Early Intervention Preschool: Registration

Friday was the day we went to Charlie’s school to officially enroll him.  It’s a little silly considering the eleventy billion hoops we’ve already jumped through, but who am I to argue with bureaucracy?

The times for registration were 9-12. I wanted to arrive bright and early, so it’s no surprise that I actually got there around 10:15. At some point, I got the inspired idea that Charlie should go in his wheelchair. He prefer it to the stroller, he looks more his age, and from my perspective, I thought it was important for the people at school to see Charlie as he is and not as a sleepy baby.

This all sounded really good in my head, but the reality was a little less spectacular. I have to put the chair together when we arrive somewhere and normally this is no problem. On this day, however, I had first day jitters and you know, people were around, glancing over, and that made me even more nervous, so I guess I got performance anxiety. I could not get the seat onto the frame. I’m pulling and yanking and stretching and shaking and it just would. not. work.  Had to lay it on it’s side and actually step on it a little to get it adjusted correctly. I’m doing all this in the parking lot in front of God and Country with a heat index of about 104. Luckily, I chose an adorable shade of yellow for Charlie’s chair that makes it practically invisible so I’m sure no one saw me.

By the time I get the chair assembled and Charlie situated, I look like I jogged over to the registration. Great condition to meet new people, right? Because of some universal policy that I’m not privy to, but that clearly exists, my sweat-soaked self lined up directly behind an impossibly thin and tan woman who looked like she’d just stepped out of a vegetable crisper. She didn’t even have a kid with her which seemed like a real injustice as I tried to entertain a hot and bored preschooler in the un-air conditioned gym.

We waited in three lines, met the principal, declined free and reduced lunch twice, and I had to run back to the car for a forgotten paper once. When we got to the point where we actually got to sit down and officially enroll, Charlie began wailing loudly as big crocodile tears ran down his face.  After checking a few times and realizing that it wasn’t working, he quit.

So. . . not my best day, but overall it was pretty painless experience. People were polite and spoke directly to Charlie. He, of course, ignored them, but one step at a time, right?

boy smiling in wheelchair

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  1. I’m glad things went “relatively” smoothly, at any rate. I can’t imagine doing ANYTHING in any un-air-conditioned areas these days, myself. You deserve a medal just for that!

  2. (Want to hug that boy!)

    Welcome to school! No ‘special’ experience in registration, eh?

  3. Love the new look!
    I am ALWAYS in line behind the vegetable crisper woman, as sweat pools on my upper lip and forms a wet line under my giant belly. All summer long, I’ve been behind her. I am going to STAB her one of these days.
    I can’t believe anyplace in Lousiana is not air conditioned. That seems kind of outrageous.

  4. I don’t think we have a registration day where we go to school… we’re just suppose to send it in the mail? which I haven’t done yet. along with their check. oops.

    I also thinks it’s ridiculous they didn’t have the AC on. surely they knew kids would be there. it’s been hot here in KS, I can’t imagine what it’s like in Lousiana.

  5. The question is, was Charlie really ignoring those who talked to him, or did he just want them to think that? He is a smart kid — I bet he heard and processed all that was said to him.

  6. :) You know stuff like that can never go COMPLETELY smoothly, right?

  7. Aw! That is such a cute picture of Charlie! I hate crisp looking people. Okay, I don’t really hate them, but I feel thoroughly rumpled about 5 minutes after I put my clothes on (2.5 if I have to go outside at all) and I don’t know how crisp people do it!
    Any crisp people out there who want to take me under their wing? :)

  8. Oh, Katy – you have such a way of story-telling! :) Thanks for the laugh.

    We too, do not “GO” to register. In fact when Eli started preschool, the team came to our house to assess him and gave me a registration packet. I then just had to drop it off at the school at my convenience.

    When we go to IEP meetings I usually don’t take Eli. :)

    It’s like Charlie was supposed to go register for classes or something! LOL Fingerpainting? or Circle Time? Um…I’ll take both, please! :)

  9. I’m pulling and yanking and stretching and shaking and it just would. not. work.

    Don’t sweat it. Happens to me ALL the time. Too many meds. 😛

  10. I feel stressed out just reading about your day! I had to laugh though, it figures that the wheelchair wouldn’t go together easily the day you are nervous and trying to put on a good front. LOL Life, eh! Charlie is absolutely cute in that picture though. Yellow chair and all!

  11. MelissaInk Designs says:

    What a stinker :)

    Isn’t everyone dripping with sweat ALL THE TIME in Louisiana. I’ve come to terms with it – I’ve got pit stains sometimes, and so does the guy next to me. I still love it here, though :)

  12. I think your experience with preschool registration was easier than mine. I’m thinking of homeschooling Merrick just to avoid going through that whole process again.

  13. First, I want to say that I LOVE the new blog design!
    Second, let me know when you are ready and I’ll head over to LA and help you capture and torture the crispy lady!
    Third, I am so glad you were able to get Charlie registered and I hope this year is spectacular for both you and Charlie!

  14. Katy, You are too funny! I had the same problem with Cj’s stroller once. I could not open it for the life of me. I even had some people laughing at me. I was soooo mad and sweaty by the time I went to his IEP. I had to go to bathroom and calm down and practically take a bath in the sink! It went well after all the hassle! Charlie will Love School!!! Just you wait!!! He will grow up so fast. It was such a great experience watching Cj’s grow, learn and really have fun with his classmates. Socially he soared.

  15. Hey Katy. I haven’t been over in a looong time and apparently Charlie has done quite a lot of growing up! He looks so big! And so adorable…that is the same! Ha.

    What a “fun” experience you had at the registration. Have so say I did indeed LOL while reading your post. Hopefully you have to laugh too…now that the moment has passed! It’s what I like to call a “laugh or cry moment”. You can either laugh or cry about it. I choose laugh…almost always.

    Can’t wait to hear all about Charlie’s preschool adventures!

    PS, love the new look of the site!! Hoping to be back blogging soon…considering a move to blogger or wordpress and just starting over.

  16. That sounds like pure torture.

    The vegetable crisper comment made me spit out my wine.

  17. Charlie is just so damned CUTE! And your story just cracked me up! I had two separate but entirely equally hellish registration experiences back in June. I still shudder to think about them. Glad it’s done!

    Bet you looked “dewy and vivacious” to others, we’re always our own worst critics!

  18. You crack me up! I too wondered about a place in Louisiana that did not have AC. What on earth were they thinking? And what is it with those crisp people? How on earth do they do it? I would like lessons!