Unit on Plants

Unit on Plants

Key Terms: seed, tree, leaf, flower, plant

Goals: For the child to recognize the key term when they see it; for the child to know that plants grow.
Putting a flower in the ground. As simple as it sounds. We planted a flower I picked up at Lowe’s.

Planting a plant from seeds. Again, I got a kit at Lowe’s. Charlie was surprisingly interested in this activity. He wanted to see and taste every aspect of it.

Leaf Journal. I laminated our leaves because of Charlie’s love of tasting. If your child is less oral–or just more likely to listen–then you could easily do this on paper or index cards.

Plant Sensory Activity I collected a bunch of leaves, flowers, twigs, grass, weeds, and even a gum ball and put them out for Charlie to explore. He was unimpressed, but I consider it a victory since he didn’t throw them on the floor. Since he was kind of passive, I sat down and made some piles of flowers and leaves and brushed some of them on his hands for sensory input. Be careful if you do this–check and make sure you’re not bringing in any bugs and remember that flowers can trigger seasonal allergies.
Flower Sandwiches Sandwich+cookie cutter=learning reinforcement. Also, fun to eat.

Plant Observation I don’t have a picture for this, but basically, you observe your plants growing. I bought a cactus at Lowe’s, put it in the windowsill and that baby has been taking off!
A Book We Enjoyed

The Dandelion Seed by Joseph P. Anthony, illustrations by Cris Arbo. A little grown-up (Amazon says ages 4-8), but a beautiful story about a dandelion seed, it’s journey, and how it eventually becomes a dandelion. Fit in with this unit perfectly, and the illustrations are great.
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  1. Amazed again! It looks like Charlie really liked this one!

  2. Ummm…as simple as it sounds, I fail at this ALL the time! (The flowers never bloom!)

  3. Candace says:

    I am totally stealing this one, Katy! Maybe Charlie has a future in the sciences! A boy after my own heart….

  4. To the gal who can't get flowers to bloom… I "planted" fake flowers and let mine "pick" those. Then they could replant and pick over and over and they held up real well to being buried over and over too.

  5. Barbara TherExtras says:

    You are such a teacher! Your lesson plans are wonderful, Katy, and I'm sure others are encouraged to expand the experiences they give their children just by reading here.

  6. cristin says:

    planted flowers with dottie today.

    have to get that dandelion book! dottie is obsessed with dandelions!

  7. I love your units Katy! So creative yet simple. I am going to share some of your ideas with Chris's teacher if that is ok. She does a great job but she told me she needs some input because some of the kids are in her class for a few years before they move on. She wants to freshen things up! I am going to do this unit with both boys! Time to plant!

  8. wahzat says:

    This is sweet!
    It only just hit me I should share your teaching/activities with some of my parents. hope you don't mind if I do do that. Tell me if you mind

    Have a great weekend.

    Happy Mother's Day when it comes!