Good Things

  1. I’m going to be giving a talk at my local library about how to start a blog, a Facebook account, and how to Twitter. Believe it or not, there’s a whole world of people who don’t spend their Saturday nights on the computer—yet. I’m a little disconcerted, though, because my face is plastered on flyers at all the libraries, which makes me feel like American’s Most Wanted.
  2. Because of said talk, I’m going to be in the paper! How cool is that? I even got my very own five-minute photo shoot. I’m only going to be in the local section for my area, but I still think it’s cool. Also, I might be a big nerd.
  3. The recent post I did for the Blog Nosh Carnival got selected to be featured on their home page. Someone over there Stumbled it, which is so incredibly awesome that I should just stop blogging right now. But I won’t—cause what would I do I Saturday nights if I quit?
  4. As I stated in that Carnival post earlier, a local gallery owner is interested in carrying some of my paintings. Squee!
  5. Charlie’s wheelchair.  He loves it.  We went for walk around the block and instead of whining he smiled and looked all around—he can actually see the world now.  Next up: figuring out how to get the thing in my car. stanley and bugs 037 
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  1. you ROCK!!

  2. Witkowski Family says:

    :) Good things for sure!

  3. Candace says:

    I am SOOOOO excited for you, Katy! See what little Charlie motivated you to do! I can't wait to hear all about it. And I am thrilled that Charlie loves his chair! When Faith was smaller and her therapists pushed us to get a chair, I just couldn't do it for the longest time. It was too painful, I thought. But when Faith finally got hers, last fall, I have been kickin' myself ever since for not doing it sooner! It totally changed her world!

  4. Jen @ BigBinder says:

    You're FAMOUS!! (and I just subscribed to your blog)

  5. You're rockin' and rollin', girl!

  6. Mamá Terapeuta says:

    Congratz!!!!!!!! So exciting! (I'm a total nerd my self…)

    You totally deserve it!!

  7. It takes every ounce of strength I've got to put Elisabeth's chair in my van. So, for now I have given up and just use her BOB stroller when we are out and about. We use the wheelchair at home and in a few months she'll use it to go on the schoolbus. One of these days I'll get a van custom made to be wheelchair accessible….with a lift or something, but for now, there's just no way.

    I am so glad that Charlie is enjoying his chair. It really does give them a great view of the world!

    Also, congrats on your post making it big! I agree, it was brilliantly written.

    Good luck speaking at the library. You are a blog pro….so the people that come and listen you you are learning from the best!

  8. Superstar!

    Glad C likes the chair, too. We are STILL waiting on ours. We plan on getting a minivan and, at the DME rep's suggestion, just popping a wheelie to get the front casters on the rear bumper and then shoving it in. He says he does it all the time and it is much easier than messing with the portable ramp (which he only uses for power chairs).

    I have an idea. You get a minivan, then have another baby (preferably a girl) and then I won't have to have another independent thought… I can just come to your blog for good ideas on how to live my life! :) (HALF joking)

  9. Awesome blog report today! I give you an A+! And for the wheelchair in car? I say you are probably going to need a big SUV or a minivan without the rear seat. Again, awesome news!

  10. TherExtras says:

    HAPPY for all your good things!

    On that last one (you know, stuff I blog about but am not interviewed about)…don't know if this applies to Charlie's chair or not….I've always thought it is worthwhile to 'breakdown' a chair for loading. It might seem like it takes longer, but it prevents heavy lifting (possibly injurious). Many chairs come with rear wheels that pop-off like bicycle wheels. The foot rests come off, too. Then the frame is not so heavy to lift. Best to practice before planning to go anywhere.
    Just saying.

  11. wow! how exciting. good news all around. have a great time at your talk

  12. Felicia says:

    Congratulations on your accomplishment, I am sure you will do brilliantly! Your blog really is wonderful, so you're a great role model.

    Others have suggested a minivan–I think it may be the way to go as well. I borrowed one from a friend a while back and, while they're kind of big (bigger than I am used to anyway) I have to admit I enjoyed driving the thing and liked all the "features" that came with it. I didn't want to return it!

  13. That is incredibly exciting! Congrats!

  14. Small Town Girl says:

    I love all these great things! I'm so happy that Charlie's liking his chair. :)

  15. Wahzat Gayle says:

    Life is good!

  16. Wherever HE Leads We'll Go says:

    So exciting! Congratulations! Lots of big stuff happening for you!