Another Surprise

I’ll keep this brief since I’m sure you all have better things to do than worry about my uterus.

I’m having two boys. Two. Boys. I still don’t believe it–but I saw the ultrasounds and there are some things you can’t deny–boyhood is one of them.

I love the idea of a house full of boys, but I had started to dream of little pink dresses, so I’ll have to adjust that idea a little.

Hubby says, “it’s real now.” He somehow missed the first 17 weeks of this adventure.

I have no idea about any abnormalities they might have seen. The tech had both babes done in one hour, though, so I took that as a good sign. One had a faster heart rate–160 and that makes me nervous since Charlie’s heart rate was always high and then it went super-high and almost killed him, but I looked online though and it seems 160 is perfectly fine.ย  I will talk to the doctor next week and let him know my concerns. I’ve decided to decline the triple screen–if the ultrasound finds anything, I’ll deal with that, but I don’t want any invasive testing, so the triple screen is a waste of time.

The boys have first names, but not middle names yet. We were forced to throw out Henry because my husband’s boss is named Henry and it felt weird. We went a little wild card on that third name, but we love it and that’s the most important thing.

So. . . the boys will be Louis and August a.k. Louie and Gus.

Can’t wait to meet them. ultrasound of twins

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  1. Congratulations! Great names, and they fit well with Charlie! I was SO SURE I was having a girl that when the u/s tech said “boy” my husband and I were speechless. It took a bit to adjust to the idea of having a second son but now that J is here I can’t imagine life any other way. :)

    • Yeah, when she saw that first boy, I just KNEW the second would be a girl. Nope. I was totally wrong. I think I’ll adore my boys, but my brain had different ideas.

  2. Hello, you darling little alien-headed babies! Your mommy rocks this motherhood gig – you’ll be in great hands, kiddos!!

  3. Marlene Hunter says:

    “It’s real now your hubby says, that’s funny! Yeah honey this belly isn’t really babies, it’s bon bons. So glad to hear you found out it’s 2 boys, that’s great! 4 Boys Total for the bird on the street, 1 big(Hubby), 1 little (Charlie) and 2 on the way (Louie and Gus) all “Real”, truly blessed!

  4. Wow, how exciting! I really love all 3 names of your boys. So strong and classic but hardly ever given nowadays. Anyway, I hope you’re feeling well and that your pregnancy will be smooth sailing.

    • Thank you, Justine. We try to pick names that are recognizable, but that aren’t too fashionable. We like nice-guy names.

  5. Congratulations! I’m late to the party because I didn’t know you were pregnant…I love your photo from a previous post (I had to go back and get caught up!). Fabulous names for fabulous little boys…

    It’s real now…it sure is!

  6. WOW! Hellooooooo Louie and Gus!!!

  7. Oh katy! Wow! Three boys! What are you gonna do? At least clothes won’t be an issue! Lol! I love their names. They sure look cute from what I saw. I am sure it probably does seem more real to your husband now…..Imagine what he will do when they actually arrive! Ha ha ha!

    • I know, right? You just spend less money on boys clothes. Today Hubby switched over to excited–he has a wonderful relationship his Dad and brother and I think he’s starting to think about what things will be like with his own boys.

  8. Oh I love it! Yay for little boys! And I love Gus!

  9. Congratulations! They are so darn cute, I love ultrasound pics and their names!

  10. I have goosebumps now that I know you’re having boys. …there’s just something about boys that makes my heart flip over. I always envisioned that I’d have lots of girls so finding out that Ben and Daniel were boys was a bit of a shock, but of course, now I can’t imagine NOT having boys. And you know what? Whenever I see a family with grown boys (late teens / early 20’s) and the boys are so tall and handsome, I just tear up. I am so excited to meet the MEN that my boys are going to be.

    So…basically, I’m saying ‘CONGRATS’. LOVE the names!

  11. Oh, I am so excited for you! Three boys, how fun. Seriously, it will be. Your house will be full of fart and poop talk. :)

    • My husband has already gotten to burping at a ridiculously loud volume because Charlie thinks it’s so funny. Can’t imagine what the place will be with two more boys.

