Twin Questions

Since I got pregnant, I’ve gotten the same questions over and over. I thought maybe some of my readers would have the same questions, so I’ve doing a little round-up here for those of you that are into that kind of thing.

1. Do twins run in your family?

Before I got pregnant with the the twins, I would have said no. My husband has twins on his mother’s side and his father is a twin, but the twin “gene” is supposed to come from the mother’s side and didn’t know of any. Heck, I don’t think I’ve ever even known a twin before other than to say hello in the halls at high school. After I got pregnant, however, my mom’s uncle informed us that her maternal grandparents were both twins–her mother died when she was very young, so the family history is a little fuzzy on that side. So I guess the answer is yes?

Some people think the question about twins running in the family is a veiled question about whether or not we used fertility treatments. I think I’ve been pretty upfront on this blog about things and that would include fertility if it were an issue for me. So the answer is no–our twins are what the doctors call “spontaneous.” And for the record, medical personnel ALL ask–even Charlie’s doctors–but plenty of other random strangers ask too, which I find odd.

2. What did you you do when you found out?

I found out when I was nine weeks pregnant, during the week between Christmas and New Years. I was going in for one of those scans where they measure the size of the embryo to establish a due date. I’ve had the scan before, so I went alone. My biggest worry was whether or not there would be a heartbeat. During the ultrasound, the doctor took too long, I got incredibly nervous, asked what was wrong, and then he announced that it was twins. I don’t think I could have been more surprised. I was so surprised that I asked him if he was kidding about a million times and even point directly at the screen, at the smaller “Bean” and said, “that one doesn’t look like a baby–are you sure?” His response? “well, it’s got a heartbeat, so I’m going with yes.” On the way home I called my mom and cried. I was mostly worried about what my husband would think since he was a little apprehensive about having ONE new baby.

3. What did your husband say when you told him?

Truthfully, my husband used an expletive that I won’t use here on the bloggy blog, but he said it with a smile on his face, so I knew we were going to be OK. He’s got tons of twins in his family, so I don’t think he was nearly as surprised as I was.

4. Do you know what you’re having?

Yes. Two boys. I KNEW it was going to be two girls, so that was quite a surprise.

5. Do they have names?

Yes, their names are Louis and August. They have middle names as well, but those are under wraps!

6. Do you know which is which?

It’s actually very easy for me to tell the boys apart. One is very low and he thinks that my cervix is an ideal place to rest his little tush. The other is very high and entertains himself by kicking me in the diaphragm. I call the low one August and the high one Louis.

7. How will you know which is which when they come out?

Well, chances are good that August will be removed first since he is “Baby A”–the baby closest to my cervix. Even if that were to change, the babies are very different in size–Baby B is in the 74th percentile and Baby A is in the 37th. So we’re pretty sure we’ll be able to tell who is who. And even if we aren’t, it’s not really that big a deal to us–it’s just fun to call them by name while they’re in there rather than calling them Baby A and Baby B.

I think those are the big questions–if there are any more, just leave them in the comments and I’ll answer them.

twin ultrasound

An old ultrasound--they don't give me printouts any more :(

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  1. I just answer that “Do they run in your family question?” with “They do now”! You already sound like a twin pro!! So glad the pregnancy is sailing along.

    • That’s a great answer! I just kept calling them “fluke” twins before I found out about the great-grandparents–now I blame them.

  2. Ooo! Maybe I’ll do this on a post myself. There are so many questions that come when you have twins. We were on clomid for mine, although in the end that doesn’t seem to have mattered as they appear to be identical. I should just say they’re spontaneous probably, but I just overkill the questioner with ALL the details. LOL They’re probably wishing they hadn’t asked by the time I’m done with them.

    • I know–I should just say yes as well, but I go into the whole deal. I guess if they ask, then they have to accept that they might get MORE answer then they were looking for.

    • I do the same thing LOL. The answering never gets old to me so I prattle on.

