A Touch of Drama

Well! I am certainly feeling like a drama queen.

First there’s my big news, and then on Saturday, after a night of dancing at a good friend’s wedding, I found myself feeling. . odd. Heavy. Well, my stomach felt heavy.

I kind of flopped around the house and still felt strange on Sunday. I try not to consult Dr. Google too much due to the extreme scariness factor, but pretty much everything I read on Teh Internet said stuff about “incompetent cervix” and “miscarriage” and Other Scary Things.

While I don’t think I’m immune from potential issues, I was feeling pretty good about my cervix. I mean, when I was 37 weeks with Charlie’s ginormous self (7lbs. 14 oz), the doctor said I was locked up like a drum. And then he was delivered via emergency c-section so previous damage is unlikely.

But STILL. There were many dire warnings, so I decided to call and have a chat with someone. I figured a nurse would tell me I was neurotic and send me on my way.

But no.

Apparently you only talk to doctors in this office, which is good, but I’m not used to it. I explained the sitch to the on-call doc and he said: bedrest until you can get an appointment tomorrow.

Ummm. . . what?!?

So I laid on the couch like a fair maiden or something for the remainder of Sunday. It was fine. I spent a lot of time checking my Twitter, hanging out, I finished a freelance piece that was due.ย  I felt pretty good, really, since in general this pregnancy has been running me ragged and lying on the couch is basically the epitome of lazy. I did fold some clothes, but that was about it.

For the record, if you’re going to have a child and be on bedrest, there’s probably no better child than a disabled one. While I couldn’t pick Charlie up, he was THRILLED to have mommy hanging out with him all afternoon. Right there. All day. He’d glance up every now and then and just give me a smile. *heart melt*

So I hit the doctor today really not knowing what to expect. Would it be nothing? Or would it be some sort of Very Bad Situation? I braced myself.

After some serious prodding (we’re still early here) the nurse was able to discern two heartbeats–both seemed to be beating steadily.

The doctor came in, asked some questions, and then did an exam. He pronounced my cervix to be hanging low–most-likely due to a previous pregnancy. He also suggested that I refrain from dancing the night away unless I want to loosen things up even more.

Good news: this should have absolutely no effect on the pregnancy as it is still closed up tight like it’s supposed to be.

Bad News: Doctor said I should expect to get more and more uncomfortable as the pregnancy progresses! Whee!

So, to recap: two heartbeats, and a fully-functional, but saggy cervix. I’ll take it.

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  1. Ruth Evans says:

    Even though its no fun to worry, it sure is nice to hear two heartbeats. I am sure you will get lots and lots of sonogram pics too. Take care. Rest. Enjoy.

    • Oh, Ruth! They told me that since I was so early they might HAVE to use an ultrasound machine to see the hearts. So while I was happy to hear them, I would have loved to get another peek at the bebes.

  2. Ok…well, saggy cervix can’t be the worst thing in the world, right? :) Lots of good vibes and positive thoughts to you as this pregnancy continues… Love!

    • I can think of a few other things that could sag that would be Waaaay worse. Luckily, this is only an issue when I’ve got stuff inside of me pressing on the dang thing. Should be fine after birth.

  3. I was laying down last night and saw for the first time a sign of my pregnancy….a big lump the size of a grapefruit positioned on the left side of my belly….like, ON THE LEFT SIDE. Freaking. Out.

    • I try not to look at my belly when I’m lying down–it tends to look totally odd and weird–especially now that it’s been all stretched out by Mr. Charlie.

  4. I am so very late but no less excited to tell you CONGRATS on your babies! I couldn’t be any happier for you. I wish you a long, boring, and uneventful 9 months! Just wait till the saggy bladder kicks in…that really rocks.

  5. AmieSaint says:

    Glad everything is okay. I’ve already named your babies so we can’t have any issues. Just can’t happen.

  6. Whew! Glad it is good news. And really, I know I always hear a lot of women (mainly on facebook) complaining about bedrest and how awful it is… I must be lazier then them or something because by the time I was in that situation, I was so tired that I kind of didn’t mind. Sure, the house was a complete disaster, we didn’t eat home-cooked food for weeks, and it screwed up our schedule and made it stressful when I did have to actually do something (like take Sophie to therapy), but seriously? An excuse to lie down when I was already exhausted wasn’t so bad. And Sophie was thrilled to get to lie in bed with me and watch movies all day. But I wasn’t on strict bedrest, so I know that is different. Oh, and I constantly felt like a drama queen during my second pregnancy, but better safe than sorry!

    • Yes, Paulette. 24 hours of rest was probably just what I needed after the craziness of the holidays and now that I’m “out of the closet” I feel less stress to act/be perfect and attend as many events as possible.

  7. so glad it was only a touch.

  8. Whew! Glad all’s okay.

    I’m sorry to be the butthole that pipes up with this one, but you need to get Charlie independently mobile. Now. You’ve got a good… ooo, 28 weeks? Ish? Before you’re gonna have one Mr. Charlie AND Sproglets A and B to cart around, as it is you’ll be a master of the pull-one-push-one shuffle in no time at all but honestly, it’s not a fun or easy way to get about with a legion of tiny children, especially when the less-tiny of the gang has been used to having freedom of movement through your being available to help him get around.

    You know what I’m gonna say, right? Yep, thought so. Shall we say it together, then?

    Right, on three.

    1, 2, 2-and-a-half…

    Iiiiiit’s Powerchair Time!

    Sorry. You have plenty on your plate right now. I prob’ly should have just kept it buttoned. Oops. Er, sorry. Again. Hmm.

