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Preschool–the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

I’ll start with the bad and the ugly so we can end on a good note–I’m that kind of gal.

The Bad:

Charlie has decided to let his worst side show at Preschool. There’s biting (of himself), whining, and trying to sleep through every activity. He also screamed when the speech therapist tried to touch him, which isn’t really what we’re looking for. I’ve seen this thing before, but was hoping that he would fall in line because of peer pressure. Not so much.

The Ugly:

His behavior is SO bad that the school nurse came and I had to have a consult. Specifically discussed: seizures, is he seizing at school?, at night? his eyes, his pupils, and his shunt. Let me tell you, THAT was a fun conversation. The worst part is that the nurse was extremely serious and I kept giggling. I have a bit of a problem with the inappropriate giggle and frankly, I couldn’t help but laugh. They were really concerned about the nystagmus in his eyes (eye shaking) and all I could think was how much things had improved. Really. If they’d seen him a year ago, they would have assumed he was significantly impaired. And besides, we’ve dealt with SO MUCH WORSE. It’s actually hard to work myself up over bad behavior. I’m hoping it will get better. If not, we’ll see if a schedule change helps.

I also want to say (cue cheesy music) that when I got home I was really feeling the full force of the special needs sisterhood. Made me feel so much better to know that I’m not the only person who has to sit through these talks.

The Good!

Charlie is eating up a storm and they’ve all commented on it. I’m so glad. This really helps me out because I was so worried they were going to refuse to feed him in school. Not the case.

Charlie is already vocalizing more and crawling around more after just a week of school. I think he’s seeing all these kids doing things and getting ideas. He’s also a lot more involved and interested in the walking practice we do every evening. Can’t help but think that it’s because he wants to be more like the other children in his class. I’m really pleased and hope this trend continues.

Charlie has a friend. I don’t think I realized how emotional this would make me, but Charlie has a little boy in his class who really likes him and that just makes my heart burst. In the back of my head I didn’t know if Charlie had ever have a friend–he is so different, I just wasn’t sure. This little boy is in a wheelchair too, so they’ve got something in common! The other day when I dropped Charlie off I saw him put his hand on Charlie’s wheelchair as if to say, “don’t worry, I’ve got him.” SWOON!

We’ll get there–I just have to be strong. child in rifton chair

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