Good Things

In no particular order, things that are making me smile:
  1. This fantabulous purse created by Mz. Nadine.

  2. Cute shoes from Walmart for me.

  3. Cute shoes for Charlie from Payless. Can I just take a minute and sing the praises of Payless for kid’s shoes? I’ve looked around and they’ve got the best stuff hands down. Most other places it’s over priced and ugly or it looks like some cartoon character threw up on it.

  4. Jenn’s got a public blog again. Jenn and I both blogged over at MSN spaces years ago, but she had to go private after awhile because some students found her blog. Well, she’s back and I couldn’t be happier–she’s smart, sarcastic, and one of the most self-less people I know.

  5. Getting my Gazelle out of the garage. I know it’s a dorky piece of exercise equipment, but I really do like it and y’all have me convinced I need to take care of myself a little bit more.

  6. Azaleas. They are blooming like crazy around here and it’s like Barbie’s Dream Garden everywhere you look.

  7. The Hipstmatic app on my iPhone. It makes your cell phone pics look all old-timey and cool. Most fun I’ve had with two dollars in a long time.

Picture of Azaleas and weeks taken with the Hipstamatic app. It even makes weeds look good!

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  1. Too cute, Katy! I love Charlie's shoes! I would totally wear those, LOL!

  2. sitting on the mood swing at the playground says:

    Charlie's shoes are so cute! I'll have to check out Payless. Bug's feet are Fred Flintstone-wide so we've had to special order them so far. And new sandals for you! New shoes ALWAYS qualify as a good thing to me.

  3. I like payless shoes for grownups too! Though I must say your shoes from Walmart are making me kind of happy that my hair dryer bit the dust yesterday. I'll have to swing by the shoe section when I'm there getting a hair dryer! :)

  4. Charlie's shoes are so cute. Cole's feet are too skinny for those kind of shoes. I wish he could wear them.
    I am glad you got your Gazelle out of the garage. Those things work great. So good for you. :-)

  5. I'm so glad I made the list of good things!!
    Love the shoes.
    I think baby shoes are the best thing ever!!

    Tote you bag with Pride!!


  6. Oh I believe in payless shoes for children because they are cute and because they l;ittle feet grow so fast you really dont want to spend too much on them and they also have an arch in their smart step series. Here I am singing the virtues :)

    You paint!!!! I just been nosing around your website– Awesome.

    Hats off to you girl!

  7. Thanks for the shout-out! 😉

  8. OMG, will you act like Tony Little? and get your ponytail swinging? Seriously, if it works, tell me, because I need help, and whatever I get has to fold up and away and into a closet.