Um, What?

The other day we were waiting at the post office. I live on the edge of civilization and so there a lot of people who use P.O. Boxes in the area. On this particular day, I was waiting about five years while a woman was trying to get something settled with her box and the one and only employee kept heading into the back to check on things.

Meanwhile, Charlie is doing his thing where he “talks”–lots of screeching/growling.  I’m talking back–trying to keep him calm because waiting in lines is not high on his list of awesome activities.

The woman in front of me asked me how old he was and I told her, “he’s three, but he has special needs, so he can’t really talk yet.”

And you know what she said?

She’s said, “well, what’s his super-power?”

My response was somewhere in the neighborhood of “whaaaaa????” and then she explained, “you know, when one sense doesn’t work, another one works really well.”

I wasn’t sure how to answer that, so I said something non-committal and then thankfully it was her turn in line.

But really? What was that? I don’t even think talking is a sense. And while I don’t think it bears explanation, special needs does not equal “super power.” Unless we’re talking super-cute because I think Charlie’s got that one in the bag.

I could easily make this post all about people who say crazy stuff about children with disabilities, but why discriminate? There’s plenty of crazy to go around.

When I was in Vegas for Blog World Expo, I took a taxi to the air port. At this point, Vegas had started to work her magic on me. By magic, I mean dehydration. So I was a little spacey. I got into the cab and the driver asked me if I’d enjoyed my stay. I told him it was nice, but that Vegas wasn’t really my style. I told him, “I’m from New Orleans–there are lots of bars and entertainment there, but it’s a little more organic.” (organic is code for old and dirty)

To which he replied, “Yeah, but it’s not safe. Here, a woman can dress like a pr0stitute and never worry about being kidnapped.”

Again, whaaaaa??????I mean, are women everywhere sticking their hootchie clothes in the back of the closet for fear of kidnapping? Is that really an endorsement of Las Vegas? I’m not sure.

I stopped talking after that. I mean, Miss Manners has yet to cover the appropriate response to a statement like that and I wasn’t about to attempt one. There’s really no good place to go after h00kers and kidnapping, know what I mean?

So, what’s the weirdest thing someone has said to you lately?boy smiles

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  1. Maybe I shouldn’t come home for Christmas after all?!?!!? Whaaaaaaaaaa, indeed!
    I wonder if these people are playing w/ a full deck.

  2. I have two different colored eyes {one brown & one blue}. Someone recently told me that if they ever found a dog that had similar eyes {one brown & one blue}, they were gpoing to buy it because it was “PRECIOUS”.

    Whatever. I was lot the minute they opened their mouth.

  3. ‘Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.”

    Abraham Lincoln

  4. Sounds like someone had been watching too much Rainman.

    Yeah, I’m usually the person that says something crazy…and I know it immediately after it comes out of my mouth. So does it count as crazy if I admit to it?

    I think the best strategy is like you said…just stop talking. Chances are that if that person didn’t already feel stupid, your silence will clue them in.

  5. i got one. it also has to deal with special needs so do i get a bonus point?

    i said that i had 4 children, one has Autism and the others are typically developing (it was in the context of the disussion) and the person said “oh, does that one have a different father?


  6. My husband says you should have told the woman at the post office that Charlie “has an uncanny ability to detect annoying people before they even say anything”. :)

  7. That was definately a Whaaaa? moment and I’m going to produce one of my own. I *might* have an explanation- she might be a follower of Ellen’s blog (to the max? love that max?) She posted a few weeks ago about his “special power”, his totally awesome memory. Maybe she thought all sn kids have a super power?

  8. This didn’t happen to me, but to the girl that I work one-on-one with with a type of muscular dystrophy. She told me that her uncle once drove full speed in his car towards her thinking that he could scare her disability out of her because he believed that disabilities were just a state of mind. Ohhhhhh boy!

  9. weirdest thing… “Hey, Babe You could bake some cookies.”

    I know!! Right?

    what is he thinking???

  10. Weirdest thing in the last six months is for sure THIS conversation:

    Cab Driver: What’s your name, doll? (picture the inappropriate, creepy tome)

    Me: Danielle.

    Cab Driver: There’s used to be a girl in my building who’s name was Danielle. She lived upstairs.

    Me: Uh huh.

    CD: She was real pretty. Tall with long dark hair.

    Me: That’s nice. (I think about my blonde, short body)).

    CD: Yeah, but she stabbed her boyfriend, then she moved out.

    Me: Did she go the jail?

    CD: I don’t know. Now she’s back with him.

    I whip out my blackberry and write a FB status update to the effect hat cab drivers are CRAZY. We drive the rest of the way in silence.

  11. Edits: *tone, go TO jail, There’s used is NOT a typo.

  12. This *may* be the origin of that woman’s Super powers comment:

    • Love Ellen’s blog and live that she descibes Max as having special powers. This woman *may* also be a fan, but it’s still kind of an odd thing to ask.

  13. Mom in Maryland says:

    I think that woman’s response was pretty cool and it sounds like she was asking about what his strengths are, rather than focusing on what Charlie can’t do. She could have given you the sympathy or pity look, but instead it sounds like she was trying to turn it into something positive. But I wasn’t there, so maybe it was the way she said it?

    • Completely agree that interest is much the preferred response to some of the other ones. I just thought it was a crazy question–well intentioned, yes–just a little different than what I’m used to.

      • Mom in Maryland says:

        I think she must be a reader of Love that Max – there’s no other explanation, unless maybe she herself has “super powers” : )

  14. I kinda agree with the last comment that she was maybe just trying to start a conversation and ask about some of the strengths and not give usual sympathy talk some folks give.

    Some of these comments are funny. The things people say…

  15. LOL I kind of like the first comment…but I wasn’t on the receiving end of it, The cabby would have totally freaked me out!