Christmas Recap

Big events like Christmas give me a chance to reflect. A chance to see how far Charlie has come in terms of development and probably a little bit about how far I’ve come in acceptance.

I dubbed Charlie’s first Christmas, seizure Christmas. He’d started having what I knew were seizures a few days before and with the holidays, there was nothing I could do but sit and wait for an appointment. I remember sitting at Christmas dinner, holding Charlie as he had a seizure while my sister-in-law comment on how active he was. It was horrible.

Needless to say, my six-month-old child didn’t really have the energy or will to do anything that Christmas.

Christmas number two, he was oblivious. Wanted nothing to do with new toys or presents. Nothing. Familiar was the only way to go.

Mischevious smile

Last Christmas and this one, I’ve seen a change and I just love it. He sees the presents and wants them. This year he very determinedly put each package in his mouth. He got mad when it took a long time to get the toy out of the package. He picked up new toys and started playing with them immediately. He chewed delightedly on the box of a new video.

He does still hate to tear wrapping paper–once you start that, he pulls his hand away in disgust.

Still, normalcy is nice. A happy child is nice. We can work on the wrapping paper.

How was your holiday?

Boy smiling

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  1. Beautiful pictures of Charlie. I am glad you had a better Christmas!

  2. Charlie looks so handsome! I got to chill for most of Christmas, best gift to myself ever.

  3. We can’t do wrapping paper either, but that’s what gift bags are for! O got a new handmade minky blanket (mommy knocked it out of the park this year) and I made the mistake of giving him that gift first. Christmas morning over. Napped all day. Happy as could be. His sister ended up opening most of his gifts as we wouldn’t put the blankie down. Heck, at least I know he loves it.

  4. Progress Is great! Love to hear it. Charlie is such a cutie.
    May 2011 bring continued progress for Charlie!

  5. Hi Katie yes progress is great I still remember Annabelles first Christmas we had just come from being in the hospital for 7 days after having every test imaginable done on her because the doctors couldn’t figure out why the fever of over 104 wouldn’t come down eventually they figured it was a UTI and kidney infection.This year has been so much better no trips to hospitals only a small cold that lasted a couple of days Result!

  6. Awww, he’s so darling! We spent our first Christmas Eve, when Stephen was 10 days old, in the hospital, because he had aspirated on reflux. Good times. This year, he was interested in some things, and not in some others, and also hates to tear wrapping paper. Bags were good this year.

  7. Love it! Sounds like Charlie had a great christmas!

  8. Well…there’s always next year to look forward to. Just gonna try and stay focused on that. :)

  9. I lov e it. It’s really amazing and wonderful to be able to see how far Charlie’s come. Our Christmas was wonderful. Hard to believe that this time next year I’ll be married and living in our own beautiful house!

  10. LOVE this. I was just thinking the same thing, this time of year also makes me reflect on Max’s progress. He is also more engaged, more understanding of the whole idea of getting presents (which is a mixed bag!), more generally excited.

    • I do think things like holidays becomes times for review. And presents, well, I’ll be excited and sad when the day comes that Charlie wakes me up because presents are waiting.

  11. He is precious, Katy. I feel honored that I got to meet you both. Love watching you on this journey with him. You inspire me to be a better mom.