You know how some Moms just can’t stop talking about their kids? How cute they are? How smart? How generally fantastic? Yeah, well, today I’m that mom. Go ahead and leave if you can’t take it.

This video was EXTREMELY hard to shoot–you point a camera at Charlie and he starts looking right at it and wondering what you’re up to. So, I held it out to the side and we “talked.” Granted, not real talk, but this is what Charlie is doing a lot of right now and it’s more verbal communication than I’ve ever seen. Yay school!

I guess I should also explain that I ask if he wants me to blow on his toes, which sounds weird, but I do it because it makes him giggle. I’m a sucker for the giggle.

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  1. I love how Charlie interacts with you and makes his feelings known. It is such a joy to see, that even if he doesn’t yet have our words, he can make himself heard. I love how you get it! You reach out to him and engage him on levels that work for both you and him. He is as precious as ever!

    Keep up the videos and pictures! Mark every step of this amazing journey with him. You can look back at them and see how far he has come!

  2. I love it!! And there is nothing wrong with bragging about your kid (especially when he’s as cute as Charlie)! :)

  3. Katy,

    This is wonderful to witness. I’m so glad school is helping him make such progress! He is learning to express himself! And yay for blowing on toes!

    You are such an incredible mom. Really. I don’t know how you do it. You are inspiring.

  4. Love it! Keep it up Charlie!

  5. I’ve said it before, saying it again; I don’t gush about other people’s kids. But DAMN I could eat him up. With a spoon. And some BBQ sauce. Maybe ’cause he reminds me soooo much of Owen at that age. I really want to smoosh him up good.

    And I totally get the blowing on the toes. Also something Owen would have been in to.

  6. OH, he such a little lamb. Yay school indeed!

  7. Katy,

    Yay! School is helping Charlie in so many ways! I can see it in the clip!

    Cj had a huge social problem. He would just cry if there were more than two strangers in the room! Birthdays and holidays were a nightmare! After a few months at school he could tolerate being in a large crowd laughing and expressing himself!

    Charlie reminds me so much of Cj at this age! He looks so cute saying I…and quite proud! I know Mama is! Can’t wait to see what comes after I!

  8. If the sounds of a child giggling could somehow be transformed into a solid, then either crushed into a powder and placed into beverages or pressed into pill form and sold worldwide, I think that all the troubles on this planet would be swept away almost instantaneously.

    EVERYBODY is a sucker for the giggle.

  9. Love it!!!

  10. I can’t believe you had an In-n-Out burger. I’ve been wanting one of those for years. I didn’t know they had a place in Vegas. You ate your’s upside down!