  3. I did this too, on my blog when all the twin questions started coming! Our were also spontaneous, but then again, they are identical, which is, by definition, a random event, not hereditary anyway. Yours could be too – but people’s eyes kind of gloss over when they ask and you go into how identicals don’t “run in the family” and so I just give up and say “yes, they run in my family” – it’s just easier. One of mine was also 1 full pound bigger than the other, so we knew who was who at birth for sure! I’m actually more curious about if yours are identical too – it will be a while before you can tell, maybe, I could ALWAYS tell my identicals apart without even thinking about it – it’s not until later you have to question! :)

    • I’ll be surprised if they’re identical, but every single thing about this pregnancy has been surprising, so who knows? I think there’s only a 10% chance that they’re identical, but really, anything is possible, right?

  4. I’m so excited for you. There is something extra magical about having twins. Of course, it likely only seems magical to me since I’m not the one gestating, birthing and then raising them. Glitter sparkles for everyone!


    • Yes, I think twins sound cool in theory, but when I start thinking about two newborns I get a little twitchy. What really got me when I first heard was the idea of having three children who couldn’t walk all at the same time. That seemed daunting. Now I figure I’ll just have to work it out. Somehow.

  5. #1 gets so annoying. I got tired of explaining to people that identicals are always spontaneous, so I just started saying that no, they don’t run in the family.

    And I had a friend have someone ask her if her twins were the “real” kind. Talk about a veiled question about fertility!

    I have to remind myself (and other twin moms) that people are just fascinated by twins, and it makes them ask some really dumb questions, even about breastfeeding. But since we live it, we’re kind of immune to the fascination, even though I still find a lot of twin info really interesting.

    • I think the “Real” thing is funny too–I mean, if you’ve got two babies in you uterus, that’s real, right?

  6. People will be asking you the twin questions for years…my boys are five. People are just amazed by twins. Although it seems like they enjoy each other so much, being a twin seems pretty amazing. :)

    • You know I asked a bunch of questions about twins when I met someone that had them just two years ago–I guess they are just interesting in some way. Or maybe they just make for good small talk?

  7. SO exciting! And I love the pictures of them. :) Every time you use the name August I like it more, too. I liked it to start with, but I like it more and more every time.

    • That’s how Hubby feels about the name too–started out as a nice compliment to the other two names, and now he thinks it’s the coolest.

  8. So my question, which is probably stupid – are they identical or do you even know yet?

    • There’s like a 88% chance that they’re fraternal (not identical), but the only way to know for certain is with a blood test. I think they’re fraternal, but I’ve been wrong about everything else, so I could be wrong about this too.

      • I have a close friend who has a sister with fraternal twins. When she got spontaneously pregnant with twins herself, she always assumed they were fraternal twins as well. However, after several years her girls still looked SO much alike that most people couldn’t tell them apart. They had a cheek swab done at age 5 and found out that they are indeed identical… So…you can know for certain with a cheek swab as well…

        As far as running in the family… My sister has a set of fraternal twins, but was taking clomid when she got pregnant so we always attributed it to that. The only other fraternal twins I know of on the maternal side of my family, are one set born to my maternal great-aunt (my grandmother’s sister). I barely know them, and the idea that I would ever have twins seemed very far removed and impossible. Especially since the friend I mentioned above had twins. That would just be too far-fetched of a coincidence, right? lol

        • I didn’t know about the cheek swab! I guess if it’s still not clear after a while, we might do something like that.

          It’s funny because I had a friend growing up and she had boy twins just last year. I figured that would keep me from ever having twins–I mean, how many people have spontaneous twins? Shows how much I know!

  9. In Vitro? Hehehe. I only got that from one person. The same person who told me how she wanted twins because you’d “get it over with all at once”.

    If you want your Baby A to be August, ask them to let you know if for any reason B comes out first. Unlikely but possible.

    I’m curious if they are di/di IDs. There’s a 1 in 9 chance they are. IDs fascinate me.

    • Nurses, doctors, techs–they have all asked. I’m not sure why.

      I have two friends who agreed that twins would be great for “getting it over with.” I reminded them that they had no children and therefore couldn’t fathom two newborns.

      I’ll talk to my doc about that A and B thing although like I said, I’m not super-attached. It’s not like I know what they look like.

