Vegas, Baby!

So, before I forget that I ever went to Vegas, I’ll tell you guys a little bit about what I did and what I learned.

Vegas is not really my kind of town. I don’t gamble, I don’t like fancy night clubs, I’m not incredibly rich, and I’m too ADD to sit through a flying gymnastics show, so I would never go there unless there was something like the ultimate nerd conference going on there.

limo ride

unflattering close up

I have a fantastic old friend who lives there now and this also provided me with the opportunity to go see her. She’s been begging me for years and the conference provided me with enough push to get me on a plane and headed to the desert. As a reward, she let me stay with her for two nights and treated me to an In and Out Burger. I, in turn, took her to a party given by the people at Klout. If you don’t know what Klout is, you’re just not a big enough dork–Klout is a measure of how influential you are on Twitter. Justin Bieber is the Ultimate Person of Klout with a score of 100. I have a 51 and I’m not gonna lie–I’m pretty proud of that, which is really a sign of how far I’ve sunk. The Klout party was held at the Palms Hotel and they had a stretch SUV shuttling people back and forth to the party. The party itself was in a Penthouse suite that could only be in a place like Vegas–it had clear floors and all the furniture was round. Odd. Vegas.

in and out burger

In and Out Burger, Animal Style

My friend is a pilot for the Air Force, but doesn’t like to tell people about her job, so she just told everyone she was in PR, which worked surprising well–everyone at Blog World seemed to be in PR. In fact, I met about three times as many PR people as bloggers. We picked PR after I told someone that she was a trained assassin, which she found decidedly NOT FUNNY. I might still be giggling.

Klout Limo

Klout Limo

I did meet some bloggers though–there was a nice contingent of Special Mom bloggers there–Janis from Sneak Peek at Me, Catherine who writes Supercat Calhoun, and Sarah who blogs at Planet Josh. Fabulous ladies, all of them. Sarah and I stuck together since we didn’t know a soul and she was even nice to me after I got mad at the night club we were in, so she’s basically won my undying devotion. Sadly, we weren’t in the same hotel, so she wasn’t there when I got lost and missed my hotel–all while never going outside. Vegas is weird, folks. Weird and shiny.


E-Caregivers: Me, Janis, and Catherine

I learned some blogging stuff although I’ve realized that these events are as much about the socializing as the learning. There’s also the going home and turning it all over in your mind–figuring out where you fit into the bigger picture and all. I did have one rather startling moment where a huge, huge blogging expert asked me if I really wanted to blog about my child–while I was standing in front of a room of people.

That was a bit humbling. I did almost cry if I’m being truthful, but afterwards several people approached me and basically said, “rock on” in one way or another. I guess I just have to realize that not everyone is going to *get* what I’m doing here. Some people are going to think it’s weird or maybe inappropriate. I’m just going to keep honoring my inner voice–sharing as much as I’m comfortable with–and hoping that I’m doing well by my family and my child. I’ll probably screw up sometimes, but what parent doesn’t?

Bettie Page

Trying on Dresses at Bettie Page

So that’s it. I’m home and back to being mom. As always, I’ve got a million ideas swimming in my head and now all I need is about a week of no distractions to make them all happen–I’m sure that will be occurring any second now. . . . right.

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  1. I feel the same way after attending bloggy boot camp in Austin last weekend. It made me feel kind of “small” in the grand scheme of things but also inspired me in many ways too!

    Are you going to Mom 2.0 in NOLA? I heard it’s a pretty good conference.

    Love that last shot! :)

    • Elaine-what I always remind myself after these events is that someone else’s goals for their blog aren’t neccessarily the same as my goals for my blog. I blog for community first and foremost. After that, for sanity. Those goals are different then a lot of other people’s. That’s OK–I just have to remind myself of that when I’m up to my ears in monetization and ad talk.

      I will definitely be a Mom 2.0–I’m a huge blog nerd and some really great people are involved with it, so I’ll be there, trying to act cool, and failing miserably I’m sure.

      • I try do the same, on the reminder…. And my goals are VERY similar to yours.

