This Pregnancy Brought to You by Naps

I started a long, detailed post about my recent medical madness, but even I got bored by the whole thing. Medical drama is pretty boring unless it stars Dr. McDreamy or George Clooney.

So I’m going to give it to y’all straight and in as few words as possible.

I’ve already told y’all that I got Parvo and we believe it was possible that one of the babies had contracted it as well.

The last time we checked on Baby B–the baby that had boderline anemia–he seemed to be doing better. We still have to keep an eye on him for the next 8 weeks, but he finally seemed to be pulling away from that fine line that seperates us from us from the big, scary needle. By the time you read this post, I’ll probably be off to another check up, but Baby B has remained pretty active, so I feel good about him.

I, on the other hand, did not fair as well when I went to go visit my regular OBGYN.

Seems I have a pretty rockin’ case of anemia. In rare cases, Moms can get the same disastrous anemia that the fetuses are prone to when infected with Parvo. My iron levels were so low that the doctor did mention the word “transfusion,” but I did manage to avoid that.

But the doctor is still worried. I have a previous history of anemia during pregnancy and I’ve pretty much decimated my natural stores. Plus, I’ve got an extra baby in there, which means I could be even more affected this time.

With all of this on the table, the doctor moved my delivery date up to 36 weeks and added bi-weekly stress tests and blood draws to my regimen. Bascially, I’m thisclose to moving into the doctor’s office.

Blood issues aside, the rest of my pregnancy seems to be going well. My cervix is performing beautifully, so I’m still cleared to pick up Charlie and be as active as usual. I’m NOT as active as usual, but that’s because I’m carrying around an additional 20 or so pounds and have anemia.

So I’m napping a lot, taking supplements, and eating hamburgers, roast beef po boys, and kidney beans.  I’ve got a smudge more than ten weeks til the babies are here and my to do list is long. Hoping for no more bumps along the way.

Two women in cocktail dresses smiling at the camera.

My friend Erika and I at a Mom 2.0 Party. I'm 25 weeks on the dot here.


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  1. You look great! I hope you can avoid the transfusions. My husband has had a lot of them (he has celiac disease) and he said they’re not bad, but they take forever to do.

    • Thank you! I think I’m officially out of the woods on that score. I just don’t like needles, ya know?

  2. Now I think this calls for . . . a nap, and for you to request your readers to give it up with recipes for iron rich foods! Ok, maybe just meat based, as a category. I am almost jealous. I recommend the rare roast beef and swiss sandwich, for starters, with a horseradish mustard. It may be time for my midnight snack. And here’s hoping that your non-stress nurses all look like George Clooney. You look mahvelous, by the way, and happy!

    • Wow. A George Clooney nurse? That would be lovely. Although unlikely.

      I struggle with the iron thing because naturally I’m practically a vegetarian. It’s a struggle to eat meat at every meal, but I’m getting there.

  3. You look stunning. I will continue praying for you.

  4. You do look marvelous. In spite of all the extra “stuff”, you are glowing. Or is that just a spot light on ya? :) :) :)

    • I’m pretty sure we were standing right next to a light! I don’t glow when I’m pregnant.

  5. You look FABULOUS! Glad to hear BabyB is doing well. As far as iron…can you take an iron supplement? That seems the easiest way to go…prenatal vitamin + Fer-n-Sol, or iron pill, something that will make constipation terrible, but worth it.
    I loved spinach salads! High in iron, fiber, and when topped with bacon, MMM delicious!
    Keep cookin’ those twinkies!

    • They have prescribed me a horse pill of an iron pill. And I am happy to take it! Spinach salad is a great idea–I love salad.

  6. So glad to hear the news that the babes seem to be on the right track. That’s such a good picture!

    • Thank you Candace. I do like the picture–that’s why I stole it from my friend Erika–it was taken with her camera.

  7. You can do it! The little guys will be here before you know it! :)

  8. roast beef po boys….mmmm, that’s one thing I sure miss about the time I lived in Baton Rouge.