  10. Thanks! That was very fun to read.

    Happy gestating!

  11. You’re so much nicer to people than I am. When I got asked for the eleventy-billionth time whether twins run in my family I found myself giving a fertility lesson to everyone about how identical twins are just a freak of nature and genetics doesn’t have anything to do with it.

    • I think it’s funny because people will straight-up argue with you if you try to explain things like that to them. People hear what they want to hear and that’s it!

  12. It’s all so exciting–not too much longer! I’m one of those above-mentioned people that doesn’t have twins, so they’re extra fascinating to me because I don’t know much about them.

    I love the ultrasound pictures, especially the bottom one of them looking at you. :)

    My nephew’s name is August (aka Gus), and I love both of your names. They’re good, strong names.

    • I thought actual, real-life twins were very interesting, but I really haven’t known any. The idea of having twins myself? Crazy. And a little scary.

  13. So exciting. Can’t wait to see them. :)

    • I know. Hubby and I joke that they won’t be at all cute. My oldest was pretty even as a baby, so we figure he used up all the cute baby juice.

  14. I’m guessing I know which word your hubs used when you told him. I probably would have used it too! HA! Great questions and answers. :)

    • Yeah, that’s my husband! Like I said, though, the smile let me know he was OK–really, he’s handled the whole thing much better than I have. :)

  15. We were at soccer last night with the kids, and one of my husband’s friends has a little boy named August who was there. They call him Auggie- it’s so cute. A few years ago, before I knew this little boy, I would never have thought it’s a “kid” fitting kind of name but now I am SO on board with it.
    There was also a set of twin boys there, who look very very similar but are not actually identical. They’re adorable. So between those two things I just kept thinking of you guys all evening!

    • Cool! I really wonder if our boys will look at all alike. I’d prefer if they looks somewhat alike–not exactly sure why–but I don’t know if they will.

      August was my random suggestion ,but the name has really grown on us–it might be that kind of name.

  16. You know, I’ve had a lot of people volunteer the fertility-treatment/genetics/surprise! answer, but never once was I going to ask that question, largely because of the first bit, and how it’s always suspect now whether or not anyone brings it up. Occasionally (specific-person-based) I wondered, but I was never going to ask. I guess I’ve found that the “and now?” sorts of questions fit in better than the “but how?” questions, before the person with the answers has already made the conversational personal, with the question-asker.

    • My husband’s boss just voluntarily tell people that his wife made two eggs–I think he’s answered the question so much that he just heads them off at the pass now!

      And yes, really, why does it matter what happened in the past? It’s done–two babies no matter how they got there.

  17. It is amazing how everyone asks the same question. I get a kick out sharing the details though.
    Just like you I thought my twins were spontaneous, me not getting any younger so forth, then when they found out all my husband’s family were like oh his grandfather was a twin… apparently he died when my hubbie was 2 so he didn’t know LOL.
    I love this animated response on this site ( it is by Just for laughs)
    Woohoo you are having twins!

  18. Just wait til after they’re born and people will still be asking you questions. Like walking through the grocery store the first time pushing my double stroller and people kept stopping me to ask if they were twins. I wanted to say, “NO I just kidnapped two newborns for the heck of it1” And now, very obvious that one is a girl and one is a boy and people still ask if they are identical. Um…no…talk about needing a genetics lesson. We STILL get the question about twins in the family…and we’ve started telling people that 1/3 of twins are due to mommy over 35, 1/3 are due to heredity, and the other 1/3 are due to fertility treatment. Then we tell them we qualify on two of three counts and let them do the math. So NOSY! Breastfeeding – that’s why God gave you two, Mommy. We have a picture of our then four year old demonstrating how Mommy feeds the babies with two of her dolls. Keepsake moment I tell you. It’s all fun, and it all gets old, and if you keep on smiling it’s all good. Enjoy.

  19. We have twins that look very, very similar, but I have a hunch they’re fraternal. Some day, I hope to do the DNA test, when I’m ready to end the mystery for good. People do look at me as if I’m stupid when I say I don’t know whether they are fraternal or identical though. That’s the downside of not knowing.