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Parenting a Special Needs Child Is. . .

Never lamenting that your child is growing up too fast.

Cringing when strangers ask if you child is walking/talking yet.

Celebrating the small things.

Seeing beauty that you couldn’t before.

Knowing which hospital has the best emergency room.

Getting an amateur medical degree.

Bittersweet birthdays.

Getting really good at dealing with stares.

Using acronyms with ease—CT, MRI, PT, OT, ST, IEP, HIE, CP, etc.

Hoping for the best, but planning for the worst.

Realizing you were wrong about things.

Changing your priorities.

Learning that you were never really in control.

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Have one you’d like to add?

Good Things

  1. I’m going to be giving a talk at my local library about how to start a blog, a Facebook account, and how to Twitter. Believe it or not, there’s a whole world of people who don’t spend their Saturday nights on the computer—yet. I’m a little disconcerted, though, because my face is plastered on flyers at all the libraries, which makes me feel like American’s Most Wanted.
  2. Because of said talk, I’m going to be in the paper! How cool is that? I even got my very own five-minute photo shoot. I’m only going to be in the local section for my area, but I still think it’s cool. Also, I might be a big nerd.
  3. The recent post I did for the Blog Nosh Carnival got selected to be featured on their home page. Someone over there Stumbled it, which is so incredibly awesome that I should just stop blogging right now. But I won’t—cause what would I do I Saturday nights if I quit?
  4. As I stated in that Carnival post earlier, a local gallery owner is interested in carrying some of my paintings. Squee!
  5. Charlie’s wheelchair.  He loves it.  We went for walk around the block and instead of whining he smiled and looked all around—he can actually see the world now.  Next up: figuring out how to get the thing in my car. stanley and bugs 037 

Thematic Unit on Cooking

Unit on Cooking

Words: pot, spoon, bowl, pan, refrigerator (no links–use the real thing!)

Goals: To recognize key terms by sight. To know that cooking takes place in the kitchen.


Baking sugar cookies. I bought one of those pre-packaged kits, so all I had to do was add an egg and some butter. If you’re going to do shaped cookies like we did you need a tablespoon of flour as well, which they put in teeny letters at the bottom. I did all the mixing while Charlie looked on, I helped him with two cookies and then finished myself. He seemed to like it and even tried the cookies, which is rare since he’s not a sweets fan.

sugar-cookies-for-web Making Popsicles. Juice, popsicle kit from Target. Pretty simple. Again, I worked in front of Charlie. He liked the popsicle, but hasn’t really grasped the concept of the cold headache, which hit him when he refused to take it out of his mouth. posicles-for-web

Baking Pizzas. I did the tomato sauce on sandwich thins in front of him. We helped him add cheese. After all these activities, he’s starting to get the hang of that type of thing. Told him about the over and heat. He loved the pizza, but I knew he would!


Jell-O shapes. I messed this up pretty bad—you’re supposed to do two packages of Jell-O if you’re making molds, but I just did the regular thing and then tried to cut shapes out of it. That didn’t work very well. Charlie found Jell-O disgusting in every possible way—gross texture and sweet. He kind of melted down at the end.


Tossing a Salad. Helped him mix up the salad. Sadly, I have no good pictures because holding his hand and holding the bowl involved two adults. I do have this picture of him smiling as he tries to dump salad everywhere. He’s fun like that.


Book We Enjoyed

I checked out a lot of books, but none of them were really appropriate—all were too mature. Of these, my favorite was A Cow, a Bee, a Cookie, and Me by Meredith Hooper. Like I said, too mature for a toddler, but a great story about the origin of many common ingredients like eggs, honey, etc.

cow bee

Please share any recommendation you have for cooking books—especially for toddlers!

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