And So It Goes

I waited to type this up after I had gotten through the big, emotional crying thing, because if I’d written it then, you guys would have been really worried about me. I’m proving time and time again that I have about zero tolerance for bad pregnancy news.

So today we went to the high-risk doctor to talk about the fact that I seem to have contracted Fifth’s Disease, otherwise known as Parvo b 19–no relation to whatever it is that dogs get.

The session started with a pretty in-depth ultrasound. The tech looked at feet and abdomens, stomachs, and hearts. There are still two boys although they have moved around some from my last scan–hard to tell who is Louie and who is Gus, but I’m pretty sure I’ve got it figured out.

The good news is that as of this morning, both of the babies looked healthy and seemed to have all their parts. The kidney of one is unaccounted for, but that had mostly to do with positioning.

The bad news is that one of the babies is showed signs of mild anemia. With Parvo, the big concern is severe anemia complicated by hydrops (swelling). When this happens, the chance of fetal demise goes WAY up.

At this point we have no way of knowing if this baby is just generally a little anemic or if this is part of an escalating trend, so I’ll be back to the clinic on Thursday to see what’s happening.

I was, of course, devastated to hear that one of the babies is having issues. I’m trying to focus on the positive which can be tough when the word “fetal demise” is still hanging out in the back of your head:

  1. This was just a baseline–there’s a chance this baby has always had a touch of anemia and this has nothing to do with Parvo.
  2. Both of the babies looked good and healthy other than the anemia thing.
  3. I’ve contracted the illness after week 20, which means the chance of “fetal demise” is lower (although not impossible)
  4. This doctor is ON IT. The guy doesn’t miss a thing. I really should have been seeing someone high-risk all along because I’m extremely comfortable with his style. If I had to trust someone to get these babies across the finish line, it would be this guy. He seems like the type to take action before things get bad as opposed to after they’ve gone completely downhill.

So, we’ll know more by Thursday afternoon. In the mean time, I’ll be eating red meat at every meal in an attempt to combat the evil Parvo. And for those who are wondering, Yes, I promise I will blog about Charlie again soon. He’s still cute as can be and stealing my heart on a regular basis.

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  1. Hugs Katy, Hang in there, and know that all of us are pulling for you and Louie and Gus! Are those the names? :-)

  2. Katy, I hate that you’ve been going through this. HUGS.

  3. I am so sorry to hear that you are going through this. My heart goes out to you and your family and I wish you all many many blessings.

  4. are you sure they didn’t say feet and dem eyes?

  5. Lorena @lamaschida says:

    Sending you hugs and well wishes Katy. You cry it out & feel better. Everything will turn out ok, you’ll see.
    p.s. Charlie’s haircut is adorable!

  6. Hello. I’m a lurker (follow you on twitter). So sorry to hear about this moment in the ultrasound. Such a stressful moment with all the things to consider. I’m voting and praying for #4!

  7. I will keep you and your two little men in my thoughts and prayers.

  8. Glad I was patient for once and didn’t barrage you with questions after your last post. This one answers them all. Praying Thursday brings good news. {{Hugs}}

  9. Sorry, I know it is hard to not let your imagination go wild, especially since you had a traumatic experience once. I am so glad you found a new doc. Sending prayers your way.

  10. Still praying for you and the boys!!! I’m so glad you found a good doctor.

  11. I’m sending good vibes out to you!! I am so glad you switched doctors. I know it was the right thing to do. LOVE you girl!

  12. I’m so relieved that you have found an outstanding doctor that puts you at ease. We are praying for you and the babes. Big hugs.

  13. Ruth Evans says:

    I have been praying for you and the little guys. Glad you have a new doc.

  14. So glad you’ve found a good doctor! That is awesome news. Thinking of you lots…

  15. I read your last entry yesterday and before I had a chance to comment I was beckoned by kids. I wanted to be certain you knew I am thinking about you. I can imagine I would be swimming in a bucket of tears too if I was in your position. I love the person that you are and the heart you have. I know you’re gonna hang in there. You’re in our prayers. And I feel so relieved for you that you are with a doctor now that you are comfortable with.

  16. Katy, I am on my knees, as I write this. You will be at the top of my list this week, in prayer, my friend.

  17. I am so happy you found a dr that you are comfortable with and he gets the situation.

    Be strong.

    Much Love and Big Hugs!

  18. MelissaInk Designs says:

    I’ll be thinking and praying for you and your babies. Hope to hear good news on Thursday! Glad you are happy with your new doctor.

  19. Sooooo happy you found this doctor. Get better soon Katy.

  20. *hugs*

    I’m glad you found a good doctor. It’s nice to have people you can trust.

  21. Sending prayers. I am glad you found a good Dr, sounds like he is right on top of things! You will be so much more comfortable now knowing you are getting the best care.

