My Three Sons

Louis is still my big baby and without a doubt the most demanding. If someone is screaming to be fed in the middle of the night, it’s Louis. He’s also my gregarious baby–batting his eye lashes at you and smiling three times more than his brother.

We still have no idea what color his eyes are. At first, it seemed they were definitely brown, when you look at them, though, there seems to be some other stuff going on in there as well. They won’t be blue, but we haven’t ruled out green, or gray either. No matter what, he seems to have flecks of color in side of them like my younger brother.

Our big issue with Louis is that he seems to have a head/neck issue of some sort. He always looks in one direction. He can see in both directions (so it seems), but when he’s resting, he always ends up with his head the same way. So much so, that he’s developed a flat spot on the back of his head. We’ll ask the pediatrician about it, but in the mean time we’re rolling up blankets and tucking them under his head to keep it straight and putting out most interesting stuff on the other side. By interesting, I of course mean a glowing, light-up sea horse–those are all the rage in baby land these days.

August. August is my sweetie. Even when he’s “crying,” it’s more of a fuss. He’s very expressive and will wrinkle his tiny brow or stick out his lower lip to let you know how he’s feeling. He is much stingier with the smiles than Louis, but on the rare occasion he lets you see one, you’ll see it looks just like his Daddy’s.

In general, August looks a lot like Charlie and has his coloring as well. His hair is a reddish blonde, much like Charlie’s was. His eyes are grayer than Charlie’s were at this age, but still very light. Charlie seems to connect a lot more with August, and I wonder if it’s because he likes the way he looks, but it more likely because he scream about 75% less than Louis.

August’s only apparent scar of of prematurity is a hemangioma on his right arm. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, Google will tell you that it’s like a strawberry birthmark. That doesn’t really do it justice. On August, it’s a raised patch of redness that’s about an inch across. Pretty much scared the Bazeebus out of me when I got a look at if after weeks of him being wrapped up in blankets at NICU. The pediatrician assures me that it will be just fine, and should disappear on its own when he turn about two. In the meantime we just keep an eye on it and make sure it doesn’t try to take over or anything.

And Charlie. There have been many  question about the big brother and let me say that he is doing fantastic. He has handled the twins with a lot of grace. He smiles at them from time to time, looks them over with curiosity, and has even reached out his hand to give them a little pat–big stuff for my little guy.

On his own, he continues to thrive. I continue to work on the process we started before the babies were born–teaching him to read new words, and then using those words to demonstrate knowledge. The layers of learning can be a little arduous sometimes–I know he can identify blue and yellow!–but I know that this is laying the foundation for bigger things, so I keep at it. We’re also slowly starting back with ABR.  Before I got pregnant, we averaged90 minutes a day. It’s going to be a bit before we can get back to that, but I know we can.

He’s also just plain growing up. More and more, he responds appropriately to the things you say: he turns off the TV if you ask him, holds out his hand when it’s time to go somewhere, smiles when he gets home from school. Some days it feels like a million tiny miracles.

Three kids who can’t walk is incredibly hard physically–most nights I fall into bed with aching bones and a screaming back. It takes three trips to get everyone in the car and the thermometer on my back porch is regularly reading 100 degrees. I sweat and lift, carry and cart. But my heart? It is good.


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  1. Gavin had the “only turn my head one way” thing and we ended up in PT until he was 12 months old. She would do exercises with him and then I had to do some of them at home a couple of times a day. You sound like you’re already doing the right things on that front!

    And my niece had a “birthmark” like that and it was BIG – covered half her forehead and it’s gone now (of course she’s 8…) 😉

    Now, let’s talk about when I get to hold these babies. Email me when you get a chance so we can hammer out the details. Oh and I want to meet Charlie too, if possible!!!


  2. Hey, Katie! I love reading about your beautiful little family. What a journey. My cousin posted this on her blog not too long ago and I thought it very funny and although I’m almost sure you haven’t taken any trips to the park yet, I thought you’d find this YouTube clip humorous too. Here’s the link:

    Hope it works.

    • My friend who has twins shared that with me and it is SO FUNNY. And so true. And we haven’t taken any trips to the park, but people do ask and say a lot of weird things when you have twins.

  3. The babies are beautiful…so wish that I lived closer and could help you out. Thanks for keeping us updated. My friends son had something similar to that when he was born….i can’t remember the name for it…tortisomething…lol He had to go to therapy and he had to wear a helmet to reshape his head. I am glad Charlie is adjusting to them and I love the pic of them linking arms. Take care and keep letting us know about the kids.

  4. I absolutely love the updates on everyone. I think of you often when considering adding to our family!

    Look up torticollis exercises and you can start doing them. Mainly stretches. It’s a fairly common thing I think. At one point we were told Caleigh might have it, but she didn’t.

    Caleigh also has a hemangioma on her neck. Not crazy big, but just enough to cause everyone to ask what it is. I think it is a sweet beauty mark.

    Charlie looks great. Awesome about the following directions and color recognition!

    Keep up the good work momma!

    • Thanks, Holly.

      Had the PT look at Louis today–we’re definitely going to end up needing some PT, but she doesn’t think it’s terrible or anything.

  5. Acorn had several hemangiomas – they’re an abnormal cluster of blood vessels, which is why they’re red. The biggest was a big bright red spot on the middle of his forehead, spreading over one eye, but looking at pictures from this week (3 years old and a few weeks), you can only see it if you know what you’re looking for.

    He had a bit of torticollis too, and a flat spot from trach surgery (it’s still a little flat, but again, unless you know what you’re looking for, you’d never notice), but it looks like Leaf is much worse off on both cases. She’s been cleared for OT/PT to work with her in the mornings now, while she’s off CPAP, and her neck’s lack of turning in either direction is their primary goal. We’ll go from there, but her head may be bad enough to require a helmet. We’ll have to see how it goes.

    • Gosh–it’s never easy, is it? I’ve been doing some reading on that stuff–hopefully she won’t need a helmet!

  6. And You have a very good heart.


  7. Sounds like things are awesome at the Bird household. I’m glad Charlie is taking to his little brothers alright. It’s tough going from being the center of attention to sharing the limelight three ways.

    I have a birthmark on the side of my face on the left side near my ear. It looks like a scratch and through my life I’ve had hundreds of people ask me what I did there. It’s red, raised bumps and my mom was told that it would go away when I got older. It hasn’t ever gone away…it’s lightened and it doesn’t bother me all that much anymore, but I was told that I would have to have plastic surgery to get rid of it at this point.

  8. They are beautiful. I enjoyed how you described their individual personalities!

  9. Your boys are gorgeous! And don’t worry about the hemangioma, they run in my family and all have gone down/disappeared in toddlerdom.

  10. So glad to see an update on your boys. Sounds like they are all doing well. Love the pics! I am so happy to hear that everyone seems to be adjusting well. Cannot believe how the twins are growing. And Charlie just gets more and more handsome all the time!

    Emily also has a hemangioma on her neck. It was tiny when she was born and then grew and grew. We were told we could have it surgically removed when she turned one, but that it would eventually shrink and fade. We skipped the surgery. It hasn’t faded much, but it has shrunk already. My friend’s son has one on his chest and it is now completely flat and mostly pink (he is 13 now, but it has been that way for quite a while). And Emily still loves her light up seahorse. That is her sleeping buddy. : )

  11. They are beautiful! And you are an awesome Mommy! :-)

  12. Cute boys! The tilting head one way is torticollis, and the misshapen head is plagiocephaly. Both pretty common in multiples and a pediatric PT can treat both and show you stretches to do at home. Take care!

  13. Hi Katy
    You don’t know me, but I stumbled across your blog and have been enjoying reading about your family ever since. I live in New Zealand, so not sure but things might be different in the US. I’m taking my 9month old to a cranial osteopath at the moment, its very gentle, within one visit, Liam was turning his head both ways and so now the flat spot issue will hopefully resolve. They say sometimes it is due to being all cramped up inside your tummy they can develop shortened muscles (I think) or during the birth . Anyway your babies are absolutely beautifu and sounds like you’re all doing greatl! : )

  14. Ah, I just loved this post. Handsome kids.

  15. So glad to see an update. I cant believe how different they are in size. They are soooo precious. Charlie looks like an awesome big brother. So glad to hear everything is going well.

  16. This post makes me happy.- KAE

  17. Eddie had a flat spot too. Didn’t mean to scare you!

  18. Hey Katie, glad everything is going ok. I wanted to tell you that my nephew had the head thing and they told my sister-n-law to make sure he had time laying on the other side of his head. She would swap him from one side of his bed to other just so he would even out his head. He is now 13 and has a normal head, no helmet and no PT.
    The red mark is no big deal. One of my twins had one on her arm and we watched it and Tim got one when he was about 27 and they took it off. It doesn’t hurt so just keep an eye on it.

    Give them all a big kiss for me!

  19. Yikes I didn’t know that Strawberry hemangioma was related to being premature. My eldest daughter has one that grew rapidly then stopped. She still has hers and she is eight. It doesn’t bother her, and where it is I forget about it, told her that she has the option to take it out if it is still there when she is 18. It looks like an upside down heart 😀

    All three boys are so fabulously cute.
    I want to say that the back ache will soon pass but we both know that you have a few years of lifting all three still to go. At least 2. ((hugs))
    Your pics are great by the way

  20. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve been away from Blogger for a while so have only now seen the babies. Such cuties. I’m so glad you’re doing well.