When I went to Blissdom ’10 I was privileged to meet Kim the author of the site Mom Tried It. I’d never been to her site before, but Kim herself is warm, funny, and most importantly, full of heart.
Kim has been posting recently about how tired she is of hearing about how women hate their bodies. Hate is such a strong word, and yet, we hear it all day in this country. How sad that people are even turning it towards themselves.

So she decided to do something about it. Kim posted pictures of herself, in a bikini, on her blog–stretchmarks and all–encouraging women to accept themselves the way they are.
Tall order, right?

Well, Kim is right. It’s time to stop hating our bodies and embracing them. As parents we owe it to our children to get rid of that sort of thinking. Especially those of us with special needs kids–we need to be emphasizing that there’s more to people than the packaging we come in.

So go visit Kim and all the other brave women who are celebrating the skin they’re in.

Me, looking and acting like a complete goofball. I really don’t like post a picture of myself like this, but today I’m going for it!

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  1. I love the picture- your smile is contagious!!

  2. caryanne says:

    Agree with Jamie…great picture…and you have an amazing smile.

    This is such a great idea. Not sure if I'll post a photo of myself in a bikini…but we'll see.

    And you are so right about our kids. How can they appreciate their bodies if we can't appreciate ours?

  3. Katy…I love it. And Kim is right… so, are you.

    It's time to change things!

    Thanks for sharing this!

  4. Katy, thank you so much for participating. I know you don't particularly care to post pictures of yourself on your site, so this means a lot to me.

    I am so glad we met. You are truly beautiful inside and out! And I agree with everyone, your smile is contagious.

    Hopefully we get to see each other again next year at Blissdom. I'll have to more cardio to get prepared for karaoke, though. 😉

  5. A few words from the wise ... says:

    Love your pictures; you always have a big smile!

  6. You just made me smile. I braved it and posted pics too. It is definitly time we started embracing all of our wonderful self the way God made us. :) You are beautiful.

  7. Glad you linked up! This was perfect! Thanks, friend!

  8. You are beautiful Katy!

    Go check out the video on my blog today!

  9. Love it, although there is NO way I am posting a pic of me in a bikini, well okay but from 07! haha :)

  10. Wahzat Gayle says:

    Oh I love her site but I am not there yet I am still not loving my post twin baby body… it is so funny that is what I was going to blog about today and you send me there LOL

    So no pictures of me in a bikini no sirree!

    Charlie looks great once again love those earth projects

  11. Jenn @ Delicious Ambiguity says:

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