Unit on Community

Unit on Community

Key Terms: Fireman, Policeman, Garbage Truck, Recycling bin, and Mailbox

Objective: The child will recognize the above elements of the community by sight.


Fireman. This was, by far, our easiest and most fun activity. We put on the hat–which Charlie hated–and played with the hose, which he loved. He was soaked head to toe when we were done, but it was fun and he smiled later when we talked about playing Fireman. child dressed as a fireman

Mailbox. I got the general idea from NTFF and then modified it for my purposes. We go to the big blue mailbox several times a week, so I made a facsimile out of an old Diet Coke box. You see, I need to buy Diet Coke–for educational purposes. Somebody tell my husband. I meant to give the box a flap, but I forgot and Charlie didn’t seem to notice. Actually, he really hated this activity–anything new is always an uphill battle.play mailbox

Recycling. Basically, we filled a box with “trash” from around the house and then I added three, clean, used Diet Coke cans. You see, Diet Coke is educational.  Anyway, we encouraged Charlie to find the cans and put them in the blue “recycling bin.” This activity ended up being hard for him because his little hands had trouble keeping ahold of the cans. Dad had to help him use two hands–I’ll go ahead and call that a little OT as well. When he finished, we added the cans to the big recycling bin outside. child learning about recycling

Shape Garbage Truck.  I stole this one directly from Allie only I changed the color because our trucks are blue and my husband said our trucks only have two wheels. Men. I have never, in my life, looked at the wheels on a trash truck. So I cut out the shapes and then Charlie put them together to make the truck with Daddy’s help. This went better than I anticipated, but he’s not one to post for a final picture–he’s already looking off at something else. garbage truck craft

Star Hunt. I bought some sherrif’s stars in the party section at Walmart for a dollar. I looped some tape and stuck it to the back and then stuck them up all over the house. We’ve done a similar activity before and Charlie really likes it. The stars are smaller, but he still caught on right away and had no trouble seeing them. Unfortunately, the pictures I took didn’t come out at all, so I just have this one to share, which is pretty terrible. child hunting for sheriff stars

We didn’t have a book this week. I’ve gotten kind of frustrated with Charlie’s hatred of books and gave myself a break this week. Hopefully I’ll find something inspiring for our next Unit to get me excited again.

Video We Enjoyed

The ever-fabulous Mrs. Rachel and her video My Neighborhood. Charlie loves this particular one, which we rent from the library and I noticed that after we played fireman, he was more attentive to the section about Firemen so I think something must have sunk in.

my neighborhood DVD cover

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  1. Fun!!

    By the way, your e-mail sent me a message about drugs or something…I’m guessing it wasn’t you! :)

  2. LJ loved books in the beginning. then hated them when I read bedtime stories. he wauld just yell really loud, so I gave up after a few frustrating nights, lol. I have tried again lately, and he seems a little more into them again.

  3. FYI, there are other fireman-themed (& fire safety) videos at the library that he might enjoy, as well. I’ll point them out next time I see you.