Since You Asked

Well, several of you asked, so I tried to get a little video of Charlie’s walking practice. It’s not that his walking is so fantastic–it’s how much he seems to enjoy it. He was pretty tired, but we still got a little work in. This video shows me three things:

  1. It’s a menagerie up in here. Seriously, what’s with all the animals?
  2. My rear end is not something that needs to be seen on camera.
  3. I think that maybe the steps Hub is making are too big–what do you think?

Don’t worry about how he’s slumped at the end. The iPad is on the couch and he *must* to lean in close. After a little bit he straightens up nicely.

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  1. Mindy Airhart says:

    Yay, Charlie! That was awesome! (and the menagerie comment almost made me pee my pants :)

  2. Great potential! I think the warm-up steps that Dad guided show that he would benefit from a more sustained treadmill type walking program. Do you do that already? I’m a new reader.

  3. AWESOME!!!!! I didn’t know he could weight bear like that! :)

  4. How absolutely wonderful! I love it! Kiss that boy! And tell him to keep up the good work!

  5. That is fantastic! Yeah, I totally think you guys should look into trying to get him into a LiteGait at PT. It’s like a harness like what people wear when they are practicing tightrope–hooked into a track system on the ceiling. You can do it on land or a treadmill (sometimes treadmill is a little too steady until they get used to it). Peyton did that for a while.

    Another thing we have found that has been great are working on the parallel bars. Our PT has a set that are height-adjustable, but we also have a foldable set on loan from our school district. Basically, it’s PVC pipe fastened to a plywood platform. For whatever reason, starting out on the parallel bars always works better for Peyton than going right into practice with her reverse walker. I can take a picture of it if you want, just let me know.

    Are you guys doing pool therapy? I think Charlie might really benefit from it. Peyton has really improved her core strength in the pool and she loves making splashes with kicking. She even practices it in the bathtub.

    I don’t feel confident enough to make a judgment about the size of the steps. I definitely recommend talking to a PT about it. We used to do a lot of hand-held walking and ours always had great tips and things I hadn’t thought about.

    PS your rear end looks great! :)

    • I’m trying to get us into a clinic with a lite gait–still working on that.

      I saw a family that made their own parallel bar at home and would love to do that with Charlie–I wonder how hard it would be to convince my husband that we need some?

      • Hi Katy,

        We had a pediatric treadmill and we got a welder to put removable bars on it. Then I discovered PVC pipe and the corresponding cement. CHEAP AND EASY–go to your local Lowe’s and get some! Once you cement things together, that sucker is very sturdy.

        Charlie looks GREAT. So do you and the hub!

  6. Go Charlie go!

  7. Good Job Charlie!

  8. I LOVE IT! Seriously excited for you guys :-) Does Charlie have a Gait Trainer? I think he would do great in one. I’m getting ready to post a video of Caleigh using hers soon. Oh, I also love the music too…’s sounds like something out of our house when were trying to get Caleigh to do something!

    Kudos to mom and dad!

    • Holly:
      We have a gait trainer, but Charlie doesn’t feel secure in it, so he won’t use it. We’ve ordered a piece that should help with that–now I just have to wait for it to show up!

  9. Awesome! Good job, Charlie!!

  10. Ease-up on questioning how your Hubs guides Charlie – karma will bring a question like – Do you think Katy holds his hands too high? Handling a child to prompt walking is and not easy. That is what the equipment is for – to make it easier for the adults and to give the child more practice after the adults tire-out.


  12. Whoop whoop! And my favorite part of that is the background music, by the way. :)

  13. Holy Crap he’s so freaking cute.

    And nice ass baby.

  14. I didn’t think the stride was too long. Seemed OK to me, as did the ass. Someone needs to have a Mint Julip or Chill the F— Out or whatever they’re drinking down they’re in NAWLINS these days. πŸ˜›

    *I even edited myself. See what a powerful influence you are having on me? And my wife called me a dolt for not knowing what a unit was. I asked her in the car on the way to Bennett’s therapy yesterday about your blog and the unit stuff, she knew way more than I. I was like “I just can’t keep all this stuff straight in my head’. ‘You dolt,’ she said lovingly. I said ‘Hey, you get to read a lot of the blogs more intently, I gotta provide content AND be the one with all the angst.’

    I got the last laugh though…I ate one of her chicken nuggets when she wasn’t looking.

    Anyway, I now understand the whole unit thing.

  15. Great job!

    Two of my kids screamed “I want that” I said “Not another little brother” They said “No, a cat!”


  16. That boy is gonna get it one day!!!!! I see it!!! Keep at it guys! Nice work!

  17. that is so great. charlie is doing so well!

  18. I just want to give him a big squeeze. And get him on a horse. Hannah’s core strength just gets better and better with hippotherapy, which we are really doing as OT for her hand, but my PT told me to do it now while she was just learning walking and we’d get huge benefits all over – I don’t disagree.

    More ass! More ass!

  19. Oh, gosh, that is awesome! He looks great! I know everyone is offering up all these suggestions, but to save your hubby’s back, until you can get the tightrope walker set up or the new piece for a gait trainer, have you seen walking wings? They would support Charlie uner his armpits at the chest, I think.

    Also, I think his steps are just fine for now. He’ll adjust them himself when he’s able to do so. And the ass is just fine.

  20. LOVE it, Katy! He is such a cutie, and he looks so proud of himself at the end! And it was need seeing you & your hubs, too. Thank you so much for sharing this clip w/ us—so cool to watch. He is AMAZING!