  12. Yessss! Boys for you! Before my son I was never really interested in having boys. I was just fine with the pink dresses and baby dolls, thankyouverymuch. But let me tell you, since Merrick was born, my whole attitude has changed. I would have a million little boys if I could. They are just so sweet, and they love their mommas. I am beyond happy for you guys–Congratulations! And ps LOVE love love the names–Charlie, Louis and Gus all strike me as totally relaxed and friendly. Love them. Awesome job. ; )

    • I’m glad you see that my names “go together.” That was important to Hubby and I.

      I like my one boy and he is as sweet as can be–I’m sure I’ll love the other two just as much.

  13. I dont see any boyhood??? jk Still love the name Henry but I see where the boss thing could be a problem. Love the name August/Gus. Three cheers for BOYS! So exciting!

    • I didn’t put up any pictures of the boyhood, but believe me, we’ve got them!

      I suggested we could use Henry and just call him Hank, but my husband was so excited about Gus he couldn’t let it go.

  14. Congratulations! And great names! We have friends whose son is named August- they call him Auggie and he’s so cute.
    And a house full of boys IS pretty cool. Think how much they’ll all adore you, especially when they’re older! I notice moms of all boys tend to get doted upon a bit.

    • My mom will probably call him Auggie–I think she can’t quite handle a grandbaby named Gus.

      I would very much like to be doted upon–my husband and his brother dote on his mom, so maybe I’ve got a chance!

  15. I love their names! LOVE. Congratulations! Boys are so much fun. :)

  16. Congratulations! I love their names!!! Can you already tell them apart? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    (This weekend, as he was watching my baby belly undulate from across the room, my husband also said something along the lines of “this is real now”. I am 35 weeks this Friday. *rolls eyes* Men.)

    • It’s totally funny that you say that because I looked at those ultrasounds and was already noting the differences between the two–must be a mom thing.

      I think for Men most baby talk is just talk until you hand them that screaming infant.

  17. The names fit perfectly into your family – so excited for you!! Sorry if I missed this, but do they know if they are identical or fraternal?

    • Apparently if you have two babies of the same sex, and they each have their own sac, they are most-likely fraternal, but you can only know for certain with a DNA test.

  18. Congrats on the boys!! I love my little boy and couldn’t imagine not having one… enjoy. Hope the rest of your pregnancy is smooth sailing.

    • Me too! I mean, I hope the rest is smooth sailing. Also, I love my little boy so I’m sure I’ll be wild about the others.

  19. Congrats on the boys! Perhaps they are identical? (from your first pictures it seems like they each have their own placenta and sac, but they can still be identical, you know.) (mine shared a placenta so we knew right away, but you’ll have to wait till dna or some other signs show!!!) FUN!

  20. I can’t wait to meet them either. I love the names. Augusta Christopher has a nice ring to it. Louis is a bit tougher. Louis Henry?? You like Henry so use it as a middle.

    • That’s funny because Christopher is definitely rattling around in my brain as a possibility–Hubby isn’t quite sold, but we haven’t thought of anything we like more.

  21. TWO MORE BOYS! Congratulations! You are going to need a female dog or cat to help add some girl power to the house. haha That is so exciting! Love the pics (I am always amazed by ultrasound pics – makes me feel like we are seeing something we shouldn’t be allowed to see – it is very cool). Love the names too! Hope you and the boys are doing well.

    • I LOVE ultrasounds–makes me feel so good to see them swimming around in there! My mom is from a different generation and she spent the whole time saying “what are we looking at?”

      So far, so good–but I’ve still got about 20 weeks to go–fingers crossed!

  22. I love it all! I’m sooooo happy for you and the fam. I think it’ll be good for Charlie to have a couple of brothers. :) The names are adorable, too. August is definitely a cool name!

    • Thanks, Sarah! I think it will be wonderful for Charlie to have brothers–when they get old enough they can help me pick him up too!!

  23. Jan (Parker's sister) says:

    Welcome to the world of three boys!!! Congratulations to all of you! I have a lot of fun with my three boys. There are challenges sure – you have to run them like wild animals sometime to expend the incredible energy levels – but soo much fun! Plus my boys sometimes treat me like a princess:) Wish you the very best!

    • I believe it about the running around! Even Charlie who can’t walk, scoots and rolls, sits, and wiggles all day long and then we still need to make sure he practices standing so he can rest well.

