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I’m New at This

So today was the beginning of my legal odyssey otherwise known as Dear Lord Why am I Such a Jackass?

I may have mention before about my scrape with The Law and today I went to court to declare myself, “not guilty!”

My sweet little brother got all suited up and took me to the courthouse in his brand new lawyer-mobile.

We went in, I had to take off all my jewelry. They confiscated my key chair because it could be used as a weapon. Good times, really.

There was a little confusion and we ended up standing outside the courtroom when I really only needed to go to a window and fill out a form, but we didn’t know that for a while. Outside the courtroom was a huge sign that read:

Tank Tops
Cell Phones

I looked at my brother very seriously and then pointed to the super-cute sandals I was wearing.

“The sign says ‘no thongs.’ Do you think these are going to be a problem?”

My brother in his navy blue suit and power tie looked at me, snickered and said,

“They’re talking about underwear.”


I go back in two months for my official Day In Court. Hopefully I’ll be less clueless that time. I’ll also wear closed-toe shoes, you know, just in case.


Ellen has talked about this before–it’s one of her pet peeves–but I myself hadn’t run into that much until recently.

In a nutshell, you tell someone that your child has cerebral palsy and then they make a frowny-face and say, “I’m so sorry.” It’s weird. It seems like it would be a good thing to say, but you feel like you need to argue with them–point out that your child is happy and loved. The person feels sorry for you and you want to take their pity and maybe jam it down their throats a little bit. Maybe. You surely don’t want their pity. You want them to see your child’s abilities, what they can do in spite of adversity. You definitely don’t want them to feel sorry for you.

And so for those that do feel sorry for me, I ask you to do this instead:

Be sorry that some people’s lives are so narrow that they are unable to see past appearances.

Be sorry that so much ignorance about disability still exists.

Be sorry that some people won’t ever get to know the joy of my child’s smile because they are too busy looking away.

Be sorry about that.


Unit on Earth

Key Terms: Earth, Stars, Sun, Moon

Goal: For the child to be able to identify earth, moon, stars, and sun when they see them.


Painting Earth on coffee filters.

I’d like to have a better picture of this, but Charlie got pretty annoyed with me for trying to make him use a paint brush (I have my nerve), and things got ugly. Allie has a full description and pictures on her site.

3D Earth

Made a salt map mixture and put it on a map of earth to make the land parts three dimensional. Charlie wasn’t real crazy about making the map, but he liked checking out the finished product.

Earth in a Box

I took a cardboard box (mine was a diet coke box), cut out a hole, and taped a picture of earth inside. I waited until dark and then lit it up from the back with a flashlight. I also poked some other holes with a pen to represent the stars. Came out magical. Awesome for stimulating the visual cortex in those low vision kids too.

Play Doh Earths

I smashed together play doh to form little Earths. This project really challenged Charlie since he wasn’t wild about play doh’s texture.

Normally we do five projects with a unit, but allergies assaulted us recently and we just didn’t have the energy to do a fifth project. If we had done one, I probably would have done something with glow in the dark stars or maybe made a mobile with the earth, moon, and stars on it.

Book We Enjoyed

Mr. and Mrs. God in the Creation Kitchen by Nancy Wood, illustrated by Timothy Basil Ering. This is a wonderful myth-style story of God and his wife creating Earth in the kitchen. Very creating and the illustrations are gorgeous. Might want to skip it if you’re concerned your child won’t understand that it’s myth.

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