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One Joyful Thing

When I was supposed to be at Blissdom, but wasn’t because my little darling was feeling poorly, I kept the Twitter stream open so I could see all the things I was missing. One thing that grabbed me was that someone posted you should be able to sum up your blog in three words.  Ever the multi-tasker, I thought about my words as I packed for my trip and came up with: educated, empowered, joyful. That’s what this site is about for me–getting educated by sharing our stories, using that information to help our children, and remembering that a different life can still be joyful.

I think I’ve been doing a good job on the first two, but I’m slacking a bit in the joy department. I think it’s easy to do when it’s cold outside and inside you’ve got hormones raging.

But no more excuses! Joyful coming right up. I’m aiming to do one of these a week, but we’ll see how we do.  Just a quick picture that makes me happy and a few words about something good that has happened in the last week.

boy and dad laughing

This week the district nurse came by to check on Charlie. She is extremely thorough and nothing–I mean nothing–escapes her scrutiny. When she checked in with me, she was extremely pleased with how well he is doing. She complimented his trunk and head strength. She noticed his improved eye contact. It was lovely to hear how much he’s improved. I know that he has, but it’s even better when somebody else points it out.

Anything good happen to you this week?

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