Best Week Ever?

So! The blog has been a tad neglected over here–Charlie had a marathon appointment and then, LOUIE CAME HOME! That’s right–I have one newborn at home with me right now. They called on Thursday and said, “come and get him!” and that was the end of it. I showed up, they out-processed him for about one million years, and then Lou and I headed home.

So far, he’s eating us out of house and home. He eats about one million times a day I think. I definitely can’t keep up with him with the pump, so I suspect we’ll be supplementing with formula pretty soon. Well, I can keep up with him, but then August would be on formula, and I want him on just breast milk as long as he’s in the hospital, so Louie will get the supplement.

He also thinks that 11 o’clock at night is a great time to party. He’s right, of course, but I wasn’t really looking for a partying newborn. Oh well. I hope he works it out soon, but good gosh this is so much less stressful than last time.

baby in towel

After his first bath

The best part is that Louie coming home was just ONE of the good things that happened last week. The other involves Charlie and it’s of the almost-miraculous variety.

Remember back in May when Charlie’s neurosurgeon braced me for the possibility that we would be having brain surgery this summer? And I was desperate to have it moved up to before I had the twins? Well, the doctor’s office finally called me back when I was in the hospital recovering from a c-section.

So we finally got a CT Scan last week and when the doctor looked at it and the accompanying x-ray, he told us that the shunt is probably no longer where it’s supposed to be. This should mean brain surgery, BUT he is showing no signs of hydrocephalus. So, we go back for another CT in six months and if that one is the same, we will be dismissed from neurosurgery.

A long time ago I asked what the chances were that a person could outgrow the need for a shunt. The doctor’s answer was “Almost never.” And here we are–close to that very thing. I’m not counting my chickens before they’re hatched, but a summer with no brain surgery is a good summer indeed.

It’s been one helluva week.

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  1. yippeee!

  2. YAY!!!!!

  3. That’s way uh-huh uh-huh I like it! Yes! I love it when you have good news :)

  4. Yay all around! Hope August comes home very soon!

  5. AMEN!! Waiting on a pic of all three boys!

  6. What amazing news! What a relief that must be for you Katy. Here’s hoping August is home soon so you have all your men under one roof!

  7. Woo Stinkin’ Hoo!! So glad you have one of those little bundles home where he belongs. Still praying that August will be home just around the corner.

  8. Only way to make that week better is to get August home too…… :)

  9. Wow, what a wonderful post. So thankful for all the great news; no brain surgery–how awesome for Charlie (and you guys too!) How is he taking to big-brotherhood? Glad you got Louis home and that things are going good!

    • Big brotherhood isn’t as bad as I feared. He has moments of jealousy, but he’s mostly handling things very well.

  10. Yay!! Such great news….gotta love when that happens. You gotta love a baby that eats, that’s for sure. :) One good thing about getting one twin home at a time is that you can try to get one acclimated to your schedule at a time. Hope it all starts to go more smoothly in that department. SUCH great news coming from you…I’m so excited!

    • You are so right! Much easier to adapt with one than two. If August is as easy as Louis, this shouldn’t be a problem, but he’s a bit of a firecracker, so we’ll see!

  11. The only thing better than Louie being home is both Louie and Gus being home…. soon! This will give you a chance to “ease” into this whole newborn thing again.

    Very good news about the no surgery this summer… will keep praying for you guys!

    • I’m nervous about having two at home–I guess it can be done, though. One newborn has been OK–hopefully I can pull off having two.

  12. I’m very very pleased to read these wonderful news :)
    Waiting for August…

  13. That is an answer to so many prayers! I just got chills reading this! I am so happy for you!

  14. And again, a doctor told you that something CAN’T happen and It Happened! Charlie is an amazing child and I’m so glad he gives those doctors something to scratch their heads over.
    And it is just super great that Louie is home!!


  15. That sounds like a FANTASTIC week! So, so, so happy to hear that Louie is home. And the news about Charlie makes me want to do cartwheels (if I had any coordination at all). Woo hoo!

  16. Love the picture of Louie!

  17. Jessica says:

    so happy you have one baby home!! praise God that Charlie probably won’t need brain surgery! wooot for God! How is August doing?

  18. i’m so happy for you! what a beautiful baby! and i’m thrilled over charlies news!

    life is so wonderful. you just proved it.


  19. and i will never, ever forget you in labor …lol
    gotta love someone who tweets while in labor!

    your twitter friends were there the entire time!


  20. Yeah! Now can’t wait to see that cute Gus at home in your arms too. Wish I lived near you so I could come hold those cute babies and help out.

  21. Such fantastic news! So glad things are going so well! Keep smilin’ & keep the faith! Love Louie’s pic!

  22. He is so cute!

  23. Susan Kern says:

    Best news I’ve heard all day!! So glad Louie came home and Charlie had an AMAZING appointment! Can’t wait to see pics of all three boys at home!

  24. Awesome news. So glad Louie is home with you. That is so great about about Charlie not needing surgery. I will be praying for you all.

  25. Yay! I’m so happy! What big blessings indeed. Awesome.

  26. Hooray! And that is an adorable picture… Great news about Charlie. Would the shunt just stay in indefinitely?

    • Yes. They leave it in because it’s more dangerous to open up the brain and risk infection than it is to just leave it in his head. Strange but true.

  27. He is beautiful! Can’t wait to see all three! I bet Charlie is having a blast with his baby bro…wait until all three get together!

  28. Oh my goodness, he’s so sweet peeking out with one little eye! I’m so glad he’s home with you!

    And yay about Charlie. Sounds like a great week indeed!

  29. Oh boy, I’m just so excited to read this post. Truly answer to lots of prayers. And welcome home Louie! Praying things continue to keep looking up.

    Miracles do happen, I believe!!

  30. Such wonderful news! YAYYYYYYYYYYYY! *Kermit flail*

  31. Welcome home Louis! And I’m so happy to hear about Charlie too. Big brother’s got a lot to do this summer with his little brothers. Hope August plumps up and comes home soon!

  32. So awesome! And now on twitter I see that August is coming home, too – SO happy for you with all 3 of your boys doing so well!!! :)

  33. And the week only got better!!!
    You have all three boys home I amover the moon for you!
    Have the best time ever
    Louis is gorgeous! Just like his big brother.
    Woohoo you have your boys home.

  34. WOOHOO on having a awesome week….Glad to hear the great news on Charlie and to see that one twin is home with another soon to be, or already there…(I dont know for sure cuz I dont use Twitter…just going by the comments above….)
    How is Charlie handling the big brother role?

  35. Amazing . I am praying the results stay the same for Charlie!

    How is he doing with Louie at home?

  36. I’m a little late here…congratulations on the twins! Great news about Charlie! The photo of Louie is adorable.

  37. This is FANTASTIC news! I’m so happy for you (all).

  38. What news. So happy for you, but it seems I’m a little behind here. I am continuing to pray for both babies. I know Charlie is going to be an amazing big bro.

  39. WOW! It was one helluva week. Wonderful news!