The Big Bad Baby Post

Well, if you’ve been kept on with me on Twitter or Facebook, then you know that the boys have arrived. If you need even more meaty details, this is the post for you! Please excuse me if this post is nothing, but goofiness–I’m still taking pain killers.

So what happened?

I was scheduled to be on bed rest from early Sunday morning (2-ish) until my doctor’s appointment on Wednesday afternoon. We did some shuffling, got family members lined up to keep an eye on Charlie, and I was a very good pregnant lady, staying in bed, mostly flat, and getting up to go to the bathroom. By Tuesday afternoon, I had effectively kicked the contraction train and thought that I’d be placed on modified movement after my appointment.

Well, at around 3:45 Wednesday morning, my water broke. Hubby and I sat around for a while trying to figure out if that’s actually what happened and finally just took ourselves over to Labor and Delivery for a test.

baby looking at camera

Louis, one day old

Sure enough, my water had broken, so they shot me up with steroids to strengthen the boys’ lungs, and put me on constant monitoring and bed rest. The boys continued to well, with steady heart rates, and we really thought that we would make it to Friday, which would have been 34 weeks gestation.

Again, the boys had other plans and I went into full blown labor around early Thursday morning. My doctor had warned me for ages that he wouldn’t wait if there was an issue with the babies, and both boys were delivered before two in the morning. Both boys cried when delivered. Their weights were almost exactly what had been estimated two weeks ago, which I find interesting–had they stopped growing? Or were the measurements just perfectly off? August weighed in a 3 lbs. 10 oz. and Louis was 5 lbs. 8 oz. Not too shabby for boys born 7 weeks early.

Louis was in a bit of distress, so they hustled him off to be ventilated and tiny August held his own with no problems.

So those are the facts. Now here’s my completely unsubstantiated theory:

When the boys were born, Louis was in some distress and had a low iron count–despite being the larger of the two babies. Louis is the same baby that was suspected of having Fifth’s Disease. Despite how good he had been doing, Friday (today) would have officially marked the end of his “high risk” period.

I think he was still sick. He was doing his best, but at some point his little body just couldn’t take any more.

Baby wrapped in blanket

August, one day old

No doctor would ever back me up on that theory, but he’s gotten better practically by the minute since he’s been born. By ten o’clock the day he was born, they were able to take him off the ventilator. Today they were able to start letting him have actually food (through a tube, but still). August is my spunky boy–they told me I might as well go ahead and get roller skates because he’s going to be running me ragged before I know it.

We are very happy. This birth, while still quite dramatic, is so much easier than Charlie’s. I wish the babies could have stayed put for a bit longer, but for us, it’s clear that Louis needed things that my body could no longer give him. We will hope for the best.

Again, please feel free to ask me any question I didn’t answer, or anything that wasn’t clear–given birth, lost some blood, and taken a bunch of pain killers–it’s entirely possible I just typed this entire post in French and didn’t realize it.

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  1. Fleurty Whitney :-) says:

    I’m still so incredibly happy for you all! How’s Charlie doing?

    I’m so glad the boys are healthy, considering! Just always remember, it could always be worse – you did awesome and they are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

    Hope to visit soon when I’m not working! :)

    • True about always being worse! I have my oldest to remind me of that!

      Might have to put off a visit for a bit–little ones still have some time left in NICU!

      • Fleurty Whitney :-) says:

        of course! once they’re home and settled, I meant! :) Just glad they are healthy and it was not too too dramatic on your body. πŸ˜€

  2. @Lisa_Amarna says:

    Congratulations! I hope your nicu time goes quickly and those boys learn everything they need to do. Like eat, keep warm & grow.
    I know there is an error rate of +/- 1lb on fetal ultrasounds. Once twins get to 5-7 lbs combined weight, it is also harder to be accurate when they overlap. My last ultrasound (35wks) measured my boys at 5lbs each. When they were born at 36wks, M was 6lbs & J was 4lb5 1 / 2oz. So 10lbs of baby but not equal sizes. :)
    J was also the bigger twin (b) until the 32 week scan. No idea why his growth slowed down so much. They had their own placentas.

