Well, nothing like a little more drama at my house, right?

Yesterday as I was eating lunch with Charlie and my parents, my stomach started to feel like it was stretching apart. I honestly didn’t think a thing about it because let’s face it, with ten pounds of baby plus support systems, it’s not at all surprising that my stomach might feel a little stretched.

The day went on, the stretched feeling continued, and I called my Mother in Law to ask her if she could watch Charlie for a bit because I was still feeling a little “off.” Hubby came home, and I was lying in bed watching Medium on Netflix. I think this freaked him out a little. I’m pretty much always on the computer and I think when I wasn’t, he started to get concerned. Signs your social media addicted wife is feeling bad: she’s not tweeting.

About four hours after the “stretching” began, I conceded that maybe they could be contractions–but I wasn’t completely convinced. I took a warm bath bath, and they persisted. I drank a big glass of cold water, and I still felt off. Finally my husband insisted that I call Labor and Delivery and at least ask them what they thought.

I was getting kind of huffy at this point–I mean surely I would KNOW if I were have some sort of serious issue, right? I called Labor and Delivery and like I thought, they wanted me to come in for monitoring. I was even a little weepy as I  gathered my things and thought about an evening of being bored to death while wearing a sheet and staring at the wall.

Well, I guess I have to give the man a little credit because as it turns out, I was contracting. Ice water didn’t help, my urine showed no signs of infection, so they decided it was some form of pre-term labor. Didn’t see that one coming! I was given two shots of Brethene–an asthma medicine used to help pre-term labor–and the contractions stopped.

When asked what might have caused this, the nurses said, “your uterus is full.” Nobody seemed terrible worried about the possibility of me going into labor.

They’re supposed to deliver these babies in four weeks–I’m not entirely convinced I’ll make it that far. I guess we’ll just see.

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  1. NO. WAY! Your uterus is full? There’s only 2 babies in there……..
    I’ll be praying for 4 more weeks.

    • I don’t think my husband was thrilled by that explanation–he likes concrete answers.

  2. Glad the babies stayed put for now. Hopefully they will stay put for 4 more weeks.

  3. I was on Brethane way back in the day FOR MONTHS for pre-term labor and it made me CRAZY nervous fidgity!

  4. And here’s hoping you don’t have to take any more of it. And that those babies stay put as long as possible. Well, until 39 weeks, anyway.

    • That brethene was some funky stuff. Would rather skip it if possible.

      My doctor isn’t letting me go past 37 weeks, so I only have to make it till then–heck, I’d be happy with 36!

  5. Those little boys can’t wait to midst you!

  6. Okay, spellcheck has a mind of it’s own. Louie and Gus can’t wait to meet you!

  7. Glad they decided to not make their debut just yet (not that I can’t wait to meet them).

    • Ellen, there were all these beautiful babies in the nursery last night and I want THAT! No tubes or wires–just babies.

  8. Glad you didn’t have to have them last night. Hope your uterus can grow more.

  9. Me too! I think the super big baby is throwing my body off–he probably weighs six pounds by now!

  10. Marlene Hunter says:

    I’m so excited for you, now i’m going to be checking my Facebook more often just to see if you’ve had the twins, get some sleep before the big day, that’s what everyone always use to tell me before my babies were born, praying for a safe delivery and healthy babies, take care!

    • Been sleeping plenty–lying down is the best way to keep the contractions away! Of course, as soon as they LET you lie down all the time, you start thinking of things you’d rather be doing.

  11. Sounds like they may be arriving soon. Good luck with everything. You should get a hot mama gown so you don’t have to wear the crappy hospital ones.

    • I bought a nice gown last week! I decided that after Charlie’s dramatic birth, I wanted this experience to be a nice one–just wasn’t thinking it would be right around the corner.

  12. Tiffany Starnes says:

    Your uterus is full, huh? Shocker. Good luck, sweetheart!

    • Yeah, they’re full of amazing insights–one look at my stomach and you can tell the dang thing is full!

  13. Can I be excused? My uterus is full . . . HA-HA-HA. Oh yeah, try to keep them in there. My not-too-preemie but still dang small daughter who stayed in the intermediate care nursery got comments like this “thirty four weekers are stupid, even thirty two weekers are smarter about eating” and stuff like that. Since, you know, obviously you are in control of these things – I say bake the buns in the oven just a bit longer.

