15 Weeks

Warning: this post will not be nearly as sexy as that movie 9 1/2 weeks–although I saw it once and wasn’t sure it really lived up to the hype.

Anyway, I’m a few days past 15 weeks, and my midsection appears to be growing larger by the day. They say that twin pregnancies typically run six to eight weeks ahead in size and I’m definitely seeing that. It’s like I skipped a big chunk of second trimester and I’m booking it toward third. Sadly, this just means I’ll big for longer which is a little scary. My belly button is almost completely gone which happened when I was about seven months with Charlie–I’m afraid it’s going to pop out like a turkey thermometer.

Getting out of first trimester has been great. I’ve got more energy, which is not to say that I have a ton of energy, but I feel less like crawling into bed at seven, so I’ll call that a victory. I’ve also gone from being kind of pukey feeling to needing to eat every three hours. It’s crazy. I wake up hungry, which has never happened to me before. I can eat a good sized meal and then BAM! I’m hungry again. In fact, right now I’m wondering if there are any snacks in the pantry–probably not since I’ve been eating everything in sight. Sigh.

My mind is still foggy. Writing takes forever and I find myself spending entirely too much time window shopping on the Internet. Any chance I could interest you guys in a blog entire about cute shoes I’ve found online? No? Well, OK.

I have a check up tomorrow. The boring kind where they listen to the heartbeats and get absolutely no glimpses at all of the baby (or babies in my case). I know this should be enough, but the Doppler missed that there was anything wrong with Charlie so I don’t exactly trust it. The only picture I’ve got of the two, they don’t even really have legs yet and there’s a sliver of me that worries that maybe they still don’t. I”ve been feeling some flutters here and there, so I’m thinking things are OK, but the day before an appointment is always a little tough on my nerves. I should have another appointment in three weeks where they do a growth and anatomy ultrasound and I’ll probably relax for a couple of weeks after that.  They’ll also be able to tell me what flavor Twinkies we’ve got–boy or girl. That’s an exciting thought and I try to focus more on that and less on my nerves.

pregnant lady turned sideways

14w5d--Taken last Wednesday

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  1. Oh Katy! Was soooo excited to hear the news! I know you must be ecstastic! Thrilled for u guys….

  2. You look beautiful! I will be praying for you as your appt gets closer. Enjoy this fun time. :)

  3. Oh, wow, pregnant and near New Orleans? You can write a blog soley about eating food and I would just drool while I read it. You look great Katy!
    I was wondering if your doctors will do more monitoring and whatnot this time around–maybe that will help ease your nerves? Worries aside, I hope you are able to absolutely treasure this time while it lasts–you know, the non-morning sickness, non-tired and achy right-about-15-weeks part of pregnancy. Enjoy!

    • This is definitely the best part–and I’m savoring it because I know it’s going to pass pretty quickly at the rate I’m growing.

      Food. I’m embarrassed to tell you that I’ve been craving Mexican almost non-stop.

  4. Just having a baby 2 1/2 weeks ago, all those feelings in pregnancy are still so near to my memory. I was nodding my head as I read your entry here…understanding the perception of the boring appointments that do not consists of an ultrasound, the fear the baby isn’t growing well, focusing on the excitement of discovering the genders to distract the mind….I experienced all that too.

    Thinking of you and hoping you’ll hear a report soon that your babies are developing in less worrisome ways.

    • Thank you, Kristen. I was reading your blog recently I know that you understand the emotions that go with a second pregnancy when the first one was a bit frightening.

  5. Katy you look FABULOUS! Thank you for sharing your pregnancy with us!

    • You are so welcome! I barely documented my pregnancy with Charlie and I kind of regret that, so I’m trying to get at least some pregnancy posts in here.

  6. Awww, Katy, you look so cute! I would TOTALLY love to read a blog about cute shoes, but I’m going through an “I want to SHOP!” phase right now (but I CAAAAAAAN’T!!!!!), so there’s that… also, I thought 9 1/2 Weeks didn’t live up to the hype either. It was kind of boring.

    • Shopping wears me out these days–I totally prefer the vicarious, Internet version. It saves me a lot of money too.

  7. I think we’re gonna need weekly belly shots so we can see the progression! 😉 Oh, just teasing! You look great! Hope your appointment goes well today. xo

  8. You look awesome! LOVE the pregnancy updates…and i’m keeping fingers, toes and thumbs crossed that all goes well tomorrow.

    • I’m glad you’re enjoying them, Cary. I hemmed and hawed about updating about my pregnancy here, but heck! gotta blog about something new every once a while.

  9. Hope the appointment goes well!

    I’d be interested in your cute shoe blog–it would remind me of the olden days when we saw your shoes. :)

  10. You look fabulous!

    You know, that’s what I remember about the 1-2 trimester with twins. I was HUNGRY all the time. Never got sick, just HUNGRY! I hope it’s the same for you.

    • My hunger has suddenly started to pick up–I feel like I’m constantly hungry these day–I’ll assume that’s a good thing–hunger means growing babies!

  11. You look great!
    The hunger was overwhelming at times for me… remember I told ya I got sick of eating. I remember reading something from Fit Pregnancy or Baby Center I am not sure and freaking out about the amount of milk I needed to drink a day LOL. Didn’t quite drink that amount though.

    • Some book I have is all about the protein–which is tough because I don’t LOVE meat. I just try to mix it in with plenty of sauce and noodles.

  12. GREAT picture! Good luck at the appointment.

  13. Oh, the baby belly…you look fabulous!!!! :)

  14. I guess you’re eating for three now, huh? Hope your appointment goes well! I still can’t believe you’re having twins! And just so you know, posts like this take, me back to the Charlie pregnancy posts! And I would totally check out a post all about the cute shoes you found online.

    • That’s what the doc said–eating for three! Although twin pregnancies you’re supposed to eat a lot in the beginning because at the end you’ll run out of room for stuff like food (and probably air).

      Now I’m totally fantasizing about a shoe blog.

  15. You are so cute! Love the belly.

    I could totally use some more maternity in my portfolio (free session, hint hint)

    • Oh, Cara, I really need to get my butt in gear and get in touch with you anyway. I was thinking it would be nice to take SOME kind of professional photo–I’ve actually never had any taken since I got married.

  16. Love the belly shot! Love the pregnancy posts! And of course, love shoes :)

    So, keep it all coming :)

  17. You look lovely – so happy and energetic! I am delighted for you!

    • Thank you, Ginger. I’m not sure I’m “energetic,” but second trimester beats first by a mile!