    • Mine had their own placentas too–August just happens to be smaller–he’s shorter too. I guess we had a general idea of how they would measure against each other, and that was pretty accurate.

  3. Congratulations! May your NICU time be quick and uneventful. Much love to you all!

  4. So are they identical or fraternal? Apologies if you already posted this months ago. It’s hard to tell with Louis looking like he just ate a Big Mac :)

    • I’m pretty sure they’re fraternal although they still do look a lot alike (and they also share a lot of their looks with Charlie). August is blond and Louis has dark hair. Plus, Louis isn’t just fatter–he’s also two inches longer than August.

  5. Congratulations! The pictures are precious — they are beautiful babies. Louis looks like he has a good amount of dark hair; is that right? How about August’s hair? Has Charlie been able to see them yet (are kids allowed into your NICU)? If so, what was his reaction? Good luck with the NICU time — I hope it is relatively short and smooth. I would guess that Charlie will (eventually) love having these cute little brothers!

    • No little kids in the NICU, but it’s fine–Charlie has a lifetime to get to know them. Louis does have dark hair and August’s hair is quite blond. But you know how those things go–they’ll probably be different before we know it.

  6. Welcome August and Louis :)
    They are lovely, congratulations Katy!
    I hope they will soon be home. Can’t wait to see a picture of Charlie with his little brothers…


    • Thank you! We’ll have to wait a bit before they can hang out with Charlie, but it will be here before I know it.

  7. Oh my goodness, they are so beautiful. I’m in tears, they are absolutely gorgeous. I was thinking about you last night but didn’t see the news this morning. I’m glad to read Louis is continuing to improve. I will keep paying that you can all go home soon. I’m so happy for you. A huge congratulations.

  8. Congratulations on your beautiful little boys! They’re adorable!! All three!!

  9. Wow! Congratulations! I hope the boys continue to do surprisingly well and you can take them home sooner than expected.

    • Thank you Kelli! They are doing great, but I’m in no rush to take them home–I know they’re in good hands. I should rephrase that–my hormones want to snatch them up and run home with them, but my brain knows they’re in good hands.

  10. Katy!! They are so beautiful! My goodness, I feel so emotionally invested in these two tykes. I am so happy they are doing well, all things considered. And per usual, you sound like you are handling all the chaos like a pro. Great job, mama! I sm so very happy for your family (of FIVE).

    • They are doing really, well, Erin! I am over the moon at how much easier delivery has gone this time–even if they are in ICU.

  11. Congratulaions!! They are beautiful and precious!

  12. I have been DYING for your post…. and they, of course, are just beautiful. So happy that this experience is playing out better than what you dealt with the first time. But regardless, you have 3 handsome fellas who will make your live so interesting and worth while. Hugs to you all. (Now, I still have 5 wks left and can’t wait to hold my itty bitty too!)

    • Can’t wait for you either, Mo! The boys are good and the feelings are mostly relief (still some PTSD hanging around). Hard to imagine our big hurdle so far has been eating–and they’ve done well so far!

  13. Jenn Seiff says:

    Congratulations to you and your family, Katy! They are two beautiful, perfect little babes. My sweet wee one is Lewis. We named him after a grandpa who spelled it the same way you are spelling it. Lots of fun. Will be praying for things to steadily continue to progress well and that you all get to go home soon.

    • Louis is a family name for us as well. Actually, we probably would have named Charlie that, but they hustled him out so fast, we just went with Charlie without looking at him–we thought Louis would be a blond. Interestingly enough, Louis is the only baby we have who isn’t blond! Goofiness.

  14. They are so cute! Totally snuggable.

  15. Bethannie says:

    Congratulations!!! They are so beautiful!!

  16. So happy for you and that the boys are making remarkable progress!

  17. Congratulations Katy. Those are some beautiful kids. I am so happy to hear that they are doing so well. Oh my gosh they are beautiful.

