Did You Miss Me?

So, I’ve been in Vegas. I might have forgotten to tell you guys about my upcoming travel plans, but I *gulp* got on a plane and headed off to Sin City to attend the largest blogging conference in the world–Blog World Expo. This thing is big, big, big. There were some Mom bloggers there, but there were also tons of PR people learning about how to use social media better, owners of huge web sites, and company representatives. Honestly, I felt like I met more non-bloggers than bloggers, which was kind of weird at an event called Blog World Expo.

But anyway, I learned some good nuts and bolts stuff about blogging, Facebook pages, writing, organizing your writing–stuff I love. I also learned a lot about why businesses are so interested in social media and why people need to behave ethically when they use it. Here’s a hint: If you suck online, people notice.

Blog conferences can be really tough–there’s a lot of talk about money and monetization. There are people who get a million page views a day and sell really expensive ads. There’s this and that and you can feel really tempted to take your blog in a direction that you never intended it to go.

This time it was easier for me. These days I can say easily and without hesitation–I blog to inspire, I blog because I love writing, I blog because I love community. That is enough for me. Yes, I stuck some ads up in my side bar, but I can assure you that if it wasn’t right for the fabulous people who come here and read, I would take them down. My goals for this place are getting clearer and clearer the more I do this.

So. . . I’m still getting my thoughts together, but  I have tons of stuff to share with you guys. Til then I’ll leave you with this great picture of Charlie and some pumpkins. Because let’s face it, y’all are only half here to read my words and the other half is all about this little guy:

french market pumpkins

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  1. I really wish I could have made the trip to the Blog Expo in Vegas! Soooo jealous, but glad to hear you had a great time!

  2. I’m glad you had a good time… but I love that picture of Charlie!!!

  3. You are one lucky girl! What a fantastic experience!
    Can’t wait to learn from you…

    And I love the pic of Charlie. We’ve yet to take Eli to a pumpkin patch because it’s always so cold in October. But we had a beautiful Indian Summer the beginning of them month…..but, of course, Eli had to get sick! Boo Hoo

    Someday, I’ll get pictures of him surrounded by orange pumpkins!

  4. I’ve resisted going to any blogging conferences. I think it would sully what I love about blogging, which are all the same reasons that you gave.

    And yes. I come here to hear your lovely voice, but also to ogle the scrumptious Charlie.

    • It’s funny because a lot of the people I know who blog because they love to write and connect, go to Blogher and then don’t attend a single session. They just hang out with their Internet friends. I, on the other hand, am scared to death of Blogher and it’s swag.

  5. We missed you. Glad you’re back. :)

  6. Yes, we missed you, and yes, we come for the pictures of Charlie. We also come for your honesty and fresh perspective and quality writing, instructions on how to make shoes fit over braces, and I like it when you toss in a few posts with your art. Glad you’re back, and I bet you are too.

  7. I wish I could go to an Expo like that or something. Clearly, a career change is in my future. I can’t stay in toys/collectibles manufacturing and remain in a podunk town in the middle of Ohio which benefits my son the most. But while I have some skills writing I don’t have a lot of skills with the web, violate all kind of blog rules and have no understanding of how to turn it into a career, and then of course there is the REAL question…should I? Is that even why I DO it?

    Tough to be middle-aged and on top of that to be talented in and have majored in a few areas that nobody really needs, like art and writing and on top of that to be unemployed. You WANT to work, but you also want to be flexible for your SN kid. Welcome to an all-new mine field.

    • Ken,

      Could talk to you for hours about this topic. . . I will probably just have to send you an e-mail.

  8. Yes I missed you; figured that life w/ Charlie was extra busy. Looking forward to reading about what you learned. I really wish I had some time away. And my last random thought is that I hadn’t noticed that you had any ads.

  9. Of course you were missed! And that picture of Charlie is so adorable! Glad you are home safe and sound!

  10. Sounds like a great conference. I look forward to hearing more! And as always – love the pic of Charlie. Seriously adorable!

  11. Hey Katy! I really enjoy reading your blog! You are truly inspirational! If I were still teaching PPCD, I would have asked your permission to share your blog with the parents in my class. It is amazing what you do with Charlie! It is a collaborative effort between teachers, therapists, administration, doctors, and parents. I love everything that you do at home and integrate the themes throughout his environment! You are a PPCD teachers dream parent!
    Charlie is just precious!

    • Well, thanks, Suzanne. I think it’s just as possible that they think I’m a complete nightmare–with the blog and all. But I do try–I agree, it’s a collaborative effort–can’t just send your kids off to school and expect someone else to teach them everything. Loved vising your blog and checking out your gorgeous twins.

  12. Can’t wait to hear all the stuff you have to share with us!

    And he IS pretty darn cute. :)

  13. I would love to hear more about what you learned….I haven’t been to an official blog conference…I went to #CIP in Atlanta which did talk about blogging stuff, but really was more personal in nature, and very small. I would probably be too scared/intimidated to go to a big conference like you just did!

    p.s. heading to Vegas myself in December….any recs for me?!?!

    So glad you went and that you enjoyed it!

  14. You know it’s all about Charlie… that is a super picture of him. SUPER!
    Oh and you are indeed a great writer and terribly inspirational :)