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Have You Ever

Have you ever?

  • Wanted to beat up that FB friend who complains about their “terrible” day that started with them sleeping through their alarm and missing their morning workout? When your terrible days all include doctors visits and maybe a short-term hospitalization just for funsies?
  • Been grateful to find out someone you know has a special needs kid? Not because you want their kid to be disabled, but because you’re happy not to be alone?
  • Giggled to yourself about someone else’s angst about their kid’s ear tube surgery?
  • Wondered “why me?” when someone you know gives birth to perfectly healthy baby number four?
  • or perfectly healthy baby number one?
  • Dreaded a doctor’s appointment so much that you made someone go with you for moral support?
  • Bit your lip when someone you love uses the r word because you don’t feel like bringing it up?
  • Skipped a birthday party because you just couldn’t deal?
  • Read someone else’s joyous pregnancy announcement and wondered if you could ever be that naive and ignorant again?
  • Looked at a picture of someone’s else’s “perfect” family and muttered to yourself, “at least my kid’s cute.”?
  • Been a disability snob? (example: Looking at someone using a scooter at Walmart like, “hope you know that doesn’t count?”)
  • Felt just a tad entitled, because Lord Knows you’ve dealt with enough already?

You are not alone.

**second edit because I’m still not doing a great job here. Many people are thinking that I am assigning value to another person’s disability or question whether or not they need the scooter. I guess the best way to describe the emotion is to say that it’s kind of like thinking, “We’re in the wheelchair club, and that, is not a wheelchair.**

Gonna go ahead and close the comments on this one. If it’s not clear, this was supposed to be a confession of horrible things that cross your mind sometime–not an endorsement. That said, I think a lot of people have mis-interpreted the words here—expanded them to include things that are not there. But I think we’ve all said enough. People think non-PC things sometimes. It’s not really a revelation.

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