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Another Surprise

I’ll keep this brief since I’m sure you all have better things to do than worry about my uterus.

I’m having two boys. Two. Boys. I still don’t believe it–but I saw the ultrasounds and there are some things you can’t deny–boyhood is one of them.

I love the idea of a house full of boys, but I had started to dream of little pink dresses, so I’ll have to adjust that idea a little.

Hubby says, “it’s real now.” He somehow missed the first 17 weeks of this adventure.

I have no idea about any abnormalities they might have seen. The tech had both babes done in one hour, though, so I took that as a good sign. One had a faster heart rate–160 and that makes me nervous since Charlie’s heart rate was always high and then it went super-high and almost killed him, but I looked online though and it seems 160 is perfectly fine.  I will talk to the doctor next week and let him know my concerns. I’ve decided to decline the triple screen–if the ultrasound finds anything, I’ll deal with that, but I don’t want any invasive testing, so the triple screen is a waste of time.

The boys have first names, but not middle names yet. We were forced to throw out Henry because my husband’s boss is named Henry and it felt weird. We went a little wild card on that third name, but we love it and that’s the most important thing.

So. . . the boys will be Louis and August a.k. Louie and Gus.

Can’t wait to meet them. ultrasound of twins

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