Well, the weekend brought more contractions, another trip to labor and delivery, and another round of Brethene. They sent me home with a prescription for a smooth muscle relaxer to keep further contractions at bay.

And they put me on bed rest.

It’s four days of bed rest and I am not handling things very well. Sunday was fine, but today both of my in-laws watched Charlie. It’s so incredibly hard to give up the control. It’s hard to be away from him. It’s hard to know what he needs and know that I shouldn’t be the one to give it to him.

Today after we’d finalized arrangements for the grandparent brigade that will be watching Charlie the next two days, I broke down and cried. For four years it’s been me: drying his tears, preparing his meals, and generally running the SS Charlie.

And now this. This is not a big deal. Even if I end up on bed rest for the rest of my pregnancy, that’s only for a couple of weeks. Almost anything can be handled for a couple of weeks. This is all worth it if the twins arrive healthy and ready to be taken home.

It still sucks, though.


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  1. I completely hear ya! To take care of my second born well, recover from the C-section for myself, called for giving up control. It was hard to hand over some of those parenting responsiblities to others. My doctor gave me permission after 3 weeks I could return to lifting Cayman and taking full care of her again. Day one after that 3rd week I had a surge of energy like I hadn’t felt for awhile. It was just so wonderful to be back in full duty as a mom again. You’ll get there. Thinking of you.

  2. You can do this! It is good for you, it is what is needed for those babies, it is good the the grandparents, and its good for Charlie to learn to communicate his needs to other people! You are so smart to keep the big picture in your mind that this is a short time and completely worth two healthy babies.
    I was on bedrest for seven weeks the first round of twins and not at all for the second round of twins but it was a constant worry the second time around. You will get through it and really it is a good experience for Charlie to depend on others for his day to day needs. Good practice for you to ask for help too because you will be needing some!! Thinking of you!

  3. Hi Katy,
    Bedrest is hard!! I was on strict (inverted; not getting up for any reason) for a week, and less-strict (up for bathroom breaks only) for another 5. IT IS DIFFICULT. More so for you, maybe, that you’re at home (I was in a hospital) and you are in your Charlie element there. One thing is for sure–everyone will learn something through this. You’ll learn it’s okay to let someone else captain the ship for a while, and they’ll learn something about parenting/supervising Charlie that they didn’t before. I agree that it’s also probably a real good experience for Charlie, too. I know bedrest seems like forever (I watched the entire Buffy saga, as well as a few other TV shows on DVD, as well as learning to knit/crochet–lots of time to kill :), but it will be over before you know it.

  4. That sucks. But I have two words for you NET. FLIX. Only way I survived months in bed.

  5. Hang in there, Katy! Charlie will be great with his grandparents loving on him, I’m sure. Yes, it’s hard to give up control, but those babies need their momma to rest up – 3 is going to take a LOT of energy, so start storing it up now, LOL!

  6. Bedrest SUCKS. Been there, done that, recently even 😉

    That said….it’s worth it. Every extra day is worth it.

    Hang in there!

  7. ((hugs))
    I know how you feel though.. I was a bundle of nerves two months ago when some strange man ( my husband) ferreted my son off on a plane to get him some strange therapy that I didn’t fully ok (yes very mellodramatic) I cried because there is so much that can go wrong and NO ONE understands my son like I do. But the son came back not a hair out of place and thank God for the little words that he does have he was able to say he missed me… so maybe you would get one or two of those gems from this experience. A little extra show of affection!
    Hang in there missy

  8. Lame about the bedrest. I only did it for a week (in the hospital) with my twins… and I didn’t yet have a special needs child at home (it is now much harder for me to leave Phia than the other ones) — “only” three other children — and it was still hard to have to leave them with grandparents. I’m glad you have that support system in place, though. Speaking of support systems, I read your tweet on your blog about your husband grumbling about bringing you lunch, and I had to laugh. I love your comment: “definition of not getting it.” Funny! (And hopefully he “gets it” soon!)

  9. Oh Katy. It SUCKS. SUCKS TO BAD. I am so sorry about the bedrest. I would not handle it nearly as well as you, I”m sure of that. And you are right to focus on the fact that it’s a few weeks. You can do this! And it is SO worth it. Every day you make it through, think about all you’ve accomplished for those baby boys. Hang in there sweetie.

  10. Yuck! I am also on bed rest right now and just recently got out of the hospital for contractions. I also have a special kiddo at home so I feel your pain!! It is so hard to sit on the couch and watch other people take care of your kids. I agree with the others that you seem to have a great perspective; a few more weeks keeping those babies in will make all the difference. Not easy though! Hang in there!

  11. I’m sorry hon, but you ARE right about the twins getting here safely and healthily. I wish I lived a bit closer, I’d come bring food or something. But, it sounds like you have good help. Thinking of you, lots. xo

  12. Oh, I know I know I know. I SO know. I am SO sorry. I always found bedrest terribly difficult most of the time, tedious and uncomfortable at best and at worst… ah, the crying! Late pregnancy is hard enough with throwing that in. But I did have three babies that were healthy enough to take home, the earliest delivery being thirty six weeks. But we had done the steroid shot rounds so her lungs were developed; she was tiny but strong.
    Hoping for two of the same for you! And also, YES to the Netflix. Best invention ever.