  22. So this sucks. Can’t wait to hear what they say on Thursday. I’m kind of all about “everything happens for a reason” (which I know is annoying but try to bear with me) and maybe this happened so you had a good reason to get into a high risk OB stat. I can only imagine that they’re not easy to get appointments with. I’m SOOOO happy to hear you’re so comfortable with him and if anyone knows doctors, it’s you. Prayers will most definitely be said.

  23. Glad you’re feeling the new doctor. Continued prayer for you and the twins.

  24. So sorry the news was not what you wanted to hear. Ugh! Continuing to pray for you and the twins. So glad to hear the new doc is fantastic. Sounds like you are in good hands!

  25. Let me know if you need anything. Even a Charlie babysitter one weekend so you can rest. I’ve got plenty of experience pushing a wheelchair. :)

  26. I’m glad your new doctor seems to have everything pretty well under control… (((HUGS)))

  27. I know this is still a scary time for you, but I’m so glad to here you have a doctor who is on top of things now. You are in my thoughts. *hug*

  28. Katy,

    So glad you found a high risk doctor. Best wishes and good thoughts and prayers for you.

  29. Katy, I am so happy to hear that you have a high-risk MD who will really take charge. I wish there was something any of us could do to take away the stress and scariness of what you are going through. I hope you can take comfort in knowing how many real and ‘internet’ friends are out here thinking about you, praying for you and send positive energy to you, the twins, Charlie and your husband. I hadn’t commented until now because I always feel I will awkwardly say the wrong thing, but my thoughts have been with you throughout.

  30. Oh Katy, I’m praying that it amounts to NOTHING. I’m also praying that you can relax and hopefully have nothing more to worry about after Thursday (impossible as it may be…). Wishing I could hug you in person…

  31. I too joined the high risk club, last week in fact… and my baby has a diagnosis. So chin up, eat red meat and relax. I know how you feel.

  32. I am so sorry there is any sign of complication, but SO HAPPY you found a doctor you like better. And it’s great that he’s going to be on it at the first sign of a problem rather than waiting until something goes really wrong.
    We’re pulling for all three of you!

  33. MindyMoo says:

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, you are one of the bravest people I know. Prayers to you, my friend. Xoxoxo

  34. Oh, Katy, how scary. I’m sorry to find out what you’re going through. This doctor does sound excellent. I know how hard it is not to imagine the worst, but try to focus on the fact that you are in excellent hands, and that the babies are looking healthy. xo

  35. Well you know how I love Charlie goes to school pictures so when you need some distraction post some for me, ‘K? I love me some Charlie pix – that last one was incredibly cute.

    I am sending you warm, happy, living baby thoughts. A lot of them!!

  36. Iwillskate says:

    So sorry your going through it, have you tried iron bisglycinate, it’s a highly absorbable form of iron (as a result i had super iron
    Levels) that doesn’t clog you up either. Sounds like the HR doctor sounds fantastic.

    Sending hugs to you all

    Xxxx Mel xxx

  37. Stay frosty. You’re (ALL) in my thoughts.

  38. I’m so, so sorry about the anemia, and I’m obviously hoping for the best for you and your twins. I’m glad your new doctor is on top of things.

  39. A doctor you trust is huge.

    Good vibes thrust into the Universe, on their way to Louie and Gus (who rock the coolest names.)

  40. Wow, I just found you by utter chance. I have a 5 year old and just had twins last year. They’re 10 month olds now. When I was just about at your point in the pg, my son (then 3.5) contracted fifths. So we knew I was exposed. Turned out ok for me, and I hope you get all good news from here on out! Best of luck with the twins. It is exhausting, especially at first, but oh so much fun!

    • Thank you Angela! So strange that you found me–there certainly aren’t a lot of “Parvo Twins” as the doctor has dubbed me. Thanks for sharing your story–whenever I’m nervous about things, other people’s stories keep me going.

  41. Hugs to you! My twins just turned three (3!) and gave us nothing but worry during our pregnancy. It was a scary time and a very uncomfortable pregnancy to boot. We were told everything from possible dwarfism to failure to thrive to missing placenta. Both were born over 5 lbs, pink, and lovely. I hope you start to feel better. It is a tough road to have a twin pregnancy with a toddler (my eldest is 21 months older than twins) especially when you are sick. I hope you feel better soon, red count is boosted after the red meat fest, and your next scan is a great one! feel free to email if you want to vent, cry, or want a prayer.

    • Thank you so much, Kristen. I do appreciate it. It has been a tough week being sick with a toddler and pregnant with twins, but with a lot of family help I think we just survived us.

      Luckily, the high-risk doc didn’t seem to find anything else wrong with the babes, so I’m hoping this is a scare and nothing more.