One Joyful Thing

When I was supposed to be at Blissdom, but wasn’t because my little darling was feeling poorly, I kept the Twitter stream open so I could see all the things I was missing. One thing that grabbed me was that someone posted you should be able to sum up your blog in three words.  Ever the multi-tasker, I thought about my words as I packed for my trip and came up with: educated, empowered, joyful. That’s what this site is about for me–getting educated by sharing our stories, using that information to help our children, and remembering that a different life can still be joyful.

I think I’ve been doing a good job on the first two, but I’m slacking a bit in the joy department. I think it’s easy to do when it’s cold outside and inside you’ve got hormones raging.

But no more excuses! Joyful coming right up. I’m aiming to do one of these a week, but we’ll see how we do.  Just a quick picture that makes me happy and a few words about something good that has happened in the last week.

boy and dad laughing

This week the district nurse came by to check on Charlie. She is extremely thorough and nothing–I mean nothing–escapes her scrutiny. When she checked in with me, she was extremely pleased with how well he is doing. She complimented his trunk and head strength. She noticed his improved eye contact. It was lovely to hear how much he’s improved. I know that he has, but it’s even better when somebody else points it out.

Anything good happen to you this week?

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  1. My son had his 2nd birthday this week AND our case manager was able to get us paired with an OT who isn’t also an SLP, so that we can keep the speech therapist M has been working with for the past 6 months! :-)

  2. That picture made me smile! Charlie has pure joy on his face! I have to agree with you – love it when other people notice great things in our kids! I took Emily to get her hair cut last Friday. We had a long wait and we were playing with one of those toys with the beads on a wire. I was helping her to move the beads along and she would giggle every time that they all fell on each other at the end of the wire. After helping her a few times, she started reaching out and trying to grab the beads. She wasn’t always successful, but it was great to see her trying to do it herself!

    • Dawn, that sounds wonderful. Plus, from my perspective, how great that it’s a toy without batteries–those don’t interest Charlie one bit.

  3. We had our reassessment for OT and PT and little O met half his goals for the 12 week session!!!!!! Others in my life are disappointed by this. I figure it’s his first block of therapy, he was exhausted and sick for most of them yet he pushed through and made huge gains. I am so proud.

    • Oh gosh, progress is progress! That is always the most important thing. When there’s no progress, you’ve got to get yourself all worked up over the best way to fix things. Here, you know what you’re doing is working.

  4. Janet Brandy says:

    My most joyful thing this week was this photo of Charlie and your husband. Just one look at the expression on Charlie’s face made my day! <3

  5. Great picture! Also, congratulations on your double happy news!

  6. I was getting ready to say NO! But my son who sings in the choir (yes he sings) had a performance today and boy did he perform! WOW made my heart sing!

    Katy that picture is AWESOME awesome awesome!
    I make my parent support group do this as well… remember something good and talk about it!

  7. Thank you for reminding me to be grateful. I used to post on Grace In Small Things and accidentally gave it up. Hannah can count outloud from 1 to 9!! I don’t think my typically developing daughter did that. Of course, her words are murky and she squeals if I try to get her affected hand in on the counting and sometimes she misses deven and ten is disconcerting, but still, she counted! She says eight rather gleefully, that one is a more recent acquisition and it sounds like she is greeting an old friend.

    • That’s fantastic! Charlie is SO not an academic–he can’t talk, but if he could I know I would never be able to get him to count with me.

  8. Man, I love your blog. And that is one of the sweetest pictures I’ve ever seen. I am just so excited about your pregnancy, too. I always love to be following SOMEONE’S pregnancy, especially when I myself am out of commission for awhile in that regard! No pregnancies in 2011, that’s my motto! But I am loving hearing about yours, especially with the twin factor. Did you guys get any further in the name decision, or are you waiting until you know genders to actually decide stuff?

    • Well, I’m glad I can provide you with some vicarious pregnancy goodness. My husband finds all things pregnancy-related to be incredibly boring. He’s interested in the gender and the birth. Other than that, he’s pretty blase.

      We have not gotten a whole lot further on the name thing. I decided that Elodie is my top girl name, so if it’s a boy and a girl we’ve got Louis and Elodie. If it’s two girls, I’ll let Hubby pick the second name–he waffles between Edia and Lucie. Maybe he’ll feel a bit clearer after we find out the genders.

  9. Katy, I don’t know how you can feel your blogs aren’t joyful.! Be it a picture, a comment about progress Charlie’s made or an epiphany of yours, I find joy in most of the posts I’ve read. Everyone has a need to occasionally vent, don’t ever feel bad about that!

  10. There is plenty of joyful–just look at this picture of Charlie! I can almost hear him laughing!

  11. Now I’m going to be trying to sum up my blog in three words. More difficult than it seems!

    Joyful. Yes. Video of my kid in yesterday’s post. As joyful as it gets.

  12. this photo? makes me soooo happy, so I can only imagine what it must do to you. Even if there were no words to go with it, I’d be feeling joy just looking at that face. Sweet boy.

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