Unit on Transportation

Unit on Transportation
Key Terms: car, airplane, boat, train, and truck. Others you could do: bicycle or bus.
Goals: Child will be able to recognize all key terms, Child will know that airplanes fly in the air.


Diaper box car. Allie made one using paper and a full description is here. I made mine using paint because I have a lot of paint. I also flipped mine over so Charlie is sitting in the box–he doesn’t walk, so he doesn’t need to have his feet out. I was surprised by how much fun Charlie had in this thing. Dad pulled him all over the house.

Flying a glider. Basically, I bought a glider plane at my local craft store for a buck-fifty and then threw it all over the house and the back yard. Spent my time talking about how planes fly in the air and also flew it over his head several times to introduce that concept. If your child has slow or no tracking ability then I would think about suspending it from a string and letting them swat at it (with supervision, of course!).

Take a walk. Point out all the cars, trucks, boats, planes, etc. that you see.

Hey Charlie, can you open your eyes? Mommy wants this one for the blog!

Race cars. We did ours in the hallway. I would push them down the hall then exclaim over whether they went far or stayed near. He gave pushing them a try, but his movement made them go sideways instead. That’s OK!

Sorting Cars by Color. Put two different color cars in a box, pulled them out and sorted them. Pretty simple.

Airplane mobile. I cut up shiny gift bags (three for a dollar at Dollar Tree), punched holes in them, and then tied them to a coat hanger. Hang it by their high chair or somewhere else. Charlie’s former vision therapist said that items that move and are sparkly are best for triggering the visual cortext so this is especially great for kiddos with low vision/CVI. Again, always supervise your chid if they are close enough to touch the mobile.

Book We Enjoyed

I got a lot of stuff at the library and none of it ended up being that great. I actually got one book that was all about a guy who died on a train. Ugh! The best book I found for this Unit was actually given to us as a gift and it’s called, Noisy Car from Bright Baby. I usually hate gimmicky books, but Charlie will sit still for this one which is nothing short of a miracle.

Again, testing is not good for young children, so just have fun and feel confident that the stuff is sinking in.

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  1. Wow, you really do continue to amaze me. I wish I took the time to do these awesome lessons with Zach, they look like so much fun.
    I love all the info, we are going to have a really relaxed summer (away from home for 3 months) so I am hoping to do more work like this with Zach!!!

  2. I got Clayton one of his favorite books when we did our transportation unit: My Truck is Stuck! HE LOVES THAT BOOK! Another one I ended up getting (our library leaves a lot to be desired) is Amazing Airplanes. It was a little advanced, but it goes into detail about planes. Love the diaper box car!

  3. Love this stuff Katy! We used to put Faith in her diaper boxes and she loved that tight fitting feeling, being all squished up in there! Very cute paint job, too! I love that you are doing this for those of us with young children, it's right up Faith's alley!

  4. I love the picture of Charlie in the box. I'm pretty sure my parents pulled me around in boxes like that when I was little.
    I also remember having a tremendous amount of fun when my grandparents got a new washer and dryer- they turned the boxes into a "house" in the middle of their living room and my brother and cousins and I just loved it. :)

  5. blogzilly says:

    These are great things to see, learn about and hopefully try out on this side. We have certain homeworks that we are given by Bennett's ABA Therapists, not totally unlike a lot of what you are showing. Just scaled back a bit because of where B is mentally.

    Very cool.

  6. love these!! can't say that enough. thank you! and those pictures of Charlie are perfect. you're keeping me motivated.. especially when I feel like Eric just doesn't get any of the lessons for the week.. THANK you!

  7. LOVE LOVE LOVE the diaper box car. You are still amazing me!