Good Things

  1. The Bird on the Street Facebook Page. I swear, it is just one of my favorite things to check out. People put up pictures of their kids, we share tips—it’s just great. One of my favorite places on the Internet (I’m not at all biased, right?)birthday 3 015
  2. Charlie’s third birthday party. I really debated even having one this year. Typically, he gets completely overwhelmed and has a meltdown. I decided what the hay and went for it. SO glad I did. He rolled on the floor, played a game, and had a great time. birthday 3 027
  3. His new toys. We didn’t go in for a bunch of toys this year, since he spoiled rotten anyway, but he received a few from family and friends. They’re great. He got a guitar that he’s loving a water table with a motor that is just too much fun. 013
  4. iPad. Yes, my baby has an iPad—I told you he’s spoiled, right? We’ve barely done anything with it, but oh, the possibilities. I’ve seen what Caleigh is doing with Proloquo2Go and I’m really excited to see what Charlie might do. birthday 3 089
  5. This guy with cerebral palsy who’s trying to get his own travel show. Here’s the thing—I heard he was getting a lot of votes and I was a little worried that there was a pity thing going on. You know, like when William Hung was on American Idol and he was terrible, but people loved him because he was terrible. Well, this guy with cerebral palsy, who is a wheelchair, is funny. Really. I’d watch him on TV with or without Teh Palsy. 026
  6. Blogger dinner. I got invited to a local cocktail hour/dinner for bloggers and other Internet-type folks and it was SO FUN. When you go to a national event like Blissdom there are a lot of big-name bloggers, and it’s easy to feel small. It was cool to hang out with a group of people who are completely Internet obsessed AND they’ve read your blog.


Charlie was tasting the water, and then his friends decided to join him! Too cute.

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  1. Absolutely beautiful photos! Happy belated birthday Charlie!

  2. Wherever HE Leads We'll Go says:

    I love Charlie's smile in that picture with his guitar! He is just too cute!

    So glad to hear the party went well and that you got an iPad. I have been amazed by Caleigh and I am sure that Charlie will be just as amazing once he starts using his.

  3. Candace says:

    GREAT stuff! Way to go with the Ipad! I think we need to start an Ipad group blog for parents of special kiddos. There is so much stuff out there it's impossible to keep up and hey we gotta get the word around, eh? Looks like a great bday, Charlie!

  4. sitting on the mood swing at the playground says:

    Happy Belated Birthday to Charlie! The pictures are great…love his smile with the guitars and the water shots!

  5. I'm intrigued about Charlie and his iPad….Can't wait to hear all the fun things he does with it!

  6. Paulette says:

    Happy Birthday, Charlie! I'm a sucker for birthday party pictures :)

  7. Love the pelican theme! Charlie looks sooo happy! I love the water shot! Our kids love guitars and IPADS!!! I am going to break down and get the IPAD for Cj. Happy Birthday again Charlie! We celebrate Birthdys for a week here. My Hubby is huge on Birthdays from his Mom.
    On another note I swear he can see just by your photos! ABR has helped some children with vision! Look forward to following Charlie's progress on the IPAD!

  8. Wahzat Gayle says:

    Oh Charlie did look like he had a great time :) Happy Birthday day again Charlie

    Well because of you I clicked through that guy with CP, but he is really funny you could forget that he has CP he is that funny so I voted for him

  9. So cute, happy birthday beautiful Charlie from Chile. Enjoy your Ipad!!!!!

  10. These are all good things indeed! I look forward to seeing pix of Charlie rockin; out wih his guitar!

  11. Freaking awesome party Katy! I love those Pelican cutouts on the cupcakes. You are so creative. I barely remembered to order Lightning McQueen cupcakes for Merrick's birthday. Looks like he had a lot of fun!

  12. I'll have to check out that reality show!

    Love the water table! My nephew has the same one and I might have to give in and get one for the kids as they keep raving about it!

  13. HEY! I have obviously missed a few blog posts because: 1) Did not realize Charlie also has iPad and 2) Didn't realize you also love the Oprah guy, just gushed about him today. He is my new crush.

    Love your happy lists.