Two Joyful Things

Wow! You know how they say that if you acknowledge the good things in life and are thankful for them, that more good things will happen? Well, maybe that explains this past week because it was a crazy-good one. So good that not one, but TWO wonderful things happened to me this week–but I’ll only bore you with one.

First was an unexpectedly good visit to the physiatrist. We haven’t been in a while, so we returned to see how we were doing. I also wanted to check in because I’m running around trying to do some last minute things with Charlie before I get side-lined with Twinitis. Well, imagine my surprise when the doctor was over-the-moon thrilled and excited to see how well Charlie was doing. I mean, I think Charlie is doing well, but I think it’s harder for me to see since I’m with him every day. In any case, it’s always wonderful when people are excited about your kid. He even gave us the name of an augmentative communication specialist we might want to call. Score!

And now for a joyful picture. . .

boy on a swing smiling

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  1. What a gorgeous smile :-)

  2. Hi Katy! I’m from Croatia and have 2-year-old daugther with mild form of CP and we are starting with ABR soon, so I found your blog im Internet. Thank you for all the information you gave us here and I’m really happy to see your wonderful boy doing so well!!! His progress is amazing and gives us hope! Please keep informing us about Charlies improvements no meter how small they may appear to you.
    I just wanted to thank you for everything and wish you luck with all your kids!

    • ABR has been such a blessing for my family–and we still see improvements now–I just forget to blog about them as much. I wish you much luck as you get started. It has really been great for us.

      • Well, maybe it’s time to share new improvements with us! Tell us, what things Charlie can do better now, did he maybe started crawling? What else said your doctor? Sorry if I’m bothering you, but I’m really excited about all this.
        Thanks for your support!

  3. Yay for good news!

    That picture is killing me. Too cute.

  4. Hooray! Now get back here and tell us the other joyful thing . . .

    • Aw, Ginger, it’s really just something about me. I got asked to speak at a conference about Social Media and I thought that was pretty awesome.

  5. That is a joyful picture! And such good news! Go Charlie!

  6. If that’s a recent picture I’m moving. It looks way too nice not to be there.

    • Sarah, that was last weekend. This weekend was even better. That’s why New Orleans tourist season is in the Spring–we’re warm before almost anyone else.

  7. That is wonderful! Love the picture – could he get any cuter?

  8. Oh how I have missed that sweet little guy! Go Charlie!!

  9. I am literally printing out that photo and taping it to my computer screen. It would be impossible to be stressed if I have that picture staring me in the face.

    YIPPPPPPEEEEEE on the physiatrist!!! It puts you on such a high, doesn’t it?

    • It’s always nice when the docs say nice things–especially after years of pretty glum predictions.

      I think Charlie’s smile is infectious, but I’m him mom and completely biased.

  10. I love it! Good things happen for good reason!

  11. Yay for Katy getting her joyful on! I love good news. Charlie’s appointment ranks high in that category! And so, whenever you’re ready to “bore” everyone with that 2nd joyful thing, you just go right on ahead and bore us. Bore us to tears. I am unpatiently waiting.


  13. That smile on his face says it all. SO glad to hear that he’s doing well! YAY!! 😀

  14. Toni Langenau says:

    I’d like to point out every suburb had a Park where all children could go and. Exercise it was fun -slides, swings, —-round-a-bouts, monkie-tree-swings, horse-swings, steam-boat, jungle-jim, rope-bridge, dinosaur-slide. Where — are these Now? They belonged to the children of the Town.

  15. Oh that dimple. Pure spontaneous laughter from a child is the best. The BEST. So is good medical news. And evidently, February in New Orleans. Good news indeed.