    Hang in there – I almost had to have a transfusion a month or so back with one of my little glitches this pregnancy, but avoided it. They’re not pleasant, but you’d feel considerably better fairly quickly if it came to that.

    • I think I have avoided the transfusion side of things–although that might only be because it took the doctor several days to read my chart!

      I didn’t know that you used to live in Baton Rouge! A roast beef po boy is a thing of beauty.

  9. You look soooo good! Anemia suites you;) I had a bad case of anemia with my first pregnancy. I remember waking up in the morning, actually feeling rested, but by the time I’d taken myself to the bathroom my knees were like jelly and my body so heavy, the only thing I could do was drag myself back into bed. Fortunately that was with my first kiddo and I could put myself back to bed. Enjoy the napping when you can. I’m so very glad the babies are doing well. Is the doctor totally set on delivery at 36 weeks or if things look good will he let them cook a little longer?

    • I’ve been the same way. Basically, I try to sneak naps in wherever I can and I sleep a LOT on the weekends when my husband is around.

  10. “Hoping for no more bumps along the way”, well except for a twinkies baby bump! Hahaha, I crack myself up (I am well aware that I am the only one who finds my corny jokes funny). I hope you can get your iron levels back up. You look AMAZING, by the way.

  11. You probably already know this, but I didn’t until I did research when I was anemic, but milk, tea and coffee will inhibit iron absorption. I drink milk like a fiend when I’m pregnant which I’m sure didn’t help matters at all. I drank milk with most of my meals, esp breakfast when I usually took my prenatal.

    Drink orange juice with your iron pill and with all those iron rich meals. The vitamin C helps the absorption.

    • Well, luckily, the only one of those I drink is tea and that’s pretty rare now that I’m pregnant. I didn’t think about orange juice in the morning–that would be yummy!

  12. Continuing to cross my fingers and pray that everything goes well! You look AMAZING by the way!

    • Thank you, Justine. I really am feeling good about everything, so hopefully we’re past all the scary stuff at this point.

  13. Load up sister. You live in the best city in the US for food. I could seriously just taste those red beans and rice. And jambalaya, and gumbo, and you know what? Now that you mention it, a burger doesn’t sound half bad either. I am glad to hear about the babies–you take care of yourself. You don’t have too much longer.

  14. 25 weeks and ADORABLE!

  15. You look SMASHING! woo woo! I am sorry you are going through this. I will say a few prayers. I know liver is not the best thing but’s packed full of iron

  16. I gotta say it, you are so cute!

  17. You are so cute! Glad everything is going ok for you and the babies! I can’t wait until tomorrow to finally meet you and photograph your bump LOL

  18. You look fab!
    Been meaning to share this with you, but hey you know how life is it gets in the way. When I was pregnant with my girls my masseuse ( she is kind of spooky with what she can read from just a touch) told me I should drink a mixture of beet, orange and carrot juice to help keep my blood count up. It actually doesn’t taste as bad at all and I know the juice kept me up one night that I drank it at night LOL. Did’nt drink it at night again.

  19. Damn girl, you look good for carrying 2 babies. Only 20 lbs? I think I passed that in one month with my first. Although, I thought of myself as milk fed veal.

    Take care.

  20. whew! Hang in there, Mama. You and your babies are looking good.

  21. Looking good! Glad baby B is doing well too. Now I am really hungry after reading about all the food! : )

  22. Johanna Gartside says:

    You look GREAT!!! You can see the finish line from here…praying everything goes smoothly for you.

  23. Mmmmm….MEAT!!!!!!!

    Here’s to hoping everything goes well for you leading up to the delivery.

  24. Eat up girl! I’m glad to hear that things sound better with baby B and 10 weeks? Woah. 😉

  25. Jessica says:

    Katy! I love your blog. I myself am a mother of a child with special needs. He has a rare syndrome that has caused him to be my awesome high maitenence baby! I love your outlook on having a child that is diffrent, your uplifting sense of humor is kind and reaches out to others not in a light of pity, but in a sense of embrace! Your sweet boy has been blessed with an awesome mamma, and i’m glad you are willing to share your experiance with us! I have a blog as well about our little guy, i hope you will check it out!