  24. I have two boys and one girl. Boys are wonderful, less drama ๐Ÿ˜‰ I love the name Louis, awesome. You’ll have so much fun, boys always love their mama. I like the name Auggie for August, but only because I know a kid named Gus and he is a little punk. Congrats!!

    • Haha! I’ve had lots of names ruined by former students. My mom will call the baby Auggie because she can’t quite bring herself to call a baby Gus.

      I know boys will be less drama–I’m just a teeny bit sad about no big hair bows, dresses, and tutus.

      • If it makes you feel any better, my daughter has ruined every tutu I bought, and lost seventy two thousand hair bows.

  25. Congrats! Add me to the long list of commenters who love August/Gus. :)

  26. Congratulations! The boys’ names are gorgeous and have such character. When our second daughter came along I was relieved that she was the same gender because well, that’s what we knew so well in our family. I’m sure you’ll have fun with your boys and you’ll get to enjoy some special times as the solo girl in the family. Enjoy this time!

    • Well, I’ll admit I was worried I would know how to handle girls during a diaper change! Everything is completely different. Hubby is thrilled because he says, “I understand boys.” I think it will all work out just great.

  27. SO EXCITED!!!!! I absolutely love those names. You can just tell they are going to be super-cute, just like their big bro.

  28. Charlie, Louis & Gus. Perfect.

  29. Would it be too predictably biased for me to say that having all boys rocks?! I love being the only girl in the house, and it really does have its advantages.

    Congrats on your sons!

    • I can definitely see the advantage of being the only girl! Nobody will steal my clothes! I think it will be great–I really do.

  30. Congrats! Love the names. You’re making me second guess not finding out the flavor of our little bun!

  31. Louie and Gus – love it!! Congrats girl, it’s going to be a lively household for sure. Lively and wonderful. They look great! xoxo

    • They look good to me too–they apparently like each other because they kept messing up each other’s pictures.

  32. Congratulations! The names grew on me in about… two seconds. Very cute.

    I can relate to having to readjust your gender expectations a bit. I have five girls — the last two twins — and always KNEW I would have a boy. Sometimes, I still “miss” the boy I didn’t have, but I sure wouldn’t trade the girls I have for him!

    • Yeah, I’m grieving a bit for the giant bows I’m never going to get to buy, but in general, I’m very happy with the idea of being a mom to boys.

  33. I’ve been in la-la-land, sorry!!! BUT CONGRATULATIONS!! How exhilarating and exciting and wonderful. Love, love, LOVE the names.

  34. LOVE both of the names. They go so well with Charlie, and are classic, grow up well and are just all around awesome names.

    My friend has fraternal twin brothers and they are awesome kids. Top of their class, athletic, and just super nice. So much less drama than 2 girls. My girl is definitely my drama queen.

    Re: ID/Frat, I think the odds of di/di twins being ID is 1:9. If you get their blood types when they are born and they are the same, and you’re really curious, do the DNA testing. They can still be fraternal and have the same blood type, but, if they have different blood types, you know for sure they are fraternal. And, if you know they are ID, you don’t have to worry about another set of spontaneous multiples – IDs are a fluke, but, once you have one set of spontaneous twins, your odds of having another set quadruples.

    • Sadly, the will have the same blood type because Hubby and I have the same. I guess I’ll just see if they look similar and go from there–if they come out with two different hair colors then I’ll know they’re fraternal. You know, I worked with a lady that had two sets of twins and I thought that was just crazy, but I guess if you make extra eggs, there’s always a chance.

  35. I am so thrilled! A band of brothers. Awesome. And the names? Those were both runners-up for us. Willa would have been Louis if she were a boy.

    • I remember when you were discussing names for Willa and I thought, “she’s got similar taste to mine!” What can I say? Great minds think alike?

  36. Bubbling with excited for you! Woohoo boys! I agree one little girl would have been sweet but WOOHOO you are having boys!
    Congrats again.

  37. Lucky babies!!

    And AWESOME names. I’m kind of a name snob and these two definitely meet my snobby approval, esp August. Too cool.

  38. Yay! I thought I would have all boys & liked the thought of it, and was surprised & almost didn’t know what to do when we found out our 2nd was a girl, but now of course I wouldn’t change it! :) And you will feel the same way! :) :) Congratulations! :)