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One Joyful Thing

Hey guys! Just wrapping up a good time at the Mom 2.0 conference that was held here in New Orleans–can’t wait to share some of that with you guys. I’ve also got to do an update on my pregnancy and the Twinkies, but first I want to tell you how amazing my kid is.

Last week, Charlie’s teacher sent home a note discussing the Easter Egg Hunt that they’ll be having at school. Charlie is one of the youngest in the class, and maybe the most disabled, so there are sometimes things in the notes that don’t really apply. On the hunt this week, the kids will be trying to locate eggs that are labeled with their name. The note said that if they don’t recognize their name yet, that they would be assigned a sticker.

Which made me wonder if Charlie could recognize his own name. Probably a year and a half ago, I made big cards with the names of all his family members on them, but I really didn’t know if he would remember any of that. I showed him some of those old cards, but I still couldn’t really tell if he was getting it–he’s really good at reading clues from Mom and Dad, so we give the answers away sometimes without meaning to.

So, I review his “Charlie” card with him a few times, and then  I busted out the iPad and Proloquo2go. I gave him four choices and asked him to tell me which one said “Charlie.”

He gave this teenager-worthy sigh and then selected the correct choice.

So, Hooray! Charlie can now recognize his name. Now I’m just wondering what to teach him next. . .

little boy laughing while playing with his Dad

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