  18. They are so adorable!

  19. Congratulations Katy! What magical additions they make to your family!! Just precious!! Can’t wait to see a picture of all five of you together!

    • Thank you, Jan! I can’t wait to have the whole gang home, but this isn’t too bad–all my boys are doing well.

  20. Congratulations again! The boys are just beautiful.

    Re: weights, I suspect that the ultrasound was just off. My baby B was predicted to be 5 lbs 11oz at not quite 36 weeks and she was born at 4 lbs 15.5 oz, at 37w 1d. We’re still scratching our heads on that one. She always measured bigger than her brother by a few oz but he had a pound on her at birth and is about 4 lbs heavier now.

    Am keeping y’all in my prayers that you have a short and uneventful NICU stay.

    • Yeah, I’m not sure how they could be that accurate. We knew August would be smaller–he’s two inches smaller, but you never know about those weights.

      Hope our ICU trip ip uneventful as well–so far it’s WAAAAAY better than last time.

  21. Paulette says:

    Good story :) i hope they continue doing well and come home soon! any head ultrasounds in their futures? The ultrasound weights are definitely off- they told me at 35 weeks Charlie was 7 lbs, and at 36 weeks he was born weighing 8.8!

    • We have head utrasounds scheduled for next weeks. They haven’t seen anything unusual, but it’s standard procedure–I’m trying not to think about it too much.

  22. Lindy bourgeois says:

    Congratulations again, Katy! They are absolutely gorgeous!

  23. Oh Katy, they look great! Such cuties! πŸ˜€ I know you would have rather them stay a little longer but it sounds like things are going pretty well considering. Congratulations! I hope to be able to meet them sometime soon… And Charlie too! Maybe I can come see you at some point once you get settled at home. Love to you all…

    • Considering, I am very happy to have them out and being cared for. Yes, we’ll have to meet up somewhere once I’ve gotten ambulatory again!

  24. First of all, no oxygen cannulas, how sweet is that?! Secondly, they are both indescribably adorable :) Congratulations again!

    Does August have any hair?

    • I’m really excited by how few tubes we have! I mean, most of them are just monitors!!!

      August’s hair is really blond, but they like to keep a hat on him, so we never see it.

  25. Katy, your humor always cracks me up! Such major happiness I feel for you right now! Congratulations on your little boys! Praying they keep up the good work, thriving, and working towards a healthy discharge. And I hope you’re able to get some rest.

    • Thank you–I am sneaking in a nap every chance I get!!! Things are good here, but I’m totally ready for the craziness to begin.

  26. hzmngrl says:

    Congrats to the family on the early arrivals! It’s great to see that they’re both on room air and just have the direct feeding tubes in their nose. That’s great progress already and I hope that they’re both home soon.

  27. They are beautiful!!! And August definitely looks like the spunky one!!

  28. Congratulations! The boys are gorgeous. Love how alert they look in the photos :-) I bet they will be posing for you in no time! Will continue to keep the boys in my prayers.

  29. Holy cow, they are precious! Congrats again!

  30. How exciting! They are both beautiful! Apparently they were ready to come into this world and no one was going to stop them! Glad that things went (relatively) smooth with the delivery. Will be praying both boys continue to get stronger and for your healing as well. Praying you are all home under one roof very soon!

  31. Congrats!! The weights are great and it sounds like you did a great job getting through the delivery under the circumstances! Congrats and hope you get to all come home soon.

  32. They are beautiful though look August looks like such an old soul already!
    Congratulations again.
    I am so happy that you are doing good and appear to have weather the delivery well!
    Isn’t strange that the bigger baby is usually twin B. And stranger still that Twin B is the one that has some issue!!
    I didn’t see my ‘second bigger ‘ girl for an entire day because she had some kind of respiratory/ irregular heart rhythm thing going on that bother them… poor thing is still pissed with the doctors that kept injecting her.
    So excited… here is too continued happiness with you and your boys ((hugs))

  33. Congratulations! So happy for your family and that the babies are doing ok!

  34. Wow, they are both SO precious! Glad they’re doing so well!!!! :)

  35. Louis’s picture showed up on my iPhone first and I thought you’d just grabbed some generic photo of a cute baby from somewhere because newborns are never that beautiful. But no, it as Louis. Beautiful Louis. And it was no fluke because his bro is equally breathtaking. He will grow strong very fast. I know it.

