Gifts for Teachers and Therapists

If your kid is  like mine, they’ve got a lot of “professionals” in their life. As a baby, Charlie had four therapists that came to the house. Now, his classroom at school has one main teacher and three aides–all of whom could carry the title “substitute mommy.”

A lot of people struggle with good ideas on what you can buy your children’s teacher. You want to show that your appreciative, but man oh man, that Christmas budget is already pretty tight.

Soooo. . . I put together a little video blog about the gifts I made for Charlie’s teachers this year.  My favorite part is that you are completely in control of the amount of money spent–it’s up to you completely and this can be done at almost any price point.

A word about my video blog:

no makeup? check

wild and crazy hair? check

slouching? sadly, check

Charlie making noise in the background? again, check

If you were hoping for a professional video, this isn’t it.

For those of you who can’t/don’t do videos–the concept is simple. Take a cute holiday container and fill it with the sorts of snack that you really wish you had at about three o’clock on a week day. Schools have heaps of legislation that prevent them from offering yummy snacks and even if they do, they’re usually expensive. Fill a container with small sized trail mix, granola bars, etc. and most teachers will be thrilled.

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  1. You are WAY too cute!! Great idea and so appropriate because I’m going nuts thinking about this. I usually make a donation to a special needs organization in their honor, too :)

    • I really like that idea–especially for people like Paulette down there who aren’t allowed to give things to their therapists.

  2. Fantastic idea!!!! I am a daycare supervisor and I get so many mugs, candles, boxes of chocolate every year. That gift would be PERFECT!!!!!!! Totally know what to do next year. THANK YOU!

  3. Great idea! I was thinking of baking cookies or bread for them.

  4. Cool! We haven’t quite decided what we are going to do yet…

  5. Practical…. right up my alley!

  6. Last year I gave my land PTs socks (since they always like my socks, you can go to Delia’s and get cool socks for cheep) and the pool PTs bath and body stuff, because a PT pool leaves you smelling like pool 24/7. I raid bath and body stores in 5 minutes or less. This year I don’t have a clue what I’m getting for people.

    By the way, I like your hair. It’s what mine would look like it I actually blow dried it….I think.

  7. This is a great idea! I will definitely do this! I’m not sure if Sophie’s therapists through the state can accept gifts, but I will try! They aren’t allowed to accept food or drink when they come to the house.

  8. Agreeing with Dani – You are so cute! Feel connected to your no-make-up status. That’s me as well.

    Great ideas, too.

    • Well, when you’re trying to get a video up quick while your kid plays, you don’t have time for make-up–just gotta go!

  9. I love your curls! :) I just wanted to chime in to say that I recently had some thank you gifts to give and I found really adorable cheapo Christmas containers at Rouses. :) And if you want to bake something as a gift- Shortbread is easy easy and keeps forever. I use Michael Ruhlman’s recipe, (subbing cornstarch for rice flour) which you can find here…

  10. Good Job!

  11. Just wanted you to know that I totally stole this idea for Emily’s teachers. I even included a cute little note from Emily that she signed herself (with help, of course). They really seemed to like it!