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Tough Questions

So my appointment was Tuesday and for the most part, things went well. There were a few tense moments when the nurse couldn’t find heart beat number two. I tried to stay calm as she started scanning my stomach in wide sweeps, but I was secretly worried I would throw up on her. I finally sat up and pointed to the exact point where I thought the baby might be and that’s when she finally heard it.

I was still feeling clammy when the doctor came in to check on me a few minutes later. He measured my uterus and I was measuring about 19 weeks–four weeks ahead of schedule, which normal for twins–small even.

But then came the discussion. In two weeks I have what they call a gross anatomy scan. I never had something like that with my pregnancy with Charlie although it appears to be standard practice in this office. They will look at the gender, but the purpose of the scan is to check for abnormalities.

They’re also going to offer me the triple scan–a test to see whether one or both of my children have Down Syndrome or Spina Bifida.

I’d thought long and hard about it, and had decided there was no need for the triple screen. I’m familiar with both disorders and neither scares me the way that they might have five years ago. My back will probably give out on me if I have to do the wheelchair thing for two kids, but we can cross that bridge when we come to it.

I tried to tell the doctor I didn’t want the test, but he said we could talk about it next time.

I told my husband I didn’t want it, but he thinks it might be a good idea in case we have to make special preparations.

And so I sit undecided. I had the triple screen done for Charlie knowing that children with Spina Bifida do better when delivered by c-section. In the end, I brought home a damaged little boy that no test could have predicted. Would it have been good to know in advance? I don’t know. Maybe.

I’ve got a couple weeks to decide, but would love to know how you guys looks at a test like this–helpful or not?

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