    And I am in awe that you wrote this on painkillers.

    I am so looking forward to hearing about Charlie’s reaction to them. Max was in awe. Sabrina was incredibly motivational to him–she really encouraged him to move around. And Charlie will have twice as many benefits


  36. Hooray! Well done Katy! Well done Louis and August! Yes tiny but not that tiny . . . it almost sounds like they could end up in the intermediate care NICU (a step down from hell) where they put the “feeders and growers” – anyway what outstanding news that so far the NICU is not ripping you to pieces. I bet you do have some PTSD – I did and we were in feeders and growers. So, do you say Lou-is or Lou-ie? Is August going to be Gus? Is your husband over the moon? Your post is showing the links to posts of your past including “Forecast: Normal with a Chance of Gifted with you looking gloriously pregnant and happy. How apropos! Was Gus big enough to have a bum crack? Mine at 3 lbs. 2 ounces did not . . . it’s the little things that get you in the end (har-har). August looks uncannily like my daughter did – I swear it and will send picture proof. One nice thing about the tiny size is that you can tuck them into your shirt between your breasts for skin to skin time and utton them in and take a nap. That thought almost makes me want another but not quite. They are both lovely, and I think they sound very strong and healthy for their age. Possibly heastrong as well! You make great kids, lady!

    Tell us more! Tell us more!! And Charlie pix, please, just ‘cuz.

  37. Congratulations Katy I wish you and hubby nothing but luck and love as you undertake the most imortant job of your lives the second time around

  38. AW! They are so cute. Congratulations. You are the proud mom of 3 adorable boys.

    How are you pronouncing August? For some reason I am thinking not like the month. Sorry, if this has been answered. I didn’t take the time to read all the comments. I know bad.

  39. Congratulations!! First of all, the boys look GREAT. Hands-down, good job Katy! Even little Gus looks very strong, great color and to both–what nice hair!!
    I hope your twins just get the rest and nourishment and love they need to come home soon (I was so shocked at the news, I skimmed so I’m not sure if either are home yet).
    Wishing you and all your boys the best!! Congrats to Big Bro Charlie!

  40. Congratulations on your healthy baby boys.

  41. Congrats!! Can’t wait to hear what Charlie thinks. He will make a great big brother :)

  42. Congratulations! Now you have three beautiful boys!

  43. Yay! This is so exciting!! Congratulations. Both boys are so gorgeous! I glad that you are ALL okay! Better get all the rest you can now. Sounds like you are going to one BUSY momma–3 boys!! WOW! Oh, and I think they both look like Charlie.

  44. Congratulations! They are amazing, Katy. Just amazing. Adorable. Lots of prayers coming your way for peace as you navigate the NICU again. I bet it feels like old hat in some regards and like a completely different ballgame in others. So happy for you and your three boys! :)

  45. Congrats again!!! They are so adorable!!

  46. Destiny says:

    Congrats!! They are both gorgeous, but with a big brother like Charlie we all knew they would come out like that. Good luck on your recovery and many blessings for your now family of 5!

  47. Congratulations! So thrilled for you. What beautiful boys and what lovely names. I hope Charlie loves his baby brothers – from my experience, little brothers are the best therapy ever :-).

  48. They’re so beautiful Katy! And so few tubes. Very promising! And it’s so great to be able to hold them so soon afterwards too. It was easier on me when my twins were in the NICU than it had been when my oldest was in too. It was just so unexpected with my oldest, but I kind of anticipated it with the twins. Somehow that made it seem more bearable you know? Hope they’ll be ready to come home soon. I know Charlie will just be over the moon about his little brothers!

  49. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!! They are gorgeous, just like their big brother.