My Uterus Has Eaten My Brain

Mother nature has a way of making you forget what you were like when you were pregnant. But here I am again and I realize that this is exactly what I was like the last time.

You see, my uterus has eaten my brain. Day in and day out I’m consumed with baby stuff.

First, there’s the worry factors–are there really two babies in there? At what point should I start purchasing stuff like I’m having two babies? Twenty weeks? Twenty-four? Have I taken my vitamins today? Have I had enough protein? Am I gaining enough weight? What’s that feeling in my stomach? Is it normal?

There’s also the medical-related thoughts–what size our my babies today? What size will they be next week? Can I find a developmental picture of this week? Next? What about other women pregnant at this same time? Is the size of my stomach normal?

And then there’s the more abstract wonderings–about mini vans, sleeping arrangements, and dressing twins in matching clothes. I’ll cruise websites wondering if you can get the same outfit, but in different colors? And what about activities? What do people DO with regular children? How do you know what activities to put them in? Charlie had therpy–that was his activity.

And so on and so on.

It’s a wonder I get anything done around here.

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  1. All that thinking could make a person crazy! I have no doubt that it is hard to turn off the brain and just be. There is so much to think about! I felt like I was completely stupid when I was pregnant. Did dumb things ALL.THE.TIME! It was very frustrating. I had to laugh at your question about activities. I wonder the same thing all the time. If I had a typical child what would we do with ourselves? I have no doubt you will figure that out as you go along. One step at a time…

  2. I love it. :) Things will work out perfectly and when you need to know something, you’ll know it. When your babies are big enough for activities they’ll tell you what they want to do! :)

    • That’s what I’m telling myself–they’ll show an interest in something. I do want to do swimming when they’re young–because I think it’s a safety issues–but other than that, I figure we’ll work it up.

  3. I think that after 3 kids that stupid feeling you get when you’re pregnant NEVER GOES AWAY. I heard somewhere that anything after 2 kids is just survival mode. I can’t even think straight 95% of the time. And if it’s not the 2 year old making me crazy and keeping me up at night, then it’s the teenager. I love being their mom–wouldn’t change it for the world–but I’m telling you, once they’ve grown up, the coffee and prozac industries will lose money bigtime.

  4. There is a thing that I heard about called “pregnancy brain” or “placenta brain” I forget which. Something like there’s there same amount of blood in your body but when you’re pregnant it has to circulate through more places so your brain doesn’t get blood at the same rate, so your thinking changes. Sounds weird, but as far as I can tell it’s true.

  5. I’d like to tell you much I pink puffy heart my Toyota minivan. Side curtain airbags. You could have three car seats across the center row – not doable in every vehicle, then the stow and go in the back makes space for a wheelchair (way spacious for a wheelchair and one extra seat for a friend or really big pinic lunches and the possibilities are endless.I have the non AWD and the package that only opens one door automatically but given how full your hands will be, consider the version with two automatic doors You really won’t be sorry. UUUUUmmmmmmm, minivan!! SO sexy.

  6. I don’t have twins but my favorite consignment sales were sponsored by the moms of multiples — lots of the same outfits in different colors — important because with one of my kids, once an outfit was approved, it needed to worn constantly (color didn’t matter) so having a few of essentially the same thing was good.

    • There’s supposed to be a good MOMs sale coming up this spring–I hope it’s after I find out if I’m having a boy or a girl.

  7. Oh boy, just STAY AWAY FROM LIFETIME. We’ve never watched much TV, but when I was pregnant, I’d go nuts just watching a commercial on Lifetime. Sobbing, for like 30 minutes. It was probably a car insurance commercial or something, involving a family, blah blah blah. Jason just looked at me and said


    Indulge in the internet “window” shopping of cute outfits and minivans–as long as it keeps you happy! Stay away from pregnancy tear-jerkers if you can!

    • HAHAHA! I cried at a battery commercial when I was pregnant with Charlie–I’m actually a lot more balanced for this pregnancy. Yes, window shopping for clothes is fun–I rarely get to do actual shopping.

  8. Ah yes, good old preggo brain. I had it all three times. Maybe you’re getting a double “dose” since there ARE tow in there?!?! ;-P And my brain has been somewhere else since I got back on Friday night and I don’t even have your awesome excuse!!

  9. Heather Tanner says:

    I read somewhere that a woman actually loses brain cells during pregnancy. I’m not sure if we ever get them back either. After four kids, maybe that explains why I can’t find my $$$$tickets to a concert in April. I have three months to regenerate those cells and remember where I put them. When I’m pregnant, forget anything that might be dubbed literature. I can’t read anything more complex than a Twilight-type novel. Sigh, what a waste of four months bed rest.

    By the time I’m done with therapies and doctor appointments, I don’t have the desire to shuttle one more place. My kiddos are still fairly young (7,5,3, almost 1) and it’s not essential that they do everything. We swim and man, getting everyone changed and showered is nutty. But for the most part, my kids play, play, play. I rarely do “play dates” because the kids have each other. For you, twins are built-in entertainment.

    As for twinner stuff, the mini-van is a must. There really isn’t anything more functional and comfortable on the market. We have a Toyota Sienna and love it. It’s also paid for after 3 years. We have a modest income, bought it used, and made due without the bells and whistles. Automatic doors are standard now ( I never thought automatic doors would be sooo awesome) and after-factory installation of a DVD player is much cheaper, so you’re really not missing out on much. I imagine that AWD which is pricier isn’t all that necessary in your climate. Anyway, start now keeping your eyes out for good deals so you don’t end up paying more because you’re juggling three kids, three car seats, no time, no hands and totally desperate.

    Good luck. I watched one of my best friends go through a twin pregnancy and she’s now deep into the terrible two’s. Wow, you just really have to learn to roll with it. I kinda cringe and chuckle at the same time when I think her and now you. What an adventure!

  10. Oh I remember all those concerns … I scoured every baby site and twin site I could find and I tried to get as many ultrasounds that I could get away with…. my doctor the old grump refused me to many times and of course the hubbie sided with him :S LOL
    I waited till about 8 mths before I started purchasing stuff because I wanted to know what they were going to be and plus of the in case factor. Oh I researched everything thoroughly until then. LOL
    I never fretted about the activities and you being a teacher have it easy you can do it all yourself and you have some of the best ones chronicled on your site already. It is true that after awhile they will entertain each other and the benefit they should entertain Charley too! Woohoo

  11. “Am I gaining enough weight?”

    I can honestly say that is NEVER a question I’ve had to wonder…..ha!”