adorable place cards and the tiny post-it note holders.

chalk board

The girls used extra chalkboards to write notes–we had a ton of fun with that.

boy looking at the camera

I made egg muffins, which Charlie rejected because he didn’t believe they were eggs. He was fascinated by the plates, though, and promptly flipped them over so he could check out the melted wax.

This was lots of fun and I’m really glad we did it. Now to figure out our next celebration!

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  1. So glad my girls helped you with your party and your post.

  2. I’m ready. I’m ready for you to start your diy-crafty blog now. I kind of wish I had been invited to this cool party.

    • Oh, Toni–your girls would have had a BLAST–well, at least Mia would have. Cheyenne might be too cool at this particular stage of life. I had a lot of fun, though.

  3. How fun. Great shots.

  4. WOW!! I feel like such a slacker. I can’t imagine doing all of that with one newborn in the house, both 2.

    I am definitely going to look up those art projects, because I may make the crayon wreath for Sam’s teacher as a Christmas. That was so cool.

    • I like to do crafts and stuff because they’re mindless–it’s much harder to write and read when I have a newborn (or two).

  5. Wow, that wreath is SO cool! And what a great idea on the plates. This looks like a great party, my friend. Love your creativity!!