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My Uterus Has Eaten My Brain

Mother nature has a way of making you forget what you were like when you were pregnant. But here I am again and I realize that this is exactly what I was like the last time.

You see, my uterus has eaten my brain. Day in and day out I’m consumed with baby stuff.

First, there’s the worry factors–are there really two babies in there? At what point should I start purchasing stuff like I’m having two babies? Twenty weeks? Twenty-four? Have I taken my vitamins today? Have I had enough protein? Am I gaining enough weight? What’s that feeling in my stomach? Is it normal?

There’s also the medical-related thoughts–what size our my babies today? What size will they be next week? Can I find a developmental picture of this week? Next? What about other women pregnant at this same time? Is the size of my stomach normal?

And then there’s the more abstract wonderings–about mini vans, sleeping arrangements, and dressing twins in matching clothes. I’ll cruise websites wondering if you can get the same outfit, but in different colors? And what about activities? What do people DO with regular children? How do you know what activities to put them in? Charlie had therpy–that was his activity.

And so on and so on.

It’s a wonder I get anything done around here.

Bissdom 2011 Recap

Howdy! I’ve returned from Blissdom and every member of my household has a head cold. Luckily, we know how to treat a head cold, so we’re trudging through with plenty of Eucalyptus oil, Tylenol, and tissue. I’m tapping this out on Charlie’s iPad while. I lie on the sofa and blow my nose every five minutes.

I’ll recap in bullets because nobody needs to read an essay on what I did, wore, and saw over the course of two and a half days.

-Ellen of Love That Max spoke and made everyone cry. Sadly I missed it, but that’s because I was next door tying to figure out how to put the finishing touches on a project that I hope you guys will LOVE.

-Lovely ladies I met last year were there again–Allie from No Time for Flashcards and Kim from Mom Tried It. Both had their daughters with them and I got to practice holding a baby again, which I’ve pretty much forgotten how to do.

-I loved getting to stay up late chatting and laughing with my roommates: Elaine from Miss Elaine-ous Life and Erin from

-I left my laptop cord in the hotel, which is making me supremely twitchy, but they’re shipping it to me on Monday. Hopefully I can wait that long.

-At the airports I refused to go through the metal detector or the back scatter machines. I did this because I’m pregnant, and I consider these unknowns. I have done this many times with Charlie with no problems. This time, however, you would not believe how upset people got with me. As if I’m the only person to ever refuse. They would tell me it couldn’t be done, argue that it was perfectly safe, and then tell me threateningly that I would have to have a “full pat.” For the curious, the full pat really didn’t bother me. We all have different comfort levels, but for me, it was fine.

That’s it for now. I must take my stuffy head to bed and get some sleep.

Like the Bachelor But Less Glamorous

Saturday, Charlie was cranky.

Sunday, he screamed and fussed for hours. After giving him practically every medicine we had available to use, he continued to scream. I called the neurosurgeon, discussed the situation, and he thought it would be a good idea if he came in and had his shunt checked. Have a kid with a shunt is like living your life on an abandoned mine field. You get comfortable, you might even forget that the issue exists, and the BAM! there it is–the possibility of brain surgery.

CT revealed a shunt that’s working better than ever (his ventricles keep getting smaller–I have no idea what this means),  and nothing obviously wrong with his ears or throat. We were advised to see our pediatrician if he continued to feel poorly.

This is the point where I start to get whiny about having a kid with special needs. I mean, if only the kid could talk. I’m stuck watching his every gesture trying to figure out if it’s a “clue” to his illness or an itch. We basically run an elimination game and wait to see who’s standing at the end. Will tonight’s winner be shunt failure? or will it be a viral infection of the mouth? Stay tuned to find out tonight on Illness.

Monday he seemed a *little better* and then suddenly in the afternoon, he crashed completely: shivering, feverish, crying, desperately tired, but unable to sleep. It was a bad evening.

We got in with the nurse practioner the next morning. Apparently, the whole city is sick and the place was booked solid. Never fear, mommy will get you in! We swabbed his nose and mouth, checked his ears, took a rectal temp, and cathaterized him for a urine sample. Seriously, if the kid had an opening, we checked it.

No strep. No flu. No ear infection. Actually, no clue what the problem is. He continues to run a high fever, but with no cause in sight.

I should have hopped on a plane tonight to head to Blissdom in Nashville. There are a ton of awesome people there, and I SO looked forward to seeing them again. And learning some new things. I could leave tomorrow afternoon, but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to do it if he’s still sick and we don’t know what the problem is. Love my Internet ladies, but my boy comes first.

Fingers crossed he’s feeling better tomorrow!

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