Crazy Things

Last week I headed across town to Barnes and Noble to pick up a Christmas gift for my mom. When I arrived, I discovered that somehow I’d manage to get there without the wheelchair or the two strollers that I often use with Charlie. No biggie, I figured, I knew what I wanted and could just hold him on my hip, run in, get what I needed and then run out.

As soon as I got into the store, things got dicey.

As if from nowhere, I realized I had to go to the bathroom RIGHT NOW. I’m sure it had nothing to do with the massive diet coke I’d gotten at Chick fil a. Nothing.

boy in a tiger hat

So I’ve got Charlie on my hip and I’m looking desperately around the store for the bathroom. I find it, head in, and that’s when I realize I have a whole different dilemma.

In many bathrooms there’s a changing station inside one of the stalls. If I really have to go to the bathroom, I can strap Charlie to the station and then do what I have to do. In this bathroom, no such luck–the changing station was outside the stalls.

In most situations, I’d just put things off, but I was in dire straights here. There’s no way I could make it home–my bladder was pretty insistent on that point. I was going to have to get creative.

Clearly, I wasn’t going to put Charlie on the floor of a public restroom (although apparently they do make mats for that situation), so I did the only thing I could think of:

I wiggled out of my clothes with one hand, sat on the toilet, and then sat Charlie in my lap while I *ahem* used the facilities. Worked like a charm, really.

So, sometimes you have to resort to some pretty crazy stuff while on this adventure called parenting. What about you guys? What’s the craziest thing you’ve done with or because of your kids?

boy in tiger hat looking sideways

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  1. Awesome blog and good solution! Any suggestions for when you’re out walking the dog? 😉

  2. A mom has to do what a mom has to do, and you mom did it really creatively!

  3. been there, done that. :)

  4. Nora@Whitehotmagik says:

    Been there too. : ) Crazy how the simplest of things get complicated after you become a mommy.

  5. Thank goodness you didn’t need a number 2! That could have been messy.

  6. That’s crazy? I don’t think there’s been a day since my kids have been born that I haven’t peed at least once with someone on my lap. And in public restrooms? It’s a must, because otherwise Merrick will surely touch something disgusting.

  7. I had to handle what I call “visitation marathon” every week for the first 4 months of my younger son’s life, starting when he was one week old. This required me to transport two children into NYC. Because of the logistics of public transportation, frequent elevator outages, etc. I found it easiest to wear my younger son in a sling and have my older son (who was 3.5) walk.

    I had all the changing table locations memorized, brought a change of clothes for me and each of my sons.. It all went pretty damned well. Except for when my son was two or three weeks old. He managed to poop through his clothes and my clothes, and the “changing table” locations were not available. So I had to take both kids into the bathroom, have my son stand “back to the wall” and talk to him while I sat down on the toilet, changed my baby’s clothes, stuffed them in the wet bag, took my shirt off while holding him on my hip, put a new shirt on with only one hand, put him back in the sling, then changed my pants with the baby in the sling. All the while trying to come up with fun ways to keep my older son standing back to the wall so that he wouldn’t explore the toilet or the sanitary napkin disposal bucket. :p

    Took about 15 minutes.

    I am a pro. :p

  8. I’ve totally done that before too. You are not alone, my friend.

  9. I am pretty sure I will resort to doing all my shopping at Ikea from now on. They sell food there, so I am good, right? They have wonderful chairs on the back of the bathroom doors so your child can sit and face you while you do your business. Strapped in with a 5 point harness and it can honestly be some good face to face time.
    Zellers has adopted these in their change rooms and I am truly grateful.

  10. I have had an emergency bathroom visit with the baby facing out with a baby carrier. Lets just say he was big enough that his legs had to be properly positionned during this event. Those darn carriers put a lot of the weight on your bladder when you have a toddler in there!

    The back up plan for emergencies (never had to do it yet, but you never know) is taking the paper to dry the hands and placing a whole layer or two on the floor and placing the kiddo on it. we’re talking extreme urgency, but when you’re a one woman show…

    Or place him in a shopping cart (not the seatbpart because of hypotonia) and bring in the cart to the larger accessible washroom.

  11. I’ve actually done that exact same thing in the past….

  12. They have this in the handicap stall at Mall of Louisiana food court. I’ve never had to use it, but have thought to myself “Why didn’t I have one of those 7 months ago when I really needed one?”

  13. I have done the same thing. I’ve also done the same thing only with both my kids at the same time– 2-yr old–trying to bark at her to keep her away from the sanitary napkin dispenser or the window, or in my case, crawling under the stall to the OCCUPIED one next door. I think those moms thought I was crazy, with all my barking at the kids…after all of that (and balancing one while hand washing the other) I thought my arms were going to fall off!

  14. Can Charlie stand with his hand(s) on the wall for a short time – with your wall-side-knee behind him for support? A child who can stand momentarily might be able to do this also – a worthy reason to support a standing program.

  15. I had the same problems when mine where younger – I would take the shopping cart into the handicap stall – could not tell you how many times I was told I could not take the cart in – I just ignored them!!! When I have to go – I HAVE TO GO!!!

  16. I did this exact thing with my 2 yo girl in an AIRPLANE bathroom. And then I had to change her blowout. You know, airplane bathroom changing tables are not really designed for 25 pounds 2 year old who have no head control. Fun times. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

  17. It’s so comforting to know I am not the only one going to the loo with my child strapped to my chest in the baby carrier!

  18. Yes, definitely done this same thing – I recently drove to IA with my then-2-year-old boy and my 8-month-old baby girl, and when we made potty stops, I wore her in the stretchy wrap on my front and used the bathroom with her in the wrap – I’ve also used the bathroom with her in a backpack and many times when I worked in the camp kitchen & wore my son on my back! :)

  19. TMI warning….I’ve posted about it on my blog, too, though—

    I have had to change a tampon w/ both girls in a very small stall w/ me…for the same kinds of reasons. no way could I have given them the run of the bathroom floor/stalls/ICK. This was only about a year or a year and a half ago, I guess…but if I’d let them out, they’d have been touching everything and licking hte floors/counters in no time flat. So instead I had to be very fast and very discreet. ‘Twas not easy.
    Must be so easy to be a man and not have to deal with that, and to just be able to whip it on out.

  20. sometimes you got to do what you have to do… had similar situation with one of my girls LOL