Archives for August 6, 2011

Drama Loves Me

Growing up I was definitely a Drama Queen. I have a fiery temper and that plus adolescent hormones made for a LOT of over-the-top scenes. That’s just how I was.

After Charlie was born, I felt like I was done for life. I would occasionally run into some mommy-drama from someone and I literally did not have the energy to engage in it. Your child is four months old and just got into Stanford? Great. Fantastic. I’m busy keeping mine alive. I guess I just got worn out on drama.

Sadly, the rest of my life did not get the memo. This last pregnancy I really felt like the drama fairy was following me around or something–dusting me with a little dramaz just to keep it real.

I figured I was done after twins, Parvo, early delivery, and two kids in the NICU. I should be done, really.

But apparently I’m not. You see, it appear to have a hernia. That outie belly button I picked up during pregnancy is probably more of a hernia than a cute pregnancy side effect.

Sooo. . . next week I’ll have an ultrasound to confirm and a meeting with the surgeon to schedule repair surgery. Good times. Good times, indeed. Feel free to comment on how ridiculous my life is, because really, this is too much.

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