    • Trying! Hoping for just a few more weeks–my doc said twins often arrive between 35-37, so hoping to at LEAST hit that window.

  14. I keep forgetting you’re due in July. I honestly don’t know anyone who’s ever had twins that didn’t have some trouble with preterm labor. It doesn’t sound like it will be too much longer! And to me, 4 weeks is not long, so start getting your rest in while you can!

    • Getting plenty of rest!

      I really thought I had this in the bag, but you never know, do you? I think that if I have to, I’ll do fine with a lot of lying in bed until it’s time to deliver–the contractions seem to stay away when I’m reclined.

  15. Ten pounds is a lot of baby in there! 😉

  16. Ah yes, good old Brethine. I HATE it. Makes me feel like I’m having an anxiety attack. Sorry you had to experience it for yourself!
    And here’s to four more weeks. (In my head I keep hearing chanting like at re-election rallies: “Four! More! Weeks! Four! More! Weeks!”)

    • It literally makes me want to peel off my skin and go running–which is weird when an hour before you were completely exhausted. Four more weeks would be good. Hell, I’ll settle for two or three more–just a bit longer, boys!

  17. “Your uterus is full”…what an explanation! I hope the babies stay put til that right time when their debut will bring you a day of just babies, not all the tubes and wires.

    • That’s what I want–babies with no tubes and wires!

      They really are funny with that “full uterus” talk. I mean, I can tell that!

  18. Yikes! Things are never dull! Your uterus is full – that is a really great explanation! Isn’t that the very definition of carrying multiple babies? Praying the boys decide to hang in there for 4 more weeks. And for no excitement until then.

    • Things are NEVER dull around here. NEVER. The sooner I just accept that, the happier I am going to be. Meanwhile, I’m washing clothes for these boys in case they decide to arrive a bit earlier than expected.

  19. Good luck. Preterm labor is no fun, but it sounds like you’re over the biggest hump. Four weeks is not that early, especially for twins. Tell those little guys to stay put a little longer. It’s much nicer in there than it is out here!
    Mine didn’t listen to me. They arrived 10 weeks early after 10 weeks of terrified bedrest.
    Stay calm. You can do it.

    • Well, if they were born today, they’d be 7 weeks early–doc is aiming for about 37 weeks. Still, I’m grateful to be past 30 weeks and hopeful to get even further.

  20. Aww, sorry about this. I hope you make it at least a few more weeks. Of course, if you don’t, I hope things go as smoothly as possible. My nephew was born at 33 or 34 weeks (I don’t remember which) one year ago, and things were so different (better) for him than for my daughters, who were born at 29 weeks — and they didn’t even have it too bad (brain bleed aside;)). Best wishes!

    • I’ve heard some people say that babies born after 30 weeks tend to fair better in general, but there are no guarantees–especially not with white males who are known to be lousy breathers anyway. They’re a pretty good size, but I’d like them to stay put a while longer, so those lungs can fully develop.

  21. As a mom very familiar with preterm labor and me–better to feel weird, or like you need to burst into a run, or severely nauseous–than have a preterm baby if you can help it. If it’s safe for you and the babies–throw comfort out the window gladly and keep those boys IN.
    I hope everyone makes it as close to term as possible!

    • Well, they prescribed procardia which doesn’t seem to have any nasty side effects–let’s hope it keeps working.

  22. Um, no having those babies when I’m off getting married and honeymooning!!! ‘Cause I say so! SO, that means they are required to stay in at least two more weeks, okay? 😉

    • Sarah, this is like the best comment ever. I hope the wedding is fabulous and I expect a bazillion pictures when you return.

  23. I think I was right about where you are when I got to spend the night in L&D getting shots to stop contrax too. And they said the same thing! it’s full in there and so your muscles figure you’re done, even though the babies aren’t. As I understand it 38 weeks is full term for twins, so not long to go till you reach that. I had mine at 36 weeks and they did have to spend 2 weeks in the NICU, but I was mentally ready for that so it wasn’t as hard as it had been with my first child. Hopefully yours will come out breathing great and go home quickly! Hope you can find things to do while reclining or lying down. I think that’s why God invented laptops. lol.

  24. My doctor will be thrilled if I make it to 36 weeks. I hope we can make it that far and have as little hospital time as possible.