The Coast

Have you met the Gulf Coast?

Have you seen her inviting white beaches?

Her teal waters?beach 121

The Gulf Coast is my beach of reference. I’ve come as a child, delighting in post-thunderstorm waves crashing around me. I’ve come as a teenager, too cool to actually enter the water, worrying about tans, boys, and beverages. I’ve come as a young adult—eager to relax and leave my so-called stresses behind. Now I come as a parent, introducing my own child to the waves and the excitement of finding the perfect sea shell.

This trip is colored with worry, though. I worry that the oil in the Gulf will ruin things, cut short the cycle of sharing this place with future generations. I worry that Charlie won’t remember this trip to see the beautiful beaches. I worry that this place will never be the same. beach 3 225

I hope I’m wrong.

But I ’m not sure.

beach 2 034

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  1. Felicia says:

    Heartbreaking, what BP has done. I hope it can be fixed.

    Beautiful pictures.

  2. I can hardly bear to think about it. It's so enraging and so, so sad.

    I also have deep attachments to that beautiful place. Many decades of family memories from there, going back generations (my Dad grew up on those beaches before all the development).

    And being in that field (of wildlife), it is my perspective that we are underestimating the long-term damage and overstating our ability to correct what has been done.

  3. Beautiful. And, sad. Even down at the Jersey shore last week, I wondered about the spill and whether it would trickle down there.

  4. Candace says:

    I always think about you when I hear about the spill. I know it is so frightening!

  5. Looking Up says:

    It really is heartbreaking to think about the possible permanent damage this oil spill will cause. So, so sad…

  6. I hope you're wrong.

    I grew up on the ocean.. and still live here. I don't know if the spill will make its way all the way up here… I can't bring myself to think about it.

  7. Wahzat Gayle says:

    Got to believe that the waters and surrounding lands will be able to survive this disaster.

    On a more positive note loving that pic of Charlie at the end he is sooo cute

  8. Man, I hope you're wrong. I'm a California girl and I love my beautiful Pacific Ocean. Of course, now that I'm in the Great Lakes State, I have found myself surrounded by water. Our natural waters are so beautiful and calming. I hope this can all be fixed.

  9. ParkerMama says:

    The 11 year old and I watched on TV how volunteers are cleaning up the birds covered in BP's oil.

    I don't think she understood the damage this had done until she saw these birds.

    Tammy and Parker
    @ParkerMama on Twitter

  10. Small Town Girl says:

    I've been loving on the Gulf Coast for the last couple of winters now and dream of retiring to our little island there. I can only hope things get under control soon and life can go on.

  11. blogzilly says:

    Have you seen any evidence at all at this point of the effect on the beaches you frequent?