Archives for February 12, 2011

Two Joyful Things

Wow! You know how they say that if you acknowledge the good things in life and are thankful for them, that more good things will happen? Well, maybe that explains this past week because it was a crazy-good one. So good that not one, but TWO wonderful things happened to me this week–but I’ll only bore you with one.

First was an unexpectedly good visit to the physiatrist. We haven’t been in a while, so we returned to see how we were doing. I also wanted to check in because I’m running around trying to do some last minute things with Charlie before I get side-lined with Twinitis. Well, imagine my surprise when the doctor was over-the-moon thrilled and excited to see how well Charlie was doing. I mean, I think Charlie is doing well, but I think it’s harder for me to see since I’m with him every day. In any case, it’s always wonderful when people are excited about your kid. He even gave us the name of an augmentative communication specialist we might want to call. Score!

And now for a joyful picture. . .

boy on a swing smiling

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