Just as I Am

Megan does this fun meme and I’ve been wanting to participate for forever. Today’s the day:

Today we went to a concert in the park. Charlie had a nice time even though he’s closing his eyes in this picture. The breeze was blowing and it was just a lovely, lovely day.

I’m working really hard on getting my first unit post up for you guys–I think it’s more work to type it than it is to implement it!

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  1. TheRextras says:

    Love the plaid! Love your smile.

  2. I love it! And I'm so glad that you linked up! I'm excited you joined me!

    Have a great day! Off to get the girls up for school!

  3. Gosh he is just too cute! Wish I could have seen him this past weekend–I would've totally picked somewhere besides Bourbon Street to meet up with you :) Is he feeling better?

  4. caryanne says:

    Awesome picture of you (said by someone who has never seen you IRL so who really knows if this is a good pic or not!)

    But really….I do love it. Love the smile and how you're fixing your hair.

    Plus…Charlie is cute as always.

    Great meme!