    If you ever want some help, don’t hesitate to just say so – you’re followed by such a rich diversity of people, parents of kids with similar and not-so-similar impairments to Charlie, parents of non-disabled kids, disabled adults who experience a range of impairments in common with your little dude (that’d be me, then), educators, benign lurkers… if you need owt, say so, really. One of us lot might just be able to take care of it.


    • I was going to try to look at power chairs this Spring, but now I’m not so sure that I’ll be able to. I haven’t crossed it off the list completely, though. I guess I need to look at my schedule and see what’s workable. Charlie isn’t completely immobile, though. When we’re at home, he gets around pretty good on his belly.

      • that’s what i was thinking, too, katy. not to mention the fact(s) that he can 1) sit independently, 2) entertain himself for stretches, and 3) eat and drink independently (at least enough to put SOMETHING in his belly when you are busying with other “stuff,” read: babies) CANNOT be underestimated. these things are HUGE and will go a long way to save your sanity, at least i tell myself that these are the “the big three” that would/would have made my life a lot easier when other things get in the way of my total care of Fletch.

  9. Glad everything is ok! My former college roomie (and theta sister) had twins a little over a year ago and I remember that in her pregnancy, everything was kind of exaggerated, if that makes sense. She said that her hubby accused her of “eating like a starving horse” and she was showing really really early. And not to scare you, but her 3rd trimester was pretty crappy. If you’re interested, here’s her blog- if you read stuff between Oct. and March 2009, that covers her pregnancy.


    • Thanks, Shelly. I will definitely check it out. I’ve got a twin book and it says you’re supposed to eat like a starving horse, which is tough because the bebes are crowding my stomach! I’m trying, though! Fatness early on means healthier babies later. Three cheers for ice cream.

  10. TWO heartbeats??? OMG!!!! I guess I missed you were preggo with twins. CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. I’ve never been pregnant, but when someone tells me that they’re pregnant with twins that pretty much SCREAMS uncomfortable to me. :)

  12. I’m so glad everything is okay! And to think, of all the things I’ve been warned are going to sag I never even gave a thought to my cervix!

  13. Katy, congrats on the twins!! I too have twins and a child with CP, oh, and a 5 year old!! Get some rest when you can and best wishes for you and your family!! I love reading your blog!

  14. It never hurts to be cautious. So happy (and a tad jealous) for you and your growing family. Charlie is going to be a fantastic big brother!

    • Don’t be jealous! I am going to have my hands full!!! And I plan on being super-cautious this pregnancy. Better safe than sorry.

  15. I second the “eating like a horse” comment. I have never been so continuously hungry in my life, as I was during the first trimester with my twins. I gained about 42 lbs and they were big babies (5-14 and 6-9) so it works! Eat with no guilt!!

    • I was having trouble at first, but the book I got about being pregnant with multiples says to EAT! so I’m upping my intake. It’s getting easiest and yes, it is supposed to help you have good sized babies.

  16. I’m a little late on this big news! Congratulations! Twins, wow! So glad to hear that all went well with the doctor appointment.

  17. So glad everything turned out OK. Amazing what pregnancy can do to your body, isn’t it? I don’t remember reading about a sagging cervix in What to Expect When you are Expecting! haha I guess there are some things they just don’t want you to know ahead of time!

  18. Been out of town, busy, but back to the usual routine and so glad to check in on my Bird and read the GREAT news. Katy, this is awesome and as some commenter just said, I too hope for a boring, uneventful pregnancy… no more drama!! Hugs (x2)!!

  19. I’m amazed they even bothered with the doppler on you. Maybe it’s because I only saw a specialist, but I had an ultrasound at every single appointment, until 34 weeks, when I wasn’t due for a growth scan, and they’d stopped doing cervical length checks. That was the only time they used the doppler for me. Sadly, the ultrasound pictures are the only ones of my twins that I have printed. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    So glad things are looking good for you so far. Lots of water, lots of protein (I ate a ton of hummus in the first tri) and rest as much as possible. I took Dr. Luke’s advice of “Don’t stand when you can sit” to heart and I think it helped take pressure off of things.

    • I would love to get an ultrasound every single time–I’m hoping I’ll get one next time. I love ultrasounds–they make me feel so much better about things.

  20. Stay dull for now. Stay. Dull.

  21. Welcome to your second pregnancy, carrying twins no less! I don’t know if I’ll be able to comment on any of your posts anymore without just absolutely gushing. You could write about Afghanistan and I’ll be all like, “Twins! Squeal!”

    • You’re so funny. I can’t imagine how much you’ll love it when we’re talking about names.

  22. Gravity is so powerful.

  23. I”m so relieved everything is okay!!!! Whew. You had me worried for a minute there. I can’t believe you were dancing your bootie off like that. Gonna have to make you behave at Blissdom!


  24. I’m just catching up. Congratulations on the new pregnancy. Try to embrace the surrender you mentioned in your earlier post. That’s pretty much my motto these days. This is where we are right now. It’s not forever. It’s right now.

    Charlie is a very very handsome young man. You are a lucky mama!

  25. Glad to hear everything is fine. Now take it easy Momma! :)

  26. OH, KATY! Congratulations! I was wondering the other day when you would have another baby. And now TWINS! Holy cow!….I can’t help but feel a wee bit weird speculating about another person’s family planning especially when I only know of you through the internet. Ah, blogging, isn’t it wonderful. But anyway, AWESOME. Joy and more joy to your wonderful family.

  27. Glad to read all is well. Love, love, love the two heartbeats! Take it easy and if the only thing you get saggy out of your pregnancies is a cervix, then you will have to revise your list of things to hate you for.

    • Yes, Kim, as far as things go, a saggy cervix is pretty easy to handle. I do suspect that my midsection will never recover after two bundles of joy, though.