        I would LOVE to go to Mom 2.0, especially since I wouldn’t have to fly but I don’t have a ticket yet and I just saw how much they are and WOAH! I hope you have a fabulous time and report back. And I’m guessing you’re going to play it cool just fine… :-)

  2. So glad you got to go! And I’m so glad you blog about Charlie–I mean, your blog? It was great before Charlie, of course, and I don’t want to hurt your feelings or anything, but Charlie has just upped the awesomeness level of your writing. For sure.

  3. Hey lady!! A big hug and thank you for the shout-out here and I’m sorry you got lost! Can totally see how that would happen though, Vegas IS weird. And shiny. And no worries, you had every right to be mad at the snooty nightclub people.

    Hope all is well now that you’re home :)

    ps. I need somewhere else to wear the shoes, I think I almost have them broken-in! lol

    • The shoes!!! Well, I’m glad they got an outing.

      Yeah, I actually passed my hotel up on all the moving sidewalk-thingys and was headed to Excalibur before I realized it.

  4. I have to admit I love Vegas, and love to play CRAPS. I haven’t been in years. Glad you are having fun.

  5. Sounds like a great time! I am not sure why anyone would question your decision to write about Charlie. They obviously don’t know how awesome he is! I love reading your blog, just the way it is. Your perspective on things is a breath of fresh air for a girl who tends to have a glass is half empty, the sky is falling look at life!

    • Dawn–I might look at the world that way except I’m one of those people who gets caught on a loop and can’t get off. I just have to Soooooo. . . I push myself to look on the bright side.

  6. Hi! OK, that is awesome that you got to go. I would have loved to hang out with you, Janis, Catherine and Sarah, tho I don’t know her. But I could not take another blog conference right now.

    I am sorry that bigshot expert said that to you in front of everyone. It struck a nerve with me. I would be curious to hear the context–was it related to safety?

    You look gorgeous in the photos! And happy. Glad you and your personal publicist had such a wonderful time. :;

    • Ellen-it wasn’t related to safety. Actually, it was more along the lines of “ask yourself if you want to build a business on your child.” Which I get–and I certainly don’t want to build a business on Charlie, per se, but reach out and connect with others in the same situation? Possibly improve some things? Yes, absolutely.

  7. I have flown through Las Vegas. The airport is loud enough for me, not sure that I would like the rest of it. I am pretty low key. I love your photographs. It sounds like a very nice time. Would you do it again?

  8. sharing your story is important. It helps all of us feel less alone knowing there are other parents who “get” what it’s like. And your blog is fabulous, btw.

    The trip looked like a blast! I might have to check out this nerd-conference sometime. 😉

  9. By the way, you are looking HOT, girlfriend.

    I love to read your blog and I hope you don’t change it. We all have different reasons and different rewards from blogging, and they should be respected. My best friend is mad at me because she wants to start a new Twitter account, wants me to follow her so she looks more popular, and I said no. When I started reading blogs I never thought I’d have a child with special needs, I just identified with women, mothers, funny people, mothers of smallish babies, and a few dads. Then child no. 2 came along and I identified with different writers. I get a lot of therapy value from just writing on my blog and reading all of you but I can’t afford another time hole in the form of Twitter. The full time job, two kids, one husband, and 3-4 therapy visits a week are enough, with a little light blogging in the evening. I’m done. I think my friend shouldn’t be mad because I think we should all be allowed to use social media in the way we want, but just like friendship, nothing should be forced. So now let me force you to continue to write about Charlie!

  10. I don’t love Vegas but I don’t hate it either. It’s a fun trip every 5 years or so…..get some good food, take in some sites, do some people watching and maybe see a commedian or something. I’m not much for gambling or “clubbing” either, being the small town girl that I am but it’s kinda fun to get out in the world and see how other people live their lives.

  11. Vegas isn’t my kind of town either. And still not sure a Blogging Conference is for me… even though one is coming to a city near me this Spring…. should I go?? Maybe just to get drunk with some online friends? I don’t know.

    Love seeing pictures of you having some much deserved fun.