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Making Our Mark

I think I’ve given y’all plenty of examples of Charlie’s love of inappropriate music. I wrote this post here and there’s this Youtube video here if you missed it.

So in the mornings at school, I park the car, pop the trunk, and start putting Charlie’s chair together. While he waits, I keep the car running so he’s cool, give him a toy, and make sure a good song is playing–usually a CD of his favorites. I’m getting faster, but in the beginning he would cry thinking I’d forgotten him in the car or something.

And then it hit me. You know that guy in high school who’s in the parking lot with his trunk up, showing off his awesome sound system? It could be at a parade, or a football game, or a bonfire, but the guy was always there. I’m him, blaring Jason DeRulo while nice teacher ladies scuttle off to their classes. I’m sure I’m making a great impression on them all.

boy enjoys a beignet

Post beignet happiness

On Tuesday I’ll remember to turn the music down.

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