My Cup Runneth Over

Well, it’s been a good week for me. In addition to killing it in Rockband yesterday, a few other wonderful things have happened.


  • First and foremost, my article came out in Cloth, Paper, Scissors, which is a national art magazine. People who know me well keep saying, "national?" Yes. National. I’m over the moon. The article itself is pretty dry unless you’re an artist, but here’s a link to the table of contents, and here’s one of the pieces that accompanied the article (above).
  • texture012forweb

  • Last month my local artists’ group had a show at a frame shop here in town. The show ended and I asked Hubby to pick up my pieces the other day. When he got back he told me that the owner is interested in selling my work in her shop. How freaking awesome, right?
  • finished piece 2

  • Finally. . . had Charlie’s hearing checked and it’s normal! Can’t tell you the last time somebody called my kid normal.
  • plants 032

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    1. AWESOME!!!I love good news days like today! You rock!

    2. GingerB says:

      National! Magazine!You are the big time, girlfriend! Hooray for hearing! Woot woot!

    3. Candace says:

      Horray, Katy! That is great news about the art, so proud of you, friend! Hey we take normal when we get it, right!

    4. Nadine Hightower says:

      wooo hoooo! Go Katy Go!!!

      And hooray for Charlie!!

    5. Better than good news! Congrats on all!

    6. The Henrys says:

      Congrats on all of your good news, you deserve it!

    7. My friend…CONGRATS! You're a rock star, baby. National today…the whole world tomorrow. I'm just sayin'.

      Your work is so gorgeous. Glad your being picked up!

      We are having an art & decor sale at my home in 2 weeks. Wish you lived closer!

    8. A few words from the wise ... says:

      You've got talent!

    9. Yay!! Glad things are going so well!!

    10. Yay!! Glad things are going so well!!

    11. Paulette says:

      Wonderful news across the board!!!

    12. How exciting! I am an artist and can relate. I really love your work. It should be recognized and now you are well on your way!!! Congrats!

    13. Yahoo for normal hearing!

    14. Small Town Girl says:

      By the way…can I register with you for my wedding gifts?? I just love your stuff so much. :)

      SO, SO proud of you!!!!!!!!

    15. justajenn says:

      Yay for you AND Charlie! 😉

    16. Wahzat Gayle says:

      Have I said this before?!

      uh the sweet sound of that simple word Normal.. sigh I could sob