Drama Loves Me

Growing up I was definitely a Drama Queen. I have a fiery temper and that plus adolescent hormones made for a LOT of over-the-top scenes. That’s just how I was.

After Charlie was born, I felt like I was done for life. I would occasionally run into some mommy-drama from someone and I literally did not have the energy to engage in it. Your child is four months old and just got into Stanford? Great. Fantastic. I’m busy keeping mine alive. I guess I just got worn out on drama.

Sadly, the rest of my life did not get the memo. This last pregnancy I really felt like the drama fairy was following me around or something–dusting me with a little dramaz just to keep it real.

I figured I was done after twins, Parvo, early delivery, and two kids in the NICU. I should be done, really.

But apparently I’m not. You see, it appear to have a hernia. That outie belly button I picked up during pregnancy is probably more of a hernia than a cute pregnancy side effect.

Sooo. . . next week I’ll have an ultrasound to confirm and a meeting with the surgeon to schedule repair surgery. Good times. Good times, indeed. Feel free to comment on how ridiculous my life is, because really, this is too much.

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  1. Oh, man! Yes, I would say you have more than filled your quota. Here’s to hoping that your life gets really boring for a while. Wishing you luck!

  2. Goodness! You are due some boredom…hope it comes soon. All the boys are so adorable, so at least there is that! Lol!

  3. Oh my…if it’s any consolation, the surgery isn’t bad and you’ll be able to jump back in right where you left off!

    Wish I lived closer, I’d love to give you a hand.

    Those babies could not be any cuter.

    • It is a consolation–coming off a c-section, I’m hoping for an easier recovery. And if you lived closer, I’d totally have you over to help.

  4. I am so sorry!! I will be praying for you! My dad just had a hernia removed. It wasn’t terrible he said, but he said it wasn’t fun.

    By the way, that picture is adorable!

  5. Oh honey, it is quite apparent to everyone who “knows” you that you are not a drama queen as in creating drama for the fun of it – although the drama fairy has been hanging around over much. You are so clearly extremely grounded and ultra-capable, I think this will be pretty small potatoes for you.

    Your boys are lovely!

  6. That’s it. No more drama for you.

  7. Your life IS ridiculous! On the plus side, all three of your boys are achingly handsome. Good luck with the appointment!!

  8. My friend had a similar operation after giving birth to a 10 pounder! Ok, she had WAY less drama in her life and pregnancy, but was able to talk the dr. into giving her a tummy tuck while doing the hernia operation. Just an *idea* for you. Hope things settle down SOON!

    • Dude, it would be so awesome if I could swing a tummy tuck as well–although I seriously doubt that would ever happen.

  9. If it’s any consolation, I had the EXACT SAME hernia after having Eli, and the repair was a breeze. I’ve had another hernia, a groin one, and the recovery was a lot longer and the site a lot more tender. The belly button thing mostly just felt… weird. But not super painful, and I was back to normal after a day or two.
    Still SUCKS though, obviously.

  10. Ridiculous cuteness-explosion at your place! Dramatically-speaking, can you dictate the background music for the surgery?

  11. Oh wow, you definitely need find those drama fairies and kick em up a bit. Enough is enough. You sure have had more than your fair share. Saying prayers that the hernia thing is going to be simple to fix and that you maybe get even better news that you don’t need surgery. Hugs!

  12. Yikes! Hope all goes well with the doc and that things really, really, really slow down for you after this. Boredom sounds pretty darn good!

  13. Same here. Mine isn’t painful though so I’ve been letting it slide. But I’m going to have to do something about it sooner or later. Twins are just hard on those abdominals. I don’t think mine will ever be the same! But it’s totally worth it. Love the photo of the boys and their bottles. You got this thing DOWN momma!

    • Mine isn’t painful yet, but with all the lifting I do, I worry that I’ll make it worse if don’t get it fixed soon.

  14. Luke’s cousin’s baby is being watched to see if he needs to have hernia surgery on his little belly button…he’s four months old. I guess he was born with it. Anyway, hernias happen to mommas and babies but I think you’ve definitely had your fill of medical drama!

    • Isn’t it weird how the two groups that get hernias are mamas and babies? I have had my fill, right? Hoping this is the last of it for a while.

  15. Sounds fun! Now you know better not to ask if it could get any more dramatic, right? Because I assure you, it can. Hope it can be fixed easily!

  16. I tell ya, I almost typed something about what next, and then deleted it because I don’t want to know how crazy it could get!!! I’ll stick with what I know.

  17. Bugladynora says:

    Well, I hope it is an easy fix. My sister has one too.

  18. That stinks girl. But while your life is high on drama lately, it also seems to be exceptionally high on cuteness. Love that picture of your baby boys drinking their bottles!

  19. I’m so sorry! Beautiful babies though! Sending positive thoughts your way that everything goes well and your life becomes less dramatized…

  20. Charlie looks so grown up compared to the twins.

    You’ll be just fine. Minor stuff.


  21. Dear Katy – no offense but I think you needd to look at your life from a different point of view okay so you have to have surgery but the way I look at it at least you – I assume – can afford to have the surgery. Gratitude opens the door to all the good things that the world has to offer :)

  22. I cannot believe how much Charlie looks like your Dad … and yet he is still so cute! Hee Hee. Your family is beautiful. Don’t ever think you’ll coast through life. You’d be bored.

  23. Ugh, if anyone should be dramatic it should be you! That is a lot to have on your plate. What cute little boys to have on your plate though! Also, I may be a little too much glass half full kind of person so in order to make the surgery seem more justifiable I would be asking for a tummy tuck at the same time πŸ˜‰ Bring your doctor cupcakes and wink..HA! Who knows, he just may throw in some suction for free!

  24. I have to agree, this is just ridiculous. But I disagree: In person, you are SO not a drama queen. The opposite! :)

  25. Oh, Katy! What a pain. Hey, if you find the boring fairy, please send her my way, too!

  26. Oh, dear. I’m so sorry. You might be able to wait a couple of years, though, really, unless your hernia is more severe – a friend of mine has a similar belly button hernia that she got from her pregnancy, but her daughter is 4 and she’s still putting off getting it fixed. I’m sure you’ll take your doctor’s recommendations (as I’m sure I would, too), but just